Detroit: Become Human Quiz – Which DBH Character Are You?

DBH Quiz: What Character Are You?

Have you ever observed your surroundings? Look around, you are amid different machines that make life easier for you and everyone. Whether you have an AC, laptop, TV, coffee machine, etc everything is there to facilitate you at a single click. Furthermore, now we have some cool robots who not only facilitate us with work but entertain as well. It is predicted that these androids would be all around us in the next few years and would be doing all the work faster and with perfection.

Do you also desire to wish to see the future? Then why don’t you play the Detroit: Become Human video game! It gives us a glimpse to the future in which the world has androids for every work either it is for house chores, creation, games, management, leadership, and etc. How cool it is to watch all this but did you perceive that things turned in such a way that we all never expected. All the androids became dictative in nature and began to suppress humans.

The reason for this upset in them was their desperateness for supremacy. They wished to rule over humans as they have been using them for their benefits without having any emotions for them. Since all the androids have revolted then how would the humans survive? Someone like you must save the humanity but to do that, you must search what DBH character are you? For that you have to answer the Detroit: Become Human Quiz so gear up for this…


Let's have a look at the best characters of DBH before taking the Detroit Become Human Quiz.

Which DBH Character Are You?
Detroit: Become Human - Quantic Dream


Conner is also known for his cyber code RK800. He is one of the androids who are built for the purpose of investigation. At first, you won’t be able to distinguish if Conner is a human or a robot. He has a vigorous body with pale complexion, short and nicely trimmed hair, dark eyes, and looks super smart in his cop uniform.

As far as Conner’s personality is concerned, it’s in the hands of the gamer. Once you decide to be Conner then you’d be the one permitting him for his actions. At times, you have the choice to make him a nice, sweet, and extroverted android who wishes to live life at its best. If you choose the other way then he would turn out to be a satirical, stone-hearted, and introverted character whose life means “work”.

Moreover, there are a few things that are fixed in Conner’s character. Some of them include his intelligence and skill of observation. Other than that, he has the amazing ability to recreate and reconstruct anything that had happened before (with the help of clues). For this Conner has a special software in him and since he is able to do that so becomes an important part of the investigation team. Other than this, he fights quite well and is strong enough to stand against anyone more powerful than him. Btw, Connor's gameplay is quite similar to RDR2 Quiz.


Well, it won’t be wrong if we say that the android of Kara really brought tears to our eyes. She though is a robot but we believe that she is more special than a human. Kara is an inspiration for all as her emotions make her stronger rather than making her weak. Her character shapes the story though she is a housemaid in the house of Todd Williams and nurtures their daughter Alice.

Kara has been trained to be an impeccable housemaid. Her abilities as a housemaid are just amazing (you’d wish to bring her home!). She can cook everything, speak every language, and can complete all the chores without getting rest. She becomes irrational when it comes to Alice because her ruthless family. This is why, Kara flees with Alice to give her a better life even if she has to fight other androids and the whole world. Though she is an android but wishes to be a parent and has fear to lose her life.


Markus is undoubtedly the most influential character in the game and everybody wishes to see his name in the Buzzfeed DBH Quiz results. He isn’t any ordinary machine but Is one of those androids who were smarter, robust, and designed for the next generation. No android had the intelligence that the generation of Marcus had.

Being gifted to the notorious painter Carl Manfred, he became more efficient and his thoughts were changed completely by Carl. He was a caregiver but Carl left an impression on him that led him to be a leader of androids. However, things depend on the gamer whether they are willing to make them rebellions villain or the ones who are eager to enlighten the future for all.

Markus wishes freedom for not only androids but for humans as well. He desires a world where everyone can live peacefully without any kind of oppression and empathize each other.

Hank Anderson

Hank is one human who reached our list. He is an aged man in his late 40s and is a lieutenant in the game. He has been assigned the task to track the rebellious androids and end the threat that they are posing. In this mission, Hank has another competent character in his team “Conner”. Though Conner is an android as well but Hank took him in his team because of his righteous attitude.

Nothing matters to Hank except for his work. His soul mission is to end the ones who are heartless and don’t care about life of others. His cold attitude and anxiousness irritates us all at times but we must look deeper into his perspective. Hank wants the world to be normal and wants human to again have the power over the world.


Speed up yourself and take the DBH Quiz to know which character are you? Or else the consequences can be grave for all!!!