Aura Kingdom Quiz – Aura Kingdom Classes

Which Aura Kingdom Class Are You?

The Aura Kingdom is an exceptional game and which is why it is also known as “Fantasy Frontier Online”! Whatever you imagine is furnished in this game and you get to run your mind wild in this MMORPG. The game has a special place on our shelves because of its enhanced and inspiring visuals. In the game of Aura Kingdom, you need to become their savior as they count on you! Your job would be to save the world of Aura Kingdom and its people. Darkness is all over the place and demons are now ruling it. However, by choosing from a range of 12 different classes available in the X-Legend's Aura Kingdom game you can become a hero!

On the other hand, the pets called Eidolons are also very intriguing. How interesting it is to see them grow and feed. Keeping this in mind, the daily quests that you need to complete also make it irresistible. Are you willing to save the magical world? Then you must know about the aura kingdom classes and find out which Aura Kingdom class is perfect for you? For that, you must answer the Aura Kingdom Quiz. Hurry up, so that you play the Aura Kingdom game in the class best for you!


As you are aware of the fact that there are 12 classes in the Aura Kingdom game. Each has some specific characteristics and on the basis of that, we have made a list of the 4 most popular aura kingdom classes. Ready for the Aura Kingdom Game Quiz? Then check out the Aura Kingdom class tier list before entering it…

Aura Kingdom Quiz - Aura Kingdom Classes
Aura Kingdom - X-Legend Entertainment

Shinobi Class

Shinobi is an Assassin Class that allows the players to feel more powerful than they wish to be in the game. The character holds two black swords releasing flame and wears tough armor. Yes, Shinobi can also summon the Shadow Warrior that would help them in battles and as a consequence, there are fewer chances of losing. This happens so because whatever spell you incarnate, the Shadow Warrior would repeat and so the effect doubles. It's quite similar to Genshin Impact classes right?

The damage the Shinobi class gives is always greater and takes time for the enemy to get hold of it. As far as their defense is concerned then don’t worry because they are quick and easily skip death. Undoubtedly, their speed and skills like Misty Cut and Drizzle are impeccable. Both inculcate poison and once the enemy is attacked by it them there are no chances that they stand again. Some notable skills of Shinobi include Tsukikage, Falling Sakura, Toxic Cross, Nijikage, and others.

Dragoon Class

Dragoon is a Tank Class that has its own specialties in the game. The character looks extravagant with flaunty armor style attire with a long and strengthened trident. This class allows you to reduce the attacking power of your enemy and so you can not only attack but defend against strong powers as well. Dragoon class has some similarities with Shinobi class as well like their mobility speed.

Their CC and DEF powers are better than other teams. Dragoon class is notorious for its skills like Dragon Swipe, Pivoting Spear Dance, Wing Buffet, Dragon Charge, Dragon Impact, and others. Just like the names, the skills are equally interesting. When you began to use them against the enemy then you feel more brawny than any other in the game. Beware, if you fight with a Dragoon Class player because they effortlessly reduce the powers of their opponents and attack simultaneously to win.

Elementalist Class

Depicted by a female character having Lavender and blue shaded hair along with a glowing trident is the Elementalist Class. Dubiety in the fact that it is great to be a part of it though fighting the battles alone can be quite risky and at times a really bad idea. However, the Elementalist class is considered influential due to the healing powers that they possess.

Moreover, the spells employed by Elementalists are very significant as they use them in a deadly combination. This creates serious problems for the opponents and if they freeze their enemy then the chances of losing become zero. They have skills such as Freezing Ice, Healing Wind, Lightning Zap, Meteor Shoot, Pyrobomb, Storm Curse, and others that make Elementalists deadly.

An interesting thing that is to be noticed about this class is that they involve natural elements to empower themselves and so are given this name!

Nymph Class

If you are new to the game of Aura Kingdom then it would be better to play in the Nymph Class. It is not because it is easy to play with but more controllable and extremely powerful. The character is of a young girl with a bunny ears headband and carries a stylish bow and arrow (her cuteness is irresistible!). If you want to know the best thing about Nymph class then keep in mind that if you choose this then would have less danger as compared to other classes. The reason behind this is that they don’t have to go near in order to attack, instead enjoy the scenario by attacking from far away.

We know that you are already impressed with this class but there is more ahead! When it comes to an assessment of their power then keep in mind that they are equally capable like Shinobis and their battles are worth watching. Let us offer names of some of Nymph class’s skills; Arrow Storm, Triple Shot, Diving Strike, Vixen Shot, Blood From Beyond, Zephyr’s Blessing, and etc.

One more thing! The Nymph class has the power of self-healing. So, do you wish to check out others? We don’t think so!


All the most famous classes of the Aura Kingdom game are better than the other and are definitely difficult to decide. But why are you doing this on your own when you have the Which Aura Class Is Best For Me Quiz? Release your stress and use this energy while playing the game.