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Original 151 Pokemon Trivia Quiz

The Pokemon games are undoubtedly diverse and give us an unending supply of fun because the pokemons in them are distinct. Each one belongs to a different generation and each generation is stronger than the other one making the battles invincible. This is the reason why even after so many years we are all die-heart fans of Pokemon!

Do you know that around 300 million Pokémon games are available to all for playing? Furthermore, to make these games more competitive and intense, the franchise has furnished us with eight generations of pokemons. Isn’t that cool? Well, we have heard that you are a hardcore fan of pokemon and have played the most notorious pokemon games like Pokemon Silver and Gold, Pokemon Red and Blue, Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokemon Go, and others.

If you are positive about your memory and fanship with pokemons then we bet you to take on the challenge of 151 Pokemon Quiz. Yup! The quiz would let you check how well do you know the 151 generation pokemons? If you are ready to roll into the Original 151 Pokemon Quiz then gear up…


151 Pokemon Quiz
151 Pokemon - The Pokémon Company

OMG! Who can remember about “One Hundred and Fifty-One” pokemons in the first generation? Obviously, this isn’t possible to quite an extent (unless you have an outstanding IQ!) So, we have found one of the most powerful and famous pokemons from the first generation.

Scroll down if you are interested to know what you never knew before…


Mewtwo appears to be like humans with two fore and hind limbs. Very few pokemons can stand on two legs. It has three fingers in each limb and has a tough brawny body making it more powerful. Not only does its body seems hardcore but also its behavior. Mewtwo is quite proud and doesn’t speak much. It poses its calm, contained, and hardcore demeanor with its personality as well as it doesn’t talk much with humans and other pokemons as well.

There are two major powers that make Mewtwo the champion in the game; telepathy and telekinesis. With telepathy, Mewtwo employs it for discourse with his trainer and other pokemons. It can easily translate the language of other pokemons for humans as well. Other than that, with telekinesis, it can levitate and even fly. Moreover, it can even block different attacks forming a shield.


Blastoise is an evolved form of Wartortle and is water-type. It’s a sort of armored giant similar to a tortoise. Blastoise is blue in color while its brown shell has its water cannons in it. With its water guns, it fires water bullets powerful enough to hit the enemy hard.

Can you ideate the power of its single shot? Blastoise can make a hole in a mountain as well. When it feels danger, Blastoise shrinks inside its shell and attack when gets a chance.


Charizard is commonly known as the “Dragon Beast” and is the star of the game. Want to know why? Though it is not a real dragon but seems like one having large blue wings that release a powerful gust of winds. While it’s an evolved form of Charmeleon having a humungous body, long tail with a flaming fireball at its end, Sharp canines, and an overall dangerous look.

It must be noticed that though Charizard is huge and mighty but it still remains polite and humble with its trainer and other pokemons. Even if it faces a weaker opponent (pokemon) then it does not employ all the power it has. For instance, you would never see a Charizard using fire breath or any such extreme power on a weaker enemy.

However, pay attention to Charizard if you are its trainer because it won’t respect or respond to you if you would ignore it!


Bulbasaur is a cute little pokemon and is famous because it is one of the first pokemon that were shown to us in the series and even in the game. It appears like a turquoise toad, spotted with dark green color, and a green bulb on its back. This bulb is significant for its life. Bulbasaur is a grass-type pokemon and in its bulb are seeds that are responsible for the process of photosynthesis. When sunlight reaches it then the seeds grow and Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur.

The more Bulbasaur sleeps the faster it evolves. Yes, until then it might not be very powerful like others but a really good friend and good when you are at a starter level. Moreover, it can poison the surroundings for its opponent making it unconscious or asleep.


Many pokemon fans believe that the character of Pikachu is why the whole series and many games achieved notable success. Do you think the same way? If your favorite is Pikachu, then let’s see if you rightly guess all the questions related to Pikachu in the Pokemon Quiz 151!!!

Anyhow, let’s talk about Pikachu! It is the cutest being you’ll ever find. Probably this is the reason why Pikachu stuffed toys have been the ones most sold. It is small, bulky, and seems like a mouse. However, it has black-tipped ends on its ears and tail and the famous two red spots of blush on each cheek. When it once says “Pika! Pika!” happily then her blush spots look cuter.

Other than all this, Pikachu is an electric pokemon, and don’t you ever underestimate its power due to its size. Pikachu can bring even the strongest enemy on its knees when enraged. It is capable of releasing up to 10,000,000 volts current when aggressive so make sure you do not make it angry. One more thing, Pikachu hates to stay inside the poke-ball so leave it free. This way not only would Pikachu protect you but would also become your best pal.


151 Original Pokemon Quiz would evaluate whether you name the right pokemon in each question. Let’s see if you can achieve a full score or not.