Candy Crush Quiz: Which Friends Saga Character Are You?

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Candy Crush Saga Friends & Horizon Riders has been a big hit and broke the records made by other Candy Crush sequels. Whether waiting in a queue, having food, or lying at night we all play Candy Crush Saga Friends, and to be honest, it is hard to leave the game. Do you also always concentrate on making matches among the candies, eliminating the blockers, look for the sugar crush, and most of all focus on your character!

But wait a minute! Do you know which Candy Crush Saga character are you? NO!! Then you need to take the Candy Crush Saga friends test or else you won’t be able to win the games…. Read about the characters of Candy Crush Saga Friends and get to know who are you in the game with this Quiz.


Which Candy Crush character are you quiz
Candy Crush Friends Saga Characters - King

There are many sugary and sweet characters in the game and if you don’t know about them then read and enjoy before taking the Candy Crush Quiz. If you love other mobile games like Horizon Riders, you might also have a look our Subway Surfers Quiz.

Bubblegum Troll

Bubblegum Troll is a cute pink blob who has brown hair and a short beard made of chocolate. By the way, Bubblegum Troll loves candies, as soon as the player earns 12 yellow candies he enjoys them and farts grossly but the gas actually turns into two big bombs and players can adjust to blast them anywhere on the board.

You can also change the costume of Bubblegum Troll and turn him into King Bubblegum Troll as he eats two drumsticks and throws their bones out that becomes a bubble blast. He also changes costume into Bubblegum Troll Angel and gets wings along with a halo.


Benny is an adorable Easter Bunny who is light pink. Benny first appeared in Easter Bunny Hills and makes the players happy with some chocolaty Easter eggs. His long ears and teeth like rabbits make him cute; however, once Benny got stuck in a pool of chocolate and Tiffi rescued him. Since then, Benny also helps the players in reaching a higher level with some sugary treats.


Milly is a chubby little princess in Candy Crush Saga Friends. Though she is a mermaid, but Tiffi believes that both of them are twin siblings. Well, this might be true as well because they both resemble each other quite a lot. Milly is a mermaid with blue scales and a tail and she has hands instead of fins like others. She seems innocent and cheerful because she is always smiling, showing off her front teeth. Players can notice her in the levels at Savory Shores when Tiffi cheers up her by bringing back her sea-horses and riding them with her.

Mr. Toffee

Want to know where can you find the best sweets? Mr. Toffee is the best in Candy Crush Saga Friends as he runs a candy store in the Candy Kingdom. Mr. Toffee is very kind as he has adopted Tiffi and Kimmy and loves them wholeheartedly. Moreover, he also offers help and suggestions to the players who get stuck in the game. Whether you want power up tips or boosting suggestions, Mr. Toffee would always guide you so that you win the game.

How would you recognize Mr. Toffee? He wears a red and blue suit along with a monocle and a small red hat. He is quite welcoming as well so can always count on him!


Tiffi is the main character in the game Candy Crush Saga Friends. She is a sweet girl with the full name Toffette Toffee and she is the adopted daughter of Mr. Toffee. Think about the girl who has such a delicious name and what would be her abilities in the game? Well, Tiffi becomes super happy when the players pass a level and becomes sad, and even cries when someone fails to pass the game.

As a gift for the players who win the game, Tiffi changes their three red-coloured candies into special fish candies, don’t worry if you don’t have red candies as she would change any other colour candies into special candies. Tiffi also has different costumes like Tiger Costume in which she has clothes with tiger stripes and Vampire Costume which has vampire teeth and cape like vampires that make her look prettier.

Mr. Yeti

Looking for Tiffi’s best friend then it is Mr. Yeti who is big and sturdy but never be scared of him as he is fond of chocolates and is sweeter like them from inside. Mr. Yeti uses his strength to save his friends and players but he has one weakness; he loves to sleep and can even sleep when it is the worst time to do it.

Tiffi found Mr. Yeti in the Chocolate Mountains where he lives in his house. Mr. Yeti became friends with Tiffi when he shared his chocolates with her.


Odus is a wise owl in the game who can be earned by collecting 100 stickers. Odus is also a mascot in the game. Tiffi flies on the back of Odus to save her friends and candies; however, Odus also facilitates the players by turning eight purple colour candies into special vertical and horizontal striped candies. Thinking why only purple candies? Because he is purple in colour!

In the Adventure costume, Odus shoots candies with his eyes while in the Tropical Bird costume, he enjoys some crackers and then coughs some of them resulting in a blast. On the other hand, his Chick and Magician outfits also make him look wiser.


Misty is a playable character in Candy Crush Saga Friends. She is a magical unicorn with a rainbow tail. Misty has the power to turn fifteen orange candies into special random candies which might also have colour bombs and colouring candies which provide a bonus to players.

Misty also has Popstar, Beachgoer, and Superhero costume which multiply her abilities. No doubt that Misty is a strong character and a good option if you are thinking what Candy Crush Saga Friends are you?


Candy Crush Friends Saga Quiz
Candy Crush Friends Saga - King

Hmmm, now you might have some idea about which Candy Crush Friend are you? Don’t wait any longer and answer the Candy Crush Saga quiz