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What Ark Creature Are You Quiz

Although history is boring for many of us but what about dinosaurs! Whenever we see skeletons or other remains of any dinosaur then we wish that we could also see and live among them at least for a few hours. Well, this is possible now! Yes, you read it right! All of us have the chance to survive with dinosaurs in the game Ark: Survival Evolved.

The action-adventure game Ark: Survival Evolved has almost 176 creatures other than dinosaurs while all are prehistoric. Moreover, the players can tame and train the dinosaurs and you are definitely thinking what ark dinosaur to tame first? The answer to this is only possible through the Ark Survival Evolved Quiz so let’s answer this fun quiz.

Creatures of the ARK: Survival Evolved Quiz

Which Ark Dino to Tame
Ark: Survival Evolved - Studio Wildcard

The creatures in Ark: Survival Evolved game are huge, powerful, and vicious while you have the responsibility to train and upskill them in order to survive in the prehistoric era. Before clicking START to the ARK Creatures Quiz make sure you have surface-level knowledge about the best creatures so read about them carefully…


Argentavis is a bird in the game which is breedable, rideable, and tameable. Its appearance is close to vultures and is considered most powerful because it is the largest bird in the place. The most dominant parts of Argentavis are its beak and feet. This bird is vicious and needs to be domesticated viciously and you need to feed them their favorite things like hide, raw meat, and raw prime meat.

If you wish to win this bird then let an Argentavis fly low and soon as it comes near hit a tranquilizer arrow, tranquilizer dart, crossbow, or a boomerang. If you fail, then repeat this again and you would succeed.


Its full name is Quetzalcoatlus but better to call this one Quetzal. It might seem like a bird but belongs to the reptile family. It is an enormous bird and its nest is found on the highest peak of the island. Although, Quetzal is gigantic but it is slow and does not have the ability to fight much so it is better if you employ it as a vehicle for transportation and cargo.

It is arduous to capture a quetzal because they continuously fly and hardly ever sit but you can trap one with Argy Grappling strategy and allure with its favorite food like exceptional kibble.

T Rex

Tyrannosaurus better known as T-Rex is a fierce and fearless dinosaur. Players consider it a killing machine but its strength has some loops such as it loses stamina at a faster rate because of its bulky body and huge size. T-Rex are highly combative and the players can breed them but make sure you take special care of the eggs. Try to take as many benefits as you can from a T-Rex if you are able to get one. If you are confused about which ark dino to tame then do consider a T-Rex!


Mammoths are elephants from the family of mammals. They don’t fear any being on the island except for the T-Rex. Mammoth is not only useful in fights but they can help you to survive by bringing down trees, carrying loads, throwing heavy objects at enemies, and most of all they are herbivores.

They are always found in herds and if you try to trap one then you might put yourself in trouble by attracting all towards you.


The thick bony body of Ankylosaurus is covered with spines and is considered their armor. They are short in height and no other creature would try to fight with an Anky as its spines and sturdy tail can harm even the biggest predators.

However, they are slow in speed so you can take them down through tranquilizing darts and arrows. Train them and give them treats like regular kibble, fresh barley, fresh wheat, and etc to make things easier. What ark animal are you? Answer the quiz because maybe you are an Ankylosaurus.


Carnotaurus looks like a smaller version of T-Rex but the two horns on its head make it look more fierce. It depends on them if they fight or run away from their enemies but don’t consider them a coward because Carnotaurus can easily knock down bigger prey than itself.

Carnos have anger issues and are hard to tame so make them yours with some delicious treats like cooked lamb chop, raw prime fish meat, and etc. Moreover, you can hook one with tranquilizing arrows and scorpions.


Placed in the group of reptiles, Ichthyosaurus is small and you can neither call them a complete fish nor a complete reptile. Although they look violent but Ichthyosaurus are friendly in nature and get very curious whenever something gets close to them but would never harm until you do.

They are the fastest beings in water but don’t have a very high health ratio so you can kill if it tries to attack you with a spear or dagger.


If you see a humungous frog with spines on its back then no need to worry because it is Beelzebufo and try hard to tame one if you can because they are quite useful. It easily swallows big bugs that create problems for players in the game; moreover, their saliva is also narcotic and can affect other creatures.

It hops high at a good speed and can carry its master on its back while its poisonous tongue is its most dangerous weapon. Be careful while taking one down because while tranquilizing it, you might get killed!

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