Evertale Quiz – Which Evertale Character Are You?

Evertale Kin Quiz & Evertale Tier List

Life is all about challenges! They make you feel exhausted and it takes time to know whether we won them or lost! However, games are something that every human on earth (whether male or female) plays in order to ease their tensions and release stress. Plus, the games state the results instantly. If you win, your confidence lifts and you feel proud of yourself. Unfortunately, if you lose, you have the determination to win in the next try at any cost. This is the reason why we say that games are good for your mind and heart.

Today, we are to share what you all have been for sooo eagerly. Hold onto the gamer in you and click to enter the fantasy world of Evertale game with the “Evertale Quiz”. Revealing which Evertale character are you would be as much fun as playing the game itself, if you don’t trust us then check out the Evertale Trivia yourself!


There are many reasons why the Evertale game is famous and we are about to make you fall in love with this game very soon. The game has been designed as a blend of the most amazing games Final Fantasy and Pokemon. In Evertale, you need to catch and train monsters (as you do in Pokemon). Furthermore, you can avail yourself fun by completing tasks and quests in story mode which keeps you intact to the game. Other than that, Events and Real-time PvP help gamers to enjoy teamwork and can play with up to 8 members in a game. If you need more than the Side Quests would help you out in earning more points and money for buying weapons and accessories.

Evertale Quiz
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The best thing about the Evertale game is that you can play it on every device whether you have a phone, console, tablet, or PC. In a nutshell, the characters, story, weapons, and other elements are all that a gamer can ask for! Evertale would become more fun if you would know which Evertale character are you most like?


The Evertale game is set in the land of Erden. A world completely different from that of ours but one thing that makes it similar to ours is the sword of evilness hanging over the necks. The Pandemonium- an evil and cruel force set out to destroy Erden. In the game, history is repeating itself as the Pandemonium has tried all this almost a hundred years ago. Then, the notorious Crestbearers were able to halt the catastrophe but now, things are going out of control. Honestly, we think that it's in the same genre as Genshin Impact does.

There are two young heroes who are ready to fight the cruelty though their powers aren’t that polished. But, they believe in their instincts and can’t let anything happen to innocents and their beloved land. As a gamer, it is your responsibility and you need to fight every monster (almost 180 in count). You don’t need to kill the monsters, instead, catch and train them so that they aid you in your journey. But before anything, you must be thinking “Which Evertale character should I choose?” Relax! The Evertale Test would tell you.


There are six elements in the Evertale game and if you ask us which element is more powerful or which Evertale element suits you then read below to find out.


The element of water is powerful enough to get a hold on the circumstances especially if the enemy possesses the element of fire. So, you can guess how favorable the conditions would be when you face a dragon.


Fire is great if you need to knock down foes having wind as their element. Fire can easily blow out wind and it would all be your area in a matter of minutes.


Earth/Land/Plant are all names for this element. It is capable to turn out heavy storms facilely. However, the gamer must focus on the strategies while playing. This element can bring you immense powers but think wisely while employing it.


Storm is mightier than water and can easily knock down the one with it. But, the storm elements bearer must be good at handling the powers.


Dark allows the character to stand strong and unique in almost every way. It’s hard to fight someone with the dark element as their attacking and defense power is quite strong.


Light is the opposite of Dark and they are strong contenders when they come face to face. Their fight is worth watching but you must know whoever wins is more practiced because the benefits of having both these elements are quite similar.


Here is the “Evertale Tier List” in which all the greatest characters in the Evertale game have been ranked. Enjoy!

S Tier

  • Fornaxos (Light)
  • Endless Rizette (Dark)
  • Ludmilla (Light)
  • Norza (Storm)

A Tier

  • Rolotia (Earth)
  • Rizette (Water)
  • Elmina (Light)
  • Merdain (Dark)
  • Shirra (Earth)
  • Kirin (Light)

B Tier

  • Maxima (Fire)
  • Le Fay (Dark)
  • Finn (Storm)
  • Astrid (Water)
  • Artemeia (Light)
  • Akatsuki (Fire)

C Tier

  • Alice (Light)
  • Vesh (Earth)
  • Grenzor (Water)
  • Rashanar (Fire)
  • Nagi (Water)

D Tier

  • Rei (Water)
  • Oumei (Earth)
  • Orzachron (Storm)
  • Yuki (Water)


Which Evertale Character Are You?
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There are many characters that can help you in winning the Evertale game. However, there would be any ONE who would be perfect for you. Here, the most powerful characters of the Evertale game have been listed so make sure you know their strong and weak areas before you play the game.


If you are a beginner and wish to have a good and competitive character from the start then consider Rizette. She is a beautiful and attractive girl who belongs to Westcarte. Even if you don’t lose your heart on her almond eyes and hair, feminine armor, and the fierce determination on her face then you’d definitely think of her after looking at her price. Rizette is available to gamers at a very reasonable cost. And, we haven’t even shared her skills yet!

Rizette’s element is “Water” and is a master at sword fighting. This is the reason why she can effortlessly fight monsters and catch them for training. Moreover, no poison can kill her as she is poison resistant. Her sole purpose for fighting is to save her family, especially her younger brother Theo.


Krish are beautiful animals who can become a strong part of the team. Some gamers compare it with skunk but that is totally wrong. Krish does have a similar body but their alluring blue and white fur makes everyone wish they could be seen in real life.

Krish’s element is “Light” which elevates their status and need. Their forces when joined with other teammates then it becomes easier to fight Dark and other mighty elements. Krish combats with the hammer and are quite possessive about their dens.


Ludmilla is an amazing knight who is more powerful than many men in the game. Her royal blue hair, blazing red armor, and leadership qualities highlight her quite immensely. Ludmilla’s life revolves around training and fighting. She loves to be perfect and can go to any extent when it comes to winning fights. Ludmilla just lives a routine life where she focuses on her skills rather than any other activity.

Her element is “Water” and she can turn into an effective guardian as well. Ludmilla can save the team even if there are fewer chances.


Finn is the main hero in the game and is highlighted in most of the quests. It is always an honor to have him on the team. It is said that his father was one of the Crestbearers but no one has provided much information about this. Surprisingly, Finn doesn’t know about his father apart from all the stories of courage and bravery he has heard from his mother and other people in the village of Rossé.

His element “Storm” makes him quite influential as he can defeat other element bearers easily. You might not have observed this but the lightning and thunder effects elevate his influence* and appearance. Finn’s long think hair, emerald eyes, and long sword make him look more impressive.


Make sure you know about your Evertale character before someone asks you. Evertale Kin Quiz is here to save you from any embarrassment. And, don’t forget to share the results on social media like everyone else!