Blade & Soul Quiz – Which Blade & Soul Class Should I Pick?

Which Blade & Soul Class Is Perfect For You Quiz

You have no idea what you are missing out on! You still haven’t answered the best gaming quiz on the internet which is the “Blade & Soul Quiz.” Everyone who has played this game knows that no other thing can be better for determining which class in Blade & Soul is perfect for you!

Blade & Soul Quiz
Blade & Soul - NCSOFT


The quiz has been intricately designed with questions that would assess you and your personality deep within. This way it would be able to state a result that would let you know which Blade & Soul class should you choose when playing.


With the third-person camera view, the Blade & Soul game has reached the epitome of success because of its ultimate gameplay and storyline. Though we won’t give any spoilers to you related to the story but let’s make you excited with a little hint of what the Blade & Soul game envelops. The players, first of all, need to pick a character and customize everything in it according to their wishes. When you enter it, you need to first fight off in the "Player-Versus Environment" and can further enjoy "Player-Versus-Player." Things revolve around the main character Alka who is called by the villagers because they have no one to fight for themselves against the brutal forces of the Param Empire. She then gears up to find the secrets hidden in the darkest caves of the world. Saving all isn’t possible until the root cause isn’t eradicated.


There are four classes in the game. All seem out of the world and extraordinary but you know that only one can be for best for you and in order to know “What Blade & Soul race are you?” have a look below on the best three before you enter the Blade & Soul Trivia.


Gon is a race that is highlighted for its power and aggression. If you play in this race then the best thing you’d have would be your muscles but we don’t think that’s true enough. However, when it comes to battling then eventually you need someone who can win and you might opt for Gon for this, after all, they are created from the breath of a dragon!


Yun is a race for females who are nature-friendly. They are from the spirit of the bird Phoenix and have kind and sympathetic nature. Plus, one of their highlighted quality is their love for art and aesthetics. You can spot the ones from the Yun race easily because of their beauty.


Lyn is a race that might seem a little hysterical with its short stature and rat ears. But, don’t judge the book by its cover because this race makes you more dangerous than any other. Lyn is a famous and intelligent race that can sense everything that might cause them any harm. Moreover, Lyn is very competitive because it can enable players to summon spirits and can even talk to them.


As you must be aware, there are fourteen classes in the Blade & Soul game. If you think that classes don’t matter much then you are making a mistake because everything matters when you are playing a game like this one! So out of 14, we have only listed the best ones so make sure you have a look at them, and “What Blade & Soul class to choose?” question would become easy peasy!

Which Blade & Soul Class Should I Pick
Blade & Soul Classes - NCSOFT

Blade Master

Blade Master is an ideal class for those who are not only interested in defensive play but want to strike their enemies like lightning as well. No one can match their speed and strength because you never know from where they might attack. With their extraordinary skills like Sparing Falcon, Winged Protector, Five Point Strike, Rising Eagle, Dragongue, and others, Blade Master is very effective in involving fire, ice, wind, and earth. It is quite efficient in handling weapons like knives and blades and no doubt it can help you in winning the game.

Blade Master
Blade Master - Blade & Soul

Kung Fu Master

As the name suggests, the Kung Fu Master class is very aggressive and prefers attacking. You cannot beat this class because you cannot match their combative abilities and skills like Thruster Punch, Sky Kick, Iron Shoulder, Iron Butterfly, Leg Sweep, Hellfire Kick, and others. Don’t expect mercy from the Kung Fu Master class because their kicks and punches are brutally antagonistic.

Kung Fu Master
Kung Fu Master - Blade & Soul


Having a normal difficulty level, the class Destroyer is made for destruction. Whether it is an enemy in front of them, Destroyer allows the players to go crazy with the skills like Stone Shield, Stone Strike, Upward Block, Leaping Tackle, and AXE Stun. This class is an expert in various attacks because they move the body with such athleticism that the opponents get hit at every place. The best thing about this class is that the player can survive longer in fights compared to others. So playing in this one can be pretty interesting.

Destroyer - Blade & Soul


Summoner class is ideal when you are looking for one that can fight even if a long-distance is there. Long-range attacks are the best skill that this class possesses. Most of all, it is very easy to use and control the Summoner class. Do you know what’s the best part? This class takes Familiar along which is a cat. Once the opponents get strangled in the cute looks of Familiar, Summoner attacks in that very instant while the attacks are constantly steady so that there is no way out for the enemy.

Summoner - Blade & Soul

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