Clash of Clans Quiz: Which CoC character are you?

CoC Test – Clash of Clans Characters

Clash of Clans has been a very famous game as it has amazing gameplay and surprisingly, Clash of Clans is an absolutely free online game available on Android and iOS. However, the players have the option to buy gems and other vital things through online in-app purchases with some real money.

The mission for Clash of Clans players is to make their own village with the help of resources and spread it to a wider region. For this, the players can form teams of up to 50 players and fight with each other to gain more area and earn points and other valuables by winning the fights and guard your village, buildings, and castle as well. Do you know which Clash of Clans character are you? you don’t have any idea! Then take the Clash of Clans character quiz.

Quiz on Clash of Clans Characters

Clash of Clans Quiz
Clash of Clans - Supercell

Let's have a look at the Clash of Clans's characters, before finding out which COC character you are!


As soon as you would start the game, the first character to be unlocked would be the Barbarians, the Elixir Troop. He looks like an angry and annoyed barbaric man who wears a leather kilt and wrist bands with sharp spikes and sword to look more vicious. He has bright blonde hair and a long mustache; however, the looks would change as soon as the players reach higher levels.

The Barbarians have the capability to fight and defend and can also cause high damage and do not die very easily as they can soak damage as well. In the higher levels, Barbarians can earn horned helmets and claymores that change colour with levels. The higher you go, the more powerful Barbarians get.

The Archer

The character of Archer has been portrayed by a girl. Pink is her colour of identification as she has pink hair and bows in her bag. The serious face and sturdiness in her gestures make her look fierce though she seems like a cute girl. However, with the increase in levels Archer’s arrow and hair colour changes to shades of purple, reflecting the intensity in her powers and skills.

She skillfully shoots arrows at the target and defends the land even without going near the enemies which is a plus point to save health. But always look for bombs and mortars as they can cause great damage to the Archers and they get killed with even a single mortar.


If you are willing to steal the resources of other players then having Goblin is necessary. This green being is faster than light and loves to loot valuable resources from others. The huge bag on its back signifies that it can bring you some amazing things that would make your position far more strong.

As the Goblins are fast, they facilely deal with traps like Spring Trap and attack the castles, building, and Resource rooms. Moreover, they can cross high walls and other obstacles with Jump Spell and Earthquake Spell but make sure to keep them safe with the help of Barbarians and Giants because they cannot survive mortars and bombs.


This bald Giant has more power than you can imagine. The smiling face of Giants assures that you protect your area and others with their help. With the increasing levels, they get stronger and get a bigger beard. Mostly, the players start their line of defense with Giants as they receive less damage and attack with more intensity.

They might not be very effective if you employ the Giants in singles instead their groups are stronger because their attacking speed is low. The Traps can kill three Giants at a time so be careful while using them for defense; however, their best use is when players send them to save others from mortars and such attacks.

Wall Breaker

They might look like useless skeletons but always remember that their names are Wall Breakers who carry bombs with them. The Wall Breakers wear aviator caps and carry out suicidal attacks with their bombs. Once you show them a green signal, they would fire it with bombs until the wall is down.

The up-gradation causes the size and quantity of bombs to increase and at level 10 Wall Breakers carry a barrel loaded with bombs. As soon as the Wall Breakers destroy the walls, players let in Goblin and Giants to get as many benefits with the raid as possible. However, a key element is that Wall Breakers only attack three connected walls and nothing less than it.


An adorable fairylike character in the Clash of Clans is The Healer. She has wings and is airborne. She has such healing spells that increase the health and covers the damage caused to the characters on the ground. Although, she cannot protect herself as she has no attacking skill and abilities for that, and neither can she heal herself and any other airborne characters.

As levels and Healer is upgraded, the colour of her apparel and halo changes, and she becomes stronger. She can be easily eliminated with any defense character so try not to deploy the Healers when you believe that they can get killed.


No one has the idea whether P.E.K.K.A. is a knight, samurai, or assassin but one thing is for sure, P.E.K.K.A. is a killing machine! It fights with a sword and its armour is strong enough to collapse a building in 2-3 hits known as The Juggernaut.

P.E.K.K.A. is the most expensive character in Clash of Clans but once you own one, then you would be victorious in most of the matches. It causes more damage than other characters and absorbs damage allowing Healers to heal it and serve the players longer.

Which CoC Character Are You QUIZ

Which CoC character are you quiz
Clash of Clans - Supercell

Since you read about most of the characters in COC, have you decided what Clash of Clans character are you? Not yet! Then answer the Which Clash of Clan character are you Quiz right now!