Capcom Arcade Stadium Quiz

CAS Knowledge Quiz- How Well Do You Know Capcom Arcade Stadium Games?

Arcade games are one of the craziest things that exist on earth. You must have played many games from Capcom Arcade Stadium but are you someone who knows all of its games better than others? Well then, accept the challenge of the Hardest Ever Capcom Arcade Stadium Quiz and let the world know if you win or lose!!!

Capcom Arcade Stadium Quiz
Capcom Arcade Stadium - Capcom


Of course, they are! Haven’t you seen arcade games around every place where people are meant to have fun! Whether you pick any restaurant, amusement park, mall, club, etc you would find arcade games there. They are definitely not going to turn old-fashioned EVER. The reason lies in the fact that some awesome companies like Capcom Arcade Stadium have made the best games and epic sequels which are still loved though they were made years ago.


If you have ever tried arcade games then your eyes must have seen one or more games by Capcom Arcade Stadium. Up till now, 32 games have been released under the name of Capcom Arcade Stadium in the span of more than a decade. This is why we thought why not check your memory because we have heard that you have been flaunting your genius brain quite a lot. So, enter the Capcom Arcade Stadium Test and we’ll know how deep have you been in the world of gaming. And you can’t cheat by not sharing the result because the whole world should find out how well do you know Capcom Arcade Stadium?

If you have played Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak then we are challenging you to answer the Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak Quiz.


Are you curious to know which are the most popular games by Capcom Arcade Stadium? We know why! This way you would find out “What Capcom Arcade Stadium game to choose?” when you play it the next time (Very Clever!)

CAS Knowledge Quiz
Capcom Arcade Stadium - Capcom

The Battle of Midway

In The Battle of Midway game, you have control over American aircraft and you have one mission in mind, “To destroy every Japanese fleet in air and on the sea!” If you are able to do it in the offered sixteen stages of the game then you’d be the winner but, do you think it’s as easy as it sounds? Not at all! Handling air and sea at the same time is pretty arduous but do you want to know a secret tip? Some precious cheat codes can help you out. Find them if you can! Beware of all the bomb attacks, especially by the Japanese battleship Yamato as it would be the hardest enemy you would face! When we observe which Capcom Arcade Stadium game are you most like then it seems like your multitasking skills make you more comparable to The Battle of Midway game.

Street Fighter

Street Fighter is one of the most successful games that has been created by CAVE. The game revolves around fights and combats while you get to be a character named Rye. He is an impressive martial arts fighter and has three most significant attacks namely the Hadōken, Shōryūken, and Tatsumaki Senpūkyaku. All of them can be used according to the enemy and timing. Highly pleased by the success of Street Fighter, there are many other games that became its sequel like Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, etc.


Progear is a shoot 'em up game and then again it has never failed us because of the twists that keep coming with the games. It makes everyone fall in the years of childhood because in it the players take the avatar of a child. Not any obnoxious one but one who controls a plane with a greater cause and mission in mind. The Metoruin sages are on the verge to end everything with their attack but you have five stages and in them, you need to end Metoruin sages. There are two modes that the gamers can enjoy in Progear which are Pilot and Gunner, respectively. Both are worth trying. You are supplied with bomb stocks, firepower, etc so make sure you employ them wisely!

Ghosts 'n Goblins

Ghosts 'n Goblins game belongs to the genre of horror and combat. In it, you get to be a knight named Arthur. He has a special and risky job to finish, the undead people who are attacking all need to be killed, and who can be better than a brave knight like Arthur. He has the exemplary armor and sword in his hands while the rewards of treasure chests are hidden at every stage. The combat with gargoyles and other zombies became a hit and Ghosts 'n Goblins was released with many updates and even as a mobile game.

Forgotten Worlds

Forgotten Worlds is one of our favorite because of its multiplayer option. The game hands over ammunition and guns in the hands of its characters who can shoot in sixteen directions. You have nine stages in total and the winner is announced at the end. The satellites and other moving objects would keep your arms full of bullets and you can even track your enemy with them.


The Capcom Arcade Stadium Trivia is ready to give you some tough time so make sure you are equally prepared as well. We are excited to see what you get in the result and so are others so remember to share it!