Diablo 3 Quiz – Which Diablo 3 Class Should You Play?

Which D3 Class & Character Are You Quiz

Hey, do you have to waste precious minutes every time you enter Diablo 3 to pick which Diablo 3 class are you in? Relax, answer the most popular Diablo 3 Quiz which can tell you the class you need to play in (each time you like!)…

At first, we all were thinking that the Diablo 3 game would be more like a boring one! But, it changes our minds within a matter of minutes because it isn’t easy to fight in this hack-and-slash action role-playing game. If you are ready then let’s begin the journey to the Ultimate Diablo 3 Test.

Diablo 3 Quiz
Diablo 3 - Blizzard Entertainment


The reason for the Diablo 3 game’s popularity is based on its story behind all the actions and adventure. Moreover, every character embarks on the journey with a character that can be chosen from seven various classes. Each class has been upgraded and enhanced with interesting powers, weapons, attacks, etc. Diablo 3 game gears up when the two main characters Deckard Cain and Leah are working around the mysterious Tristram Cathedral when a meteoroid (or a star) falls over the cathedral and Cain gets trapped. In order to save him, Leah joins hands with The Nephalem (you) and searches for him. Things don’t end here as you’d have to fight the villains who might gain powers by collecting mighty elements. You need to stop them with your powers or else consider it GAME OVER!

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There are seven classes in Diablo 3 and you can choose anyone you like on the basis of your personality and gaming interests.

Barbarian: When you hear the name of Barbarian class then keep in mind that it is all about rage and attacks. Nothing in the world can calm them because they don’t think- they just attack! The Barbarians are huge, brawny, and solely depend on muscles. They jump and crush the enemies facilely while Fury is their greatest ability.

Crusader: The Crusader is linked with the military and is very much close to what knights do. A Crusader knows well how to defend with their shields and attack after reaching into the heart of the opponents. Wrath is their motivational ability which elevates while you fight the enemies furiously.

Demon Hunter: The Demon Hunter class has bows and crossbows in hand. He has one goal; kill all the demons that are a threat to the world. Moreover, they hold knives, bombs, and other explosives for taking down every single opponent.

Monk: The Monk is pretty interesting as a class because may be called a “Holy Warrior” but remember that this class enables the players to fight more like a combatant who can attack in a blink of an eye. No one matches the melee attacks of The Monk while the explosive attacks are unmatched.

Necromancer: You might think that the Necromancer would be like the class of Witch Doctor or Wizard but you are wrong! A Necromancer can easily make every dead thing live by employing certain elements of magic like blood, bones, etc. This class allows you to use dead corpses as your army which fight until you don’t ask them to stop!

Witch Doctor: This class includes all the amazing magic with voodoo items and manipulation of elements. It can make the dead live again, cast curses, shoot magical arrows, etc. Their powers are frightening as everything they do is linked with magic which can’t be put down by force. Plus, they can even summon monsters when needed.

Wizard: Wizard is actually a sorceress who is efficient in spells attack. She can blend their power with ice, fire, lightning, etc. Plus, the Wizard’s spells can help the players to teleport and attack from hidden whereabouts. Magic makes the Wizard class one of the favorites but is a little difficult to handle.


After playing the game with every class and character, we have come up with 4 Best Characters in Diablo 3 (in certain classes). The list would help you in deciding what Diablo 3 class and character to choose? Have a look and let us know if you agree or not!

In Which Diablo 3 Should You Play
Diablo 3 Classes - Blizzard Entertainment

Xul From Class Necromancer

As you are aware, Xul is a Necromancer and only his face is enough to bring fear in the eyes of the enemy. He can awake any dead and can summon them during fights. Moreover, you’d never know when his gigantic scythe would slit your throat.

Xul From Class Necromancer
Xul (Necromancer) - Diablo 3

Johanna From Class Crusader

Johanna may be a female but she can kill the mightiest enemy within minutes. She is extremely efficient with her sword and shield. Her morals are high and Johanna knows no one can kill her until she has her goal in mind which is to kill anyone who goes against the laws.

Johanna From Class Crusader
Johanna (Crusader) - Diablo 3

Nazeebo From Class Witch Doctor

Nazeebo is someone from whom every opponent fears and the reason lies in the fact that he is vicious and merciless. Once any enemy does one thing wrong, Nazeebo would attack from every side because all the things work at his fingertips because he is the master of all!

Nazeebo From Class Witch Doctor
Nazeebo (Witch Doctor) - Diablo 3

Sonya From Class Barbarian

Sonya is a barbaric woman who is always angry and detests magic. She believes in her muscles and destroys things within seconds. Sonya wears armor and carries two swords to slice all her opponents in one go!

Sonya From Class Barbarian
Sonya (Barbarian) - Diablo 3


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