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What Elden Ring Class Are You? – Elden Ring Test

It's all about power! Have you played the Elden Ring game? It revolves around the Elden Ring in the Lands Between. The game has been amazingly designed to attract all types of gamers. The puzzles, enemies, attacks, defense, and all are something that made it the highest-reviewed game. If you haven't played the Elden Ring, then you are missing an excellent game. You must try the game but first, check what Elden Ring class to choose?

If you think that class selection would be time-consuming, then don't worry because it'd just take a few minutes to find out what Elden Ring class are you with the Elden Ring Class Trivia. There are 20 simple and straight questions that would determine which Elden Ring class are you most like? Believe us, it's all about your mindset and past (when you lived in the Lands Between. Hahaha!). Let's see in which class would your soul settle! If you are still thinking about the Elden Ring quiz, read about the story and classes in the Elden Ring game for help.


Queen Marika and her progeny (god-like figures) reigned "Lands Between" in the Elden Ring. Peace and harmony administered the land and this was all because of the Erdtree that possesses "Elden Ring." Basically, Elden Ring isn't a ring but a power, a force that was keeping things in order. The Elden Ring is made of powerful Runes and even if one goes missing, then catastrophe becomes undeniable.

Elden Ring Quiz
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The first one that was stolen was the "Death Rune" and with its power, the first swing of bad omens began with the brutal murder of Demigod Godwyn the Golden. No one knew who was behind it as it could be anyone. Further, an unimaginable disaster took over the Lands Between-the revival of undead monsters. All the things turned out to go wrong as the six Demigods began fighting each other. They were actually blaming one another and thought one of them was the killer. This caused carnage and the whole land was obliterated as same as in the Horizon. This ended up in the scatter of Elden Ring into 6 powers.

Now as a gamer, you need to find all the Elden Rings before anyone else catches the hold on them. The one who unites all would become the sole ruler of the land again. So, here is your chance to know which Elden Ring class are you with the Elden Ring Class Kin Quiz.


Have a look at the most powerful classes in the Elden Ring game before you become a part of the game. Remember! This list is based on the reviews of the best Elden Ring players.

Which ER Class to Choose?
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It is a fact that everyone praises the class of Vagabond as it offers different elements that are helpful in starting the game, especially if you are a starter. The Long Sword, Halberd, and Heater Shield are some of its best things. This allows your character to stay at a distance from the enemy and defend from the attacks with the shield. Moreover, you are offered various armors like Vagabond Knight Helm, Vagabond Knight Armor, Vagabond Knight Gauntlets, and Vagabond Knight Greaves.

If you wish to know what does Vagabond class signifies then keep in mind that they are true knights. They fight until they die but never step back from the combats. Once you begin playing as them, you'd soon become used to it as it is said to be an all-rounder. Whether you wish to be physically strengthened, rich in arms, or want to look for high vigor, Vagabond is perfect in every sense.


Do you wish to become part of a class that not only makes you strengthened and powerful but also allows you to have some tinkles of excitement with magic as well? The Confessor is the one if you have a mindset like this. The 14 points in Faith will aid you in early healing, magical invisibility, defense, and other things. So, you have Faith, plus you get to use some interesting and slashing weapons as well like Urgent Heal, Assassin's Approach, Broadsword, Finger Seal, Blue Crest Heater Shield.

All this means that you can win the battles very easily. The thing that must be managed is game plan and strategy. Yes, you are right! Managing all powers at once is tough, but as you would play then you'd get used to it.


The Hero class requires gamers to be like real heroes! It gives you physical damage of 123 which can liberate you the leverage to play with your guards off. You can even try various spells of magic along with fighting skills so you can attack with all your strength. But with all these benefits you have a disadvantage as well. Due to all the arms that you carry and the heavy armor, you become a little slower than usual.

All in all, you can become the hero of Elden Ring game if you act reasonably in the game and use your powers wisely. Vigor, endurance, and the highest starting strength, then what else do you wish for from life. You can loot and track rare items pretty quickly with this class.


The class of Warrior is for those who are lion-hearted. You are open with some fantastic range of weapons, and there are fewer chances of defense because you don't have a shield. Instead, you have to fight bravely with swords in both hands. Due to this, Warrior class gamers have to be good at using swords and other weapons or else they might get killed easily.

You will likely enjoy lighter melee weapons, two scimitars, shields, bows and arrows, etc. You might be a facile target because of light armor, but if you'd learn some hopping and dodging tricks, then you can easily win the battles.


Your chance to track your attributes with the Elden Ring Test is all you want at this point. Let's see what you are into Magic, Weapons, Vigor, Strength…