Fall Guys Quiz – How Well Do You Know Fall Guys Game?

How Well Do You Know Fall Guys Game Quiz

The cutie jelly beans can be more excruciating than any other thing in the world because you need to go 60 against 1 while nothing seems more pleasing than the crown. Are you getting confused? Oh, come on! We are talking about the Fall Guys game. If you have played then find out how well you know it with the Hardest ever Fall Guys Quiz. We would be keeping an eye on your score!

Fall Guys Quiz
Fall Guys - Epic Games


Fall Guys game was released in August 2020 and soon created a hike in sales because this apparently simple and kids looking game can make the palms of even the pro gamers sweat. Time, energy, and mind all are required if one wished to win the Fall Guys game. Well, the good news really was when recently, the game became free to play. So now, no one needs to think because Fall Guys is available on Epic Games for every console. While the best thing we like in Fall Guys is that it is a Battle Royale game so you can invite as many friends of yours as you wish. This is why we thought why not take a small memory and skill test of yours with the help of the Ultimate Fall Guys Test because not only you but also your game buddies can answer the quiz. Then, we’ll see who turns out to be the best!


Fall Guys might seem like a game for children but it’s very special indeed because of its vast social online gaming and various sub-games which never let anyone get bored. The competition and challenges run in the body like blood. Can you imagine how would it feel like competing against 60 players at a time? Everyone strives to be the last one standing and that is because whoever survives till the end gets the crown. This is always an extraordinary experience to be there as a winner in the end but turns out to be the most impossible job in the world because it is sixty against you (all alone)! But But But…

Things can be a little more sparking if you form a team with someone in the game. If you are lucky to have some good players by your side then there are greater chances of reaching the end, but still, you’ll have to fight your team in the end because only one player gets to win. Apart from winning, the characters can get more involved in Fall Guys by getting new costumes, nametags, single cosmetics, nameplates, patterns, faceplates, colors for their character, etc in order to look unique and cuter.

How Well Do You Know Fall Guys Game
Fall Guys - Epic Games


Hahaha, if we would really unveil how you can win Fall Guys then you will laugh out loud just like us! As a matter of fact, Fall Guys allows the gamer to only run, jump, and grab (That’s all!). So, you need to be wise while deciding what Fall Guys' skill to choose in which challenge. If you ask us which is the best Fall Guys technique then we’ll say focus! That is because every challenge is different from the other and so the only thing that can pull you out from them is focus and wit.

Just like Fall Guys, there is another game named Raft! If you have played it like a champ then let the world know by answering the Ultimate Raft Quiz. This way we all would check how well you know it!


Fall Guys game is famous for its updates because players get to have crossovers after every few months. Whether it is Cuphead and Mugman from the videogame Cuphead, Sonic the Hedgehog and later Knuckles from his franchise, P-Body from Portal 2, Godzilla from its franchise, Doomguy from the Doom series, Jacket from Hotline Miami, Scout from Team Fortress 2, both Ratchet and Clank from the Ratchet & Clank video game series, an Astronaut skin with an egg on its head from the game Among Us, Sackboy from Little Big Planet, Gordon Freeman from the Half-Life series, or Astro Bot from the Astro Bot games. All have been a part of this game in the form of jelly bean characters.


The Fall Guys Trivia awaits all those who have played Fall Guys. Let’s see who has the courage to answer the quiz while would be the “Chosen One” to get a 100% score in it!