Avengers Game Quiz – Which Avenger Are You?

Which Avengers Game Character Are You Quiz

Everybody wants to be a part of the Avengers! You think it’s impossible but the Marvel’s Avengers Game has made this dream come true as the Best Ever Avengers Game Quiz would accurately find which Avengers game character are you? So, are you ready to save the world!!!

Avengers Game Quiz
Avengers Game - Marvel


Of course, every Marvel fan trusts the accuracy and error-free result of Avengers Game Trivia. It has been intricately designed with 20 highly confidential questions that would determine which Avengers game character are you most like? It’s more like the S.H.I.E.L.D interview so make sure you answer all honestly.


If you are confused and asking yourself “Is the Marvel’s Avengers an interesting game?” then listen up, it’s fabulous! This game has been designed for all those who have the courage, enthusiasm, and guts to fight for everyone. Your gaming experience cannot be ideal until you play Marvel’s Avengers game.


It all began on the “Avengers Day” when everybody was celebrating the success and achievements of the Avengers. The world had been secured by them at every moment and no threat could intimidate the universe. Young Kamala Khan is also invited, she is a teen and still on the way to evaluating her powers. Kamala is quite excited about the party as she’d finally get to meet every Avengers member. However, the day didn’t go as it was expected…

A sudden BOOM destroyed everything and the deaths are all on the neck of the Avengers. Having some great conflicting discussion (more like a fight), the Avengers split and vow never to see each other and even not to employ powers anymore for protecting the Earth. On the other hand, a multi-million dollar organization AIM takes charge of everything, and their robots and destructive machines are now the saviors of humanity. Kamala, after almost five years of intimate investigation of that “A-Day” (Avengers Day), she has some clues. She thinks that it was a rather planned thing than an accident and a reaching catastrophe can cause massive destruction. Though Kamala is a superhero but she knows that unity is strength and so sets on the mission to find every Avengers member and reunite to save the earth and the universe.

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Once you’d start playing the game, it’d feel as if you are an Avenger. The power, strength, competence everything would excite like it’s yours. You’d really turn into the Avenger you play and it’s the most mind-blowing experience you would have. But, if you are facing a problem in deciding “What Avenger to choose in the game?” then read about the best Avengers in the game below.

Which Avenger Are You
Avengers Game Character - Marvel


Thor is the “God of Thunder” and lightning so who else could you think on top! He is from Asgard and (sort of) king of many planets. Thor rules the game with his power Warrior's Fury which shares his abilities of elemental manipulation with teammates, God Blast which burns every opponent with lightning, while the Bifrost ability enables Thor to open a portal and he enters it when in danger and returns like a disaster by killing everybody. Imagine yourself holding the Mjolnir and lightning bleeding eyes! You as Thunder God would be invincible with the powers that would be at your fingertips and you’d rule everything. Being like Thor, you are definitely fun-loving and hysterical, the one who is mighty but acts kid whenever possible.

Thor - Avengers Game

Black Widow

Black Widow aka Natasha Romanoff may be dead in the Avengers movie but she is still alive in the game and extremely powerful. Kamala first locates her and explains the matters. As you’d play as Black Widow, you’d find three of her abilities super interesting and destructive. Veil of Shadows allows her to go invisible and so combating becomes easier even when the enemies are more in number, Widow's Bite lets her employ a weapon to blast fire that shocks all opponents, whereas the Power Surge elevates her powers and it feels as if she just had an energy drink (Hahaha). Black Widow begins non-stop attacks on all without seizing until everybody dies. If you are Romanoff then it means you’re unstoppable. Nothing can cage you in boundaries and you’d always fly like a free bird making your way.

Black Widow
Black Widow - Avengers Game

Iron Man

If you are Iron Man then believe us the world loves you for your unending carefree attitude and sarcasm. People don’t trust you much but you are the person who can handle all kinds of situations without any fears and doubts. Similarly, in the game, Iron Man is highly competent with his abilities like Arc Overload which releases energy pulses for the attack, Unibeam is his iconic lightning beam that liberates from his palm, and Hulkbuster is pretty amazing as you would be able to summon your gigantic suit that’d take care of everyone by crushing them like mud lumps.

Iron-Man - Avengers Game

Captain America

Steve Rogers is not only the captain of America but of the hearts of all Avengers fans. From his muscles to his simple-looking shield, Captain America is lethal when he makes someone his target. He leads Avengers with his calls and takes hold of the gravest situations facilely. His powers including the Rally Cry elevates everyone’s stamina and all characters strike with more power. Steamroller empowers Cap and he targets his shield by knocking off opponents one after other continuously, and last but not the least, Brooklyn Brawler increases the power of his melee attacks.

Captain America
Captain America - Avengers Game


AIM has been manipulating the governments, higher officials, and states but you aren’t a fool like them! You must stand up and reunite the Avengers before it’s too late. Answer the Avengers Game Kin Quiz ASAP because you don’t have much time left!