Cyberpunk Quiz – Which Cyberpunk Character Are You?

What Cyberpunk Character Am I? & Cyberpunk Personality Quiz

Games are life! Who in the world can live without playing some challenging and stimulating games? Well, at least we can’t and so we chose “Cyberpunk” video game to bring some action, suspense, and thrill to our boring and monotonous life. How much do you know about Cyberpunk? Have you ever played it? Oh well, it seems like we all consider ourselves a champion of the Cyberpunk game but who would decide who is the best?

Why not test our intelligence, competence, and skills with the Cyberpunk Quiz? Don’t get confused, we’ll explain what the Cyberpunk Trivia Quiz is all about. This quiz consists of some usual questions that would detail us about the personality, life, and views. After you’d get done with answering the questions, our AI technology would let you know which Cyberpunk character are you. Isn’t it fun?

But before our Cyberpunk Kin Quiz details which Cyberpunk character do you kin, why don’t you energize your mind with the important things in Cyberpunk that must be kept in mind while playing. It’d definitely help you to play the game in a better way!


The Cyberpunk game takes gamers into a new dimension where we get to peek into the year 2077. The cars can be seen flying, robots do most of the work, and technology rules the world. The place where your character “V” shifts to is known as the Night City. You choose to be a killer and do some illegal activities like killing, kidnapping, transporting things, and etc.

The more tasks you complete, the more money you can make in order to buy the things like weapons, arms, cars, etc. The richer you are, the more are your chances of survival because living a life of a gangster isn’t easy. Every person in the game would try to kill you in order to take your position; however, you’d find some friends as well. We love this game as we like Detroit: Become Human.

The main task that you’d have to do is find the “Prototype Chip”. Don’t you dare give up before earning! Many people who play Cyberpunk find it vigorous to pass the level where they can have the chip and live an eternal life but we know that you are a tough gamer. Do you think that now you are ready for the Cyberpunk Test?


The question which Cyberpunk characters are you most like is a mystery and the only thing that can solve it is the Cyberpunk Kin Test. But how would you know about the similarities between you and the characters in Cyberpunk? Here, get to know them closely...

Which Cyberpunk Character Are You?
Cyberpunk Characters - CD Projeckt

Johnny Silverhand

Oh my my! Who do we get to see in the character of Johnny Silverhand? It’s everyone’s love and inspiration “Keanu Reeves’! He has given his face to the game’s character Johnny and his muscular body, classy attitude, style, and bravery have made the game more interesting. The most intriguing element is that he doesn’t have his left arm, instead, it is a robot arm.

His life was simple and fun as a singer in the band “Samurai”, but he altered himself as could not hold himself to witness all the wrongs done by the government and the ones in power. Consequently, he felt the need to turn himself from a common man to the one who could murder anyone brutally to wipe the evils in the Night City.

Judy Álvarez

Judy is a cool-looking girl who seems to be unaffected by whatever happens around her but this is what you observe from far. When you get closer to her then you’d know that she has been suffering due to the injustice of the world. Judy never wished to be rich, nor did she ever wish for an extravagant life. All she has ever wanted was a calm and peaceful life by the side of someone who’d love her.

Undoubtedly, Judy is a talented girl who can achieve anything as she is a veteran tech girl and editor. She can be really helpful for the major character V. Judy can aid the gamers with her skills and emotional support. You (as a protagonist) can even choose to fall in love with a smart, courageous, and charming girl.

Jackie Welles

Every successful person needs a buddy who would always cover him or her and would support him/her in all kinds of circumstances. Jackie is also like that one best friend who accompanies V in every act and task. Jackie is a mercenary soldier in his early 30s. He is more inclined towards bloodshed and violence more than V. He is always ready to do whatever it takes to make him rich and his life more comfortable.

Jackie is an expert in using arms and completing even the most deadly missions without leaving any mark. He is a die-hard soldier and resists more than his power for his friend. While finding the chip, Jackie sacrificed his life and V would be saved. V would further continue his journey, especially to avenge Jackie’s murder.

Viktor Vektor

Vik is the most creative and intellectual guy you’d meet in the game. In Cyberpunk, there’s only one man who can help you when you’d be in a health dilemma. If you wish to live a long and healthy life even after messing up yourself in the dangerous combats.

He is a doctor and an engineer. He not only treats the almost dying person in the game with his medical skills but also employs his engineering skills inserts such as chips, screws, discs, etc that the life span increases and the player becomes more strengthened. Vik became one of the best friends V has.


Come on, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and lift up your mood with the Cyberpunk Quiz as this chance shouldn’t be missed in any way.