CSGO Quiz: Which Counter Strike Character Are You?

Are You Counter Strike or Terrorist?

The game of generations ‘Counter-Strike’ has been one of the favourites and most online played ones on earth. Daily, hundreds of CSGO battles take place in which players compete with each other and earn while showcasing their abilities by playing Counter-Strike. Counter-Strike was created by Minh Le and Jess Cliffe and was released in the late 2000.

Only in the last year 2020, Counter-Strike had 24 million active players and the number has increased in 2021. This multiplayer game involves two various gameplays, in one you need to rescue the hostages from the terrorists and you become Counter-Terrorist, or you can be the ones who are cruel and vicious and make innocents their hostages so they are the villains in the game known as Terrorists.

In the last 21 years, Counter-Strike has furnished its fans with three various sequels which are Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Counter-Strike: Course, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Well, up till now Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been the best and most popular. Are you excited to play as well, but first find out which Counter Strike Global Offensive character are you? You don’t know how? Of course with our CSGO Quiz.


CSGO Personality Quiz
Counter Strike Global Offensive

Let’s find out about the most powerful Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Ready to know which CSGO character are you? But first read about some terrorists in the game so that you choose your team wisely!

Mr. Muhlik

The character of Mr. Muhlik is one of the Elite Crew who belongs to the Middle East and has relation with the monarchs in that region. Now he aims to rule and control the world with his evil plans and terrorist attacks. Mr. Muhlik looks quite eastern with his scarf and olive coloured skin tone. His statement accessories like sunglasses, fingerless gloves, vest over tan pants, and dark colour shirts make him look cool, Even though he is a terrorist. He fights with weapons and plants bombs very easily.

Prof. Shahmat

Prof. Shahmat is also one of the terrorists and a Superior Agent, though he is qualified and has knowledge but he utilizes it in the wrong way. He seeks to take revenge from the world with the help of his team. With weapons like AWP Safari Mesh and AK-47, Prof. Shahmat deals with the counter-terrorists in his own style. His strong, tall, muscular body and vest loaded with weapons make him a great fighter whether he goes for an arm fight or shooting.


Osiris is a dark-toned Exceptional Agent who targets his enemies and kills them easily. Osiris’s face has been hidden with a scarf and he wears the statement sunglasses like other terrorists along with his satellite phone and dull shirt with faded denim. Once you get hold of this character in the game, you can facilely shoot the opponents with triggerbot or employ the glow to highlight the enemies and shoot them with your skills.


This giant and fearless terrorist is the Exceptional Agent. If you play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with Maximus then there are very few chances to get killed. Amazingly, he fires with both hands and is an expert when it comes to defense, his vest not only has weapons and grenades but wireless earpieces as well. Even when you are out of weapons in the game, Maximus fights bravely and wins if the gamer plays well.


Let’s find out who are the finest Counter-Terrorists to select which counter strike side should you choose among the two teams!

SEAL Team 6

SEAL Team 6, the Distinguished Agent also known as DEVGRU has been trained to fight against terrorism in the world for the US Navy. The olive green uniforms of SEAL Team 6 are very impressive having wireless headsets, helmets with night vision camera, binoculars, grenades, pistols, and specialized weapons like HK MP7. This character has impeccable skills of shooting and specifically when he becomes a sniper. SEAL Team 6 is ready to sacrifice life in order to save the world.


The Exceptional Agent Buckshot belongs to SEAL Team as well and has every sort of knowledge about guns. When you first take a look at him, he might feel too stuffed or strict but once you play the CSGO with this character you would never regret it. Buckshot has matchless shooting and sniper skills while the bulletproof vest makes it easy for the players to survive. Moreover, the scarf over the uniform is Buck’s statement style.

Special Agent Ava

Special Agent Ava belongs to the FBI; she is one of the most capable characters in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Her wireless headsets along with big rifles like AWP Worm God and bulletproof jacket make her stronger than the terrorists. Ava always fulfills the duties in her FBI uniform as rescues the people from enemies by shooting them in an instant. If you are willing to win then go for this Master Agent.

Lt. Commander Rickshaw

The Master Agent Lt. Commander Rickshaw belongs to NWSC SEAL Team. There are absolutely no doubts about his abilities as he an experienced commander who not only directs his team but also fights without any fear in his eyes. The equipped uniform of Lt. Commander Rickshaw has grenades, bullets, and guns of different types that make him more vigorous than his opponents. Even if the players do not get the chance to have guns or lose them, then Rickshaw won’t die that easily before killing a few with his hammer hands.


Are you ready to play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? But first, you must know what Counter-Strike character are you? So, let’s click start to the CSGO Character Test.