Dread Hunger Quiz – Which Dread Hunger Character Are You?

What Dread Hunger Role Are You? & Dread Hunger Classes

New New New! This is what we ask from the gaming companies. All we want is more and more games that would satisfy our gaming hunger. Oh, by hunger we just remember the amazing updates issued by the game “Dread Hunger”. Well, what should we say about it, the game is all about survival AT ANY COST. The gamers need to do everything possible in order to live or else the game gets over and you have to watch yourself getting killed brutally and then the corpse is taken care of in the most vicious ways. For example, they are eaten raw.

Have you played the Dread Hunger game? Which character do you choose? You just pick any one of them! Oh, that’s the mistake you are doing. Trust us, you can’t enjoy the game until you know which Dread Hunger character are you? Umm, one way of finding your character can be by playing the game as every character, then calculations, then coming to the results. But, who has this much time? Save your time and energy for playing and take the Dread Hunger Quiz as its result would let you know what Dread Hunger character to choose in a few minutes, SIMPLE!


Before you enter the Dread Hunger Test, why don’t you experience the game deeply and check the essential things you must know about the Dread Hunger. The game is set in the Arctic. The freezing cold, furious storms, fierce animals, and limited sources are the issues but the gravest one is yet to be discussed. Your team (comprising of 8 crew members) isn’t as it appears. These eight people would join you in reaching your desired place in the ship but the black sheep won’t let you live.

Didn’t get it? Let us make it easier for you! As a gamer of Dread Hunger, you first have to pick a character from the list of 8. Your task is to finish the voyage successfully but the system would task any two persons of your team to kill all others in order to win the game. You must fight the external and internal challenges at the same time. Let’s see you in the Dread Hunger Kin Quiz and get to check what you are made of?

Which Dread Hunger Character Are You
Dread Hunger by Dread Hunger Team


There are eight characters (some people also call them Dread Hunger classes) so let’s have a closer look at them.

The Chaplain

The Chaplain is a skinny and fair skin tone man. He seems sophisticated by looks, especially by his hair trimmed in a methodic way. The Chaplain wears simple black clothes. He might seem uninterested in most of the things but his small eyes are sharp enough to see everything. The items possessed by the Chaplain are Shovel, Coal, and Skeleton Key. One thing that must be kept in mind is that he is obsessed with trinkets and can loot them with his amazing skills. Actually, Chaplain would fit very well into DBD Quiz too!

The Cook

The Cook is bulgy with a heavy body like most of them. He looks nice and sweet with his light brown hair, mustache, and a tooth missing. He wears chef clothes and a red scarf. Cook is an important person on the ship as he supplies food to all and he can cook faster when gets a stove. He owns Meat Stew, Meat Cleaver, and Coal which influence the game as can provide food, light, and heat.

The Royal Marine

Well, you would encounter dangers in the sea especially pirates so the Royal Marine becomes a necessary person. He is an expert in shooting and hardly ever misses his target with his Flintlock Pistol, and Flintlock Ammunition. Royal Marine doesn’t has a brawny body and can’t fight hand-to-hand.

The Captain

The Captain, indeed, is the most vital person on board. No one can challenge the decisions made by the captain. Even in the game, the skills of Captain elevate the survival status because he knows what would be beneficial according to the conditions. All his experience is quite visible in his grey hair, no mustache, and half beard. The Captain also holds Tea, Sabre, and Coal.

The Engineer

No offense but the Engineer in the game seems more like a thief than an engineer. He is strong, huge, bald, has a tangy orange mustache, and a light skin tone. He wears blue clothes and wears black gloves as well. The Engineer is an expert in repairing things especially the ship no matter the damage is high or just light wear and tear. He owns Coal, Wood Axe, and Barrel.

The Doctor

When you sight the Doctor, it feels as if some historic scientist is in front of your eyes. He is the savior on the ship and can heal the team (and kill if he is the traitor). He owns some medical supplies like Meat Cleaver, Syringe, Coal, and Laudanum. The Doctor is efficient in his work and is very quick his team needs help.

The Hunter

Don’t get shocked by the fact that the Hunter is a female. She has big eyes, a slender body, dark long braided hair, and amazing senses. She is keen and clever when it comes to her abilities as a hunter. She possesses Coal, Bear Trap x2, Bow, Arrow x4, and these turn out to be her weapons as well. Moreover, this woman has the power to receive speed from corpses.

The Navigator

No doubt that navigators are the most necessary on board because they are aware of the directions, routes, and maps. Similarly, the Navigator is a pretty useful character not only because he has the Spyglass, Lantern, and Coal but also because of his speed and agility. Navigator isn’t young (obvious by his grey hair and thin body) but is still strong support to the team.


Dread Hunger Quiz
Dread Hunger by Dread Hunger Team

What are you waiting for? The Dread Hunger Trivia is here to make you the best player of the Dread Hunger game by revealing which Dread Hunger character are you most like! Don’t think, just step into the quiz.