DnD Classes Quiz: What D&D Class Am I?

Which Dungeons and Dragons Class Are You Quiz

Well Well Well, what do we have here? Another fan of the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) game. Indeed almost all game lovers in the world are in love with this game. The reality is that there is no such reason for staying away from the D&D game because it is undoubtedly one of the best games developed up till now!

Thinking why? Well, it seems that you are new to this game but no problem, we’ll furnish you with one of the most important things that you must know about this game! First of all, D&D is a role-playing game that involves active participation and attention of its gamer. The game would take you into another world of fantasy and there you can use imagination to be the best Dungeon Master. But what DnD class are you?

The players get to roll dices (which are quite fascinating) that alter their luck every time. Whenever you would roll the dice then you would enter a new perspective of the story. If you are thinking that where would the story halt, then let us tell you that the story and game is endless. Don’t even think that it might become boring or monotonous because various tasks are allotted after every dice roll.

We know that you can’t wait to play D&D but wait a minute! Before anything, you’d have to select or create a character from scratch. Afterward, you’ll have to choose a class for your character. Now you are contemplating what D&D class am I? That’s a tough question because your class and its attributes matter the most! But why are you looking tense? The What D&D Class Am I Quiz is here to answer the question in your mind what D and D class am I?


There are many classes in D&D but do you know which are the best classes in D&D? If not then get a closer look at them. After reading more about the classes, your gameplay would definitely get finer.

What D&D Class Am I

D&D Classes - Wizards of the Coast


Barbarians are like their names; very aggressive in nature. Their priority is smashing and dashing everything and everyone that comes in the way. Well, they are bare chest and appear very vicious with unfinished clothes made with raw leather and leaves. Their weapons axes are basic and simple but their hitting points are quite higher than others.

Even if you go for strength and defense check of Barbarians then you would get some fine statistics. However, you’d be very disappointed to see that they cannot cast any charms and spells. The only thing the Barbarians are good at is anger and hitting, they do not have the power of wise decision making. So, destroy and win is the strategy for this class! Actually, it's very similar to Undertale Quiz characters.


Hmm, so you are some of those people who don’t wish to be that nice and believe that having some darkness (in the game) isn’t that bad after all. For you, we have chosen the Warlock class. They prefer to reign but are not the lords, instead serve the Dark Lords. They possess negative magic, spells, and powers that help to summon demons and dark forces for help in combats.

Having a patron is also beneficial for Warlocks as they help in level up and other features. The armor and defense of a Warlock aren’t brawny but their power of Charisma (as their magical ability) must be focused more than anything. Their magic is their strongest point while their skills like Religion, Arcana, History, Investigation, Deception, Nature, and Intimidation are also worth noticing.


The cleric is an undoubtedly amazing class because it has more advantages than you can imagine. In whatever way you need, the Cleric would aid you. They possess the spells of healing, armor, combat skills, and most of all, are godly creatures. Yup, you read it right! Clerics are godly creatures and their powers are enlightened by the powers of gods.

As a cleric, you get to achieve various armors like Light armor, medium armor, and even shields. Moreover, their strongest areas are Charisma and Wisdom while their knowledge related to history, medicine (healing), religion, and etc are appreciable. We know that you are excited to know about the spells and magic, the Clerics have specific “Spell Slots”! In these slots, you get to see a wide range of spells that can be utilized in order to defeat opponents. Furthermore, the more levels you cross, the more features can be unlocked so good luck!!!


If you’ve been playing D&D for a while and wish to experiment in this game then Bard would be perfect for you! If you consider Bard just for being flirtatious and overconfidence machine then you have to admit that you are absolutely wrong. Brad is exceptional and known to be the “Jack of all trades”! Yes, whether you are interested in exploration, fights, cure, knowledge, or even just want to level up by completing certain tasks then no one is better than a Bard.

Weapons available to Bards are hand crossbows, shortswords, longswords, rapiers, and others while their personal favorites are musical instruments like violin, lute, etc. If you want to know whether they have magical abilities or not then yes, they possess magic known as Charisma. This helps them in influencing minds, thought manipulation, and can make anyone do anything he wishes for (We wish we had this power in real! Hahaha!!!)

Bard basically tends to make ways through friendship but if someone wishes to fight then he is fine with it as well. However, their defense and armors can’t take in much.


You are desperate to discover that in D&D game what class am I? Well, the wait is over and the D&D Quiz awaits you so enjoy and keep playing hard.