Don’t Starve Quiz: Which Don’t Starve Character Are You?

What Don’t Starve Character Are You Quiz

There are some games that not only excite nerves but the soul as well. If you are thinking how then let us furnish you with the answer! These types of games are challenging and tricky while the gamers have to be super careful in order to survive or win!

Just like the above description is the famous game “Don’t Starve”! In this game, the only way to win is to stay alive and try not to become anyone’s food. Not only this, but you have to stay vigilant because death would run after you every second, for instance, you might get hit with a lightning bolt, get eaten by monsters, and other creatures.

Do you think you are brave enough to play Don’t Starve? Before this, you must find out what Don't Starve character are you? Through our ultimate Don't Starve Personality Test.


Which Don't Starve Character Are You?
Don't Starve - Klei Entertainment

So, there are almost 23 playable characters in the Don’t Starve game but which Don't Starve character are you most like??? There are so many characters in the game but we have gathered the most popular Don’t Starve characters for you. In order to give your best in the game, you must answer the Don't Starve Quiz.

Wilson Percival Higgsbury

Commonly known as Wilson, this character is the first one with whom you can enter the game. Anyone can identify Wilson with his weird hair that makes a big “W”. Wilson’s pointy face depicts his witty and cunning nature as he is the notorious mad scientist.

The best ability possessed by Wilson is his “Beard Growth”. He can grow a strangely long beard while it reaches its full length in 15 days. This is a very useful ability since your character can survive frost and winters with this beard, whereas, this beard can be shaved by Wilson and employed for other purposes. Remember that he loves to eat bacon and eggs.


Willow is a girl with long ponytails, white eyes (no iris like others!), wearing a pink button-up shirt, and skirt. If you still aren’t able to recognize her then look for the girl who holds a yellow teddy and a lighter. You might think that even though her sanity bar seems fine then why is she setting fire to everything?

Well, she can’t help it! Willow can’t stand without fire and you can only keep her sanity bar high if there is fire around her. This might feel odd but is connected to her childhood. Willow has spent a cruel childhood and used to get scared of darkness as she saw shadows of evil entities which is why she now keeps her surroundings lit up with fire.

Now you must be thinking how would Willow stay alive in the fire? Here’s the surprise! Willow’s special ability is that she is fire resistant. With the lighter, Willow can cook food and it saves her from many attacks by the enemies. But beware, because she also sets fire on her foot which can be dangerous… On the other hand; if you are looking for an another horror survival, do not forget to look at our FNAF quiz.


Walter is a powerful character in the game and is listed among the best ones. He is a brave boy who isn’t afraid of darkness and his sanity bar doesn’t even move if it’s all dark around him. However, this brave character has his own advantages and disadvantages. Walter is a quick and intelligent boy who can cook faster than others and owns a slingshot which is an effective weapon.

As far as his weaknesses are concerned, keep an eye if you locate any bees because he is allergic to them and if his health bar gets disturbed even a little bit, then his sanity level also begins to decrease. On the other hand, please don’t buy expensive clothes for Walter because he doesn’t like to dress up and his sanity bar decreases if he wears good clothes. Weird right!!!

Yes yes, how can we forget about Woby! This four-legged creature is always there to help Walter and if it is fed with monster food then turns into a gigantic creature that seems quite scary.


Walani seems like an Asian girl either belonging to China or Japan. If you wish to detect her then look for the girl who holds a surfing board. Yeah, she is obsessed with surfing and it is a very helpful tool for gamers playing as Walani. With the surfboard, Walani surfs over high waves and collects points.

This tool can be reinvented as well, all Walani needs are two seashells and a board. Moreover, this character is regarded as the best for people who are a beginner to the Don’t Starve game. But be careful about a few things when choosing her, Walani’s hunger level decreases at a very high pace and so does her health. On the other hand, poison is something that kills her instantly, but the best thing is her sanity level, it doesn’t move very fast and you can work out on things until it reaches a dangerous level.

Robert Wagstaff

Better known as Wagstaff, he’s an inventor and appears like animated Addison. He wears thick spectacles and this is the biggest weakness he possesses because he isn’t able to view things far from him. All the items or characters beyond four units are blur to Wagstaff which is problematic in order to survive in a dangerous situation.

However, Wagstaff is capable to invent three useful things from the additional crafting tab he owns, i.e. “tinkering tab”. With this, he can craft Telebrella, Telipad, and Thumper that help the players in their survival. Moreover, the special goggles that he invents include Spectoggles, Visor, Fryfocals, Infroggles, etc. In short, each one has its own benefits.


Yes, we understand that you cannot wait any longer to trace out what Don't Starve creature are you? The Which Don't Starve Character Are You Quiz is all yours, so enjoy and play hard in order to survive and remember, DON’T STARVE!!!