Devil May Cry 5 Quiz – Which DMC 5 Character Are You?

Which Devil May Cry 5 Character Is Perfect For You Quiz

After months of waiting, our hands have finally grabbed what we wished for the most, the Devil May Cry 5 game! But, have you thought “Which Devil May Cry 5 character are you?” Of course, you must start with the best character for yourself. Try the updated Devil May Cry 5 Quiz as it can do this job perfectly!

Devil May Cry 5 Quiz
Devil May Cry 5 - Capcom


Devil May Cry 5 is the fifth sequel of Devil May Cry games. No doubt that its fifth part is one of the most awaited ones because it involves all the latest enhancements in the world of gaming. The updated realistic graphics, intense challenges, and addition of V in the character list have elevated the interest of all gamers in this one. The gameplay of Devil May Cry 5 is full of action and exploration as you need to fight every villain using your powers. Things really get interesting when the music changes as per your performance and the excitement increases with that. Other than all the specific details, keep in mind that you need to look for mechanic Nico or statues because only those can help you increase the character's abilities and skills.


The game begins with all the characters setting their feet against a mighty demon named Urizen. This demon gets killed while Nero uses its prosthetic arm and sword named Yamato. This soon creates chaos in the world as another demon named Qliphoth gets in between. This one is more powerful and manages to leave all three main characters Nero, Dante, and V helpless. The mystery about the reality of Urizen deepens because it is his death that opened the gates of destruction for the world. If they all won’t succeed in winning over these demons and their forces and do not save their people then everyone would be doomed including all the people living in it. Remember, every character in the game has its own part in the story so think wisely about what Devil May Cry 5 character are you?

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As you must already know, there are three playable characters in Devil May Cry 5 game but other characters are is also available in the game. So, let’s figure out the best Devil May Cry 5 character for you!

Which DMC 5 Character Are You
Devil May Cry 5 Characters - Capcom


Nero is an extraordinary protagonist in the series because he has the weapons which him an ideal character. While fighting around, Nero has the advantage of his prosthetic arm called “Devil Breakers.” It allows him to grab enemies with the Wire Snatch ability and can hit them harder. But, use it wisely because it begins to malfunction if employed carelessly. Nico also has the world-class gun, Blue Rose. This gun has six bullets and he can fire two at a time. Even one is enough to kill a demon if the shot is on the right mark, but you make it shoot without stopping with the Color Up skill. Don’t forget the best part about Nero’s character! He holds the one and only Red Queen which is set on the highest spot because of the fire engine that not only enhances its speed but also lits fire in it so that it can burn all the enemies of Nero!

Nero - Devil May Cry 5


You may be thinking “I wish I could have Nero in the Devil May Cry 5 Kin Quiz!” but this is because you don’t know Dante yet! This smart guy is full of surprises because it holds great weapons followed in the past games as well like Rebellion, Ebony & Ivory, and Coyote-A. Don’t think that things stop here because he also has a devil arm known as Balrog. This arm increases his power with its speed and strength while you can also try the Kick mode to unleash the kicking monster in Dante. But, our most favorite one is "Cavaliere" because it’s like two ends of swords that can switch into a cool motorbike and Dante can crush his enemies with its tires. Nonetheless, Dantes’ Dark Knight Sparda bears the history of killing even the demon king Mundus. His Devil Trigger allows him to gain health when under attack while the finer form Sin Devil Trigger is heavier and allows him to create various attacks even though Dante’s health is low.

Dante - Devil May Cry 5


V is a deep and mysterious character shared especially in this Devil May Cry 5! No one knows where he came from and what for but everybody knows that he is on the good side and helps in defeating the demon who is about to end life! If we ask you what Devil May Cry 5 character to choose? then would you go for V? Look he doesn’t fight, instead he has his three out of the world demons who fight for him side by side. All he needs to do is swish his cane and they begin the play. V summons Shadow (a black panther-like creature) to fight when the enemies are close enough to attack while Griffon (a huge bird) is called when V needs help in ranged attacks. When feels that the two aren’t enough then he summons Nightmare (an enormous golem) who can end every enemy with its laser beams and strength. Wherever, Nightmare steps, V’s hair turns white and the destruction around the area begins. No one can challenge V’s regime although he doesn’t even punch a single enemy!

V - Devil May Cry 5


Let the world see what role do you play in this super fabulous game and everyone can only know once you take the Devil May Cry 5 Trivia and share its result with everyone through your social media accounts! All the best!