Danganronpa Quiz – Which Danganronpa Are You?

Danganronpa Character Quiz & Danganronpa Game Test

Are you one of those gamers who are still stuck between those old-fashioned and unrealistic games? Hopefully not! Because if you are an orthodox player then the Danganronpa Test isn’t for you at all!!!

Danganronpa is a game based on an intriguing story taking everyone into their teenage years. The genre of Draganronpa is murder-mystery (probably you guessed what the game is all about!). In this game, all the players transform into the protagonist young lad named Makoto Naegi. Life of Makoto altered in an awesome way when he got admission to the “Hope's Peak Academy” (a school having the richest and most capable students).

Thinking what more this visual novel game contains? In all the dialogues and interesting relations between the characters, there is something fishy! A hideous villain has trapped all the kids in a sinister game that further has two modes; the Class Trials and the School Life. Both the modes keep the players entertained as in the School Life you would have to explore the school and your mates while in the Class Trials you have to find the vicious MURDERER! So, which Danganronpa Character Are You?

Monokuma! Yes, Monokuma is the villain in the game. No one has ever seen him as whenever he wants his presence to be felt then an ugly and petrifying robotic bear comes into sight. Do you think you can take revenge on Monokuma? For this, you must find out Which Danganronpa Are You? No no, this won’t be very time-taking as our Danganronpa Quizzes are here to help.


Which Danganronpa Are You?
Danganronpa - Spike Chunsoft

We know that you aren’t willing to go through all 16 primary characters as it would take sooo long. This is why we have penned the best four characters in the Danganronpa Decadence. Go through them before answering the Danganronpa Character Quiz.

Makoto Naegi

Makoto is the young cool guy who looks quite impressive in his black hoody, messy light-brown hair, and athletic body. He is the one who is considered a major character by players. Some feel that he is extraordinary while others believe that Makoto’s character isn’t up to the mark. But, we feel that Makoto is the real energy in the Danganronpa game.

He is a simple and innocent boy who loves to initiate a friendship with all, though they are arrogant. Makoto never thinks negatively about anyone and people who look down on him, he befriends them as well. Due to his diligence and optimistic approach, Makoto turned out to be Ultimate Hope in the academy.

Moreover, his talent Ultimate Hope makes him more prominent among the students and he tries to unveil the culprit. Keeping all this in mind, he can also become evil and fights impressively when it comes to saving himself and the people he loves.

Kyoko Kirigiri

The beauty among beasts of the Danganronpa game is Kyoko Kirigiri! Her long lavender hair and stylish outfit attract gamers to play as her. It is arduous to describe Kyoko because she is an absolute genius with an impressive brain. Not only this, but she knows how to veil her true emotions from all. One would never know whether she is happy, sad, or worried by her gestures and expressions. Kyoko prefers to keep her inner self hidden from all.

Kyoko has only one thing in mind, to find the culprit. She also plays various games and plans to trap the killer but most of the time he manages to escape. Working alone makes Kyoko feel comfortable and she also runs the investigations all by herself. Her talent “Ultimate Detective” can be observed in her with a single peek.

On the other hand, Kyoko has a true friendship with Magoto and both facilitate each other throughout the course. Also we think that Kyoko would fit very well between Doki Doki Quiz characters.

Kokichi Ouma

Hahaha, Kokichi doesn’t look like a student rather he seems like a prince from a sinister bloodline. Well, some of this is actually true because he is quite evil from the inside but he only employs his clever mind to make things work out. Do you know what his talent is? Kokichi is the Ultimate Supreme Leader!

Even if anybody tries, he cannot comprehend the games that Kokichi plays. He plans murders that even the villains like Monokuma could not fathom. He is a mastermind who leads people efficiently because whatever he says isn’t a complete lie but it’s not all true so Kokichi is one smart person hard to understand.

Keeping all this in mind, Kochiki isn’t very friendly and his mates also maintain a distance from him because he easily degrades and mocks anyone anytime to embarrass the ones he dislikes. In a nutshell, Kochiki only cares about himself and is a great leader because he knows the art of manipulation.

Toko Fukawa

At first sight, many of us thought that Toko is an antagonist but gradually we saw major development in her character. Toko is a simple girl who keeps her hair braided and wears spectacles. She seems an innocent girl and more like a geek. Wearing her school uniform, Toko appears to be that character who has no concern with others. But But But! You know what, she is a serial killer!!!

Yup, Toko has split personality disorder and when it appears then she becomes a grave serial killer. You must be thinking how come others don’t guess it in the first place, it’s because Toko isn’t a social being at all. It’s true that Toko isn’t friendly at all nor do her mates get attracted to her. One of the reasons why Toko isn’t liked by many is that she never thinks before speaking and says whatever she has in mind.

Her talent Ultimate Writing Prodigy depicts that she is an immensely talented writer. Toko takes interest in literature and became notorious for her penning skills.


Life in Danganronpa isn’t easy at all! Are you ready to figure out which Danganronpa character do you resemble? Then answer the Danganronpa Character Test!