Arizona Sunshine Quiz – How Well Do You Know Arizona Sunshine?

How Well Do You Know Arizona Sunshine Game Quiz

Do you know in which game do zombies attack, you have to wear a VR gear, and survive in the scorching heat? Well, if you know it’s the Arizona Sunshine game then great! Now try the Ultimate Arizona Sunshine Quiz because maybe you would be the first one to make a high score in it. Go on and check how much do you know about Arizona Sunshine game?

Arizona Sunshine Quiz
Arizona Sunshine - Vertigo Games


Since the game Arizona Sunshine got released in 2016, it has pumped fresh air into VR gaming creators. Everything has changed since it rose as one of the pioneers of VR (Virtual Reality) gaming. The weapons are motion-controlled, you get to experience every step that you take, and the feeling of surviving between hordes of zombies intensifies. If you are stressed out to answer the Arizona Sunshine Test because you might have forgotten a few things then relax! Just scroll down and find out everything you need to know about the Arizona Sunshine game in one place.


The plot of Arizona Sunshine is definitely terrifying so hear it out only after making your heart strong! As soon as you’ll open your eyes in the game, you’d find yourself in an eerie place somewhere in the post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon state in the Southwestern region of America. You’d try to find a way out and hear some voices coming from a radio. Thinking it’s coming from a refinery nearby, you’d go there because you need to save others as well. Once, entering the refinery, you’d find a small horde of zombies coming toward you. Remember, kill them or be killed because all they want from you is your warm brain and nothing else! Obviously, you can fight with your hands but that won’t be very useful since they are zombies.

Leave your hideouts and explore your surroundings for loot. This is the only way through which you can survive. The best thing about the game is that you feel like Tom Cruise and other Hollywood superheroes because you hold guns and ammo in both hands and shoot the zombies. Once the player is at the refinery more zombies would attack and if you still survive and hide there then you’d hear another radio call. This call is most important only by it you can determine the location from where the helicopter would rescue you and others. Don’t forget, you can play solo or co-op with the other 3 players. When it would be a team of 4 players then more zombies would be attracted because they would smell more brains.

How Well Do You Know Arizona Sunshine
Arizona Sunshine - Vertigo Games


The players can set difficulty levels for themselves without any problem. Whether they want to go easy or hard, every choice is available in the game. Keep in mind, if you would begin from difficult then when you’d reach higher levels and multiple hordes of zombies would attack you wearing armors and helmets then you’ll feel helpless. So try to maintain fair gameplay.

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Have a glimpse into the best weapon list of Arizona Sunshine. We have also mentioned where would you find them so, all the best!

  • M1911 (Base)
  • Okarev (In the office of Bridge)
  • Walther P38 (Canyon)
  • Scorpian (In the Gift Shop)
  • G18 (Near the mines)
  • MP9 (Trainyard)
  • Grenade launcher (In the tunnel near the Trainyard)
  • Desert Eagle/Gold Deagle (On the military crate in Sunshine)


We have guided you enough! Now it’s your turn to check out your score in the Hardest Arizona Sunshine Trivia. Good Luck to you, let’s how far can you make!