Final Fantasy XV Quiz – Which FFXV Character Are You?

FFXV Personality Quiz & What Final Fantasy XV Character Am I?

Hello gamer! You know, we have some special psychic powers and with the help of them, we can see the spark of gaming in your eyes and the craze for Final Fantasy XV (FFXV). Since we both are kind of obsessed with FFXV then why don’t you also check which FFXV character are you most like? Oh no, you don’t know how to find out… It’s actually very easy! Just answer some exciting questions in the FFXV Game Quiz and you’ll know exactly what Final Fantasy XV character are you.

The franchise of Final Fantasy has furnished us all with some extraordinary games and indeed, most of the gamers have them all. No one can have an ideal collection of video games until they have Final Fantasy games in it. Just like the FF games are necessary on the shelf, similarly, knowing about your character; its skills, vitality in the story, powers, etc are also significant. So, are you ready to jump into the world of Final Fantasy with the FF Trivia Quiz?

Wait Wait! Have you played FFXV? You might not know much about the storyline, characters, or anything about it. No problem, let’s look into the story and characters of Final Fantasy XV before entering the FFXV Test.


The world of Final Fantasy entails another world where four empires rule every inch of land. The nations Niflheim, Lucis, Accordo, and Tenebrae were ruling the world peacefully but then things went a little against everyone. Accordo, the center of trading and business, Lucis is the heart for everyone as it possesses a crystal that has magical powers, and Niflheim and Tenebrae are notorious for the technological revolution.

While every nation is prospering, Niflheim is greedy to take over all the empires. They have been working on this for a long time and wish to take the magical crystal. Gradually, all the empires lose their territory one by one and now there’s no other way but to unite and fight. You know that our heroes are gallant and determined, we know that when you’d enter the game as them, then nobody would be able to bring you down! There is also The Ultimate Final Fantasy Trivia Quiz, if you are interested.

Which FFXV Character Are You?
Final Fantasy XV - Square Enix


How well do you know the characters in FFXV? Don’t worry, we have listed the best characters in Final Fantasy XV just for you. Have a look!

Noctis Lucis Caelum

Noctis is a young and smart boy. He never hesitates to say what he feels and being the son of the king of Lucis and an heir to the throne, he is wise and knowledgeable. The fact that every empire was in danger, Noctis had the notion of peace and treaties in mind and always tried to keep the empires united like his father. However, he knew that things have gone out of control and so left his land to fight evil.

Though Noctis is a kind-hearted boy but still he has great command over war tactics and is a great combatant. Whether you consider a fight with or without weapons, Noctis can easily win them all. He also has the power to manipulate the elements of the earth. This makes it easier to fight numerous enemies at once. Moreover, his father’s sword makes quite him invincible.

Gladiolus Amicitia

We can say that Gladiolus is the shield of Noctis. His family is the one that has been serving as the ones to protect the kingdom. The relationship between Noctis and Gladiolus has always been like brother and he has always worked as his commander. No matter where Noctis went, he never left him alone and his witty advice help Noctis every time.

The best advantage of Gladiolus is his mighty strength. It is quite impossible to defeat him because he is considered the most powerful character in the game for his muscle power. He also possesses magical powers like others but his most influential one is shockwaves. What if we ask you which Final Fantasy XV character do you kin in the FFXV Kin Quiz? Would you like it if you get “Gladiolus” as your result?

Ignis Scientia

Ignis is a character that we hardly find in any game. He has lost his eyes while fighting and is still passionate to defeat all enemies of the kingdom. Ignis is a fine-looking and decent man with ash brown hair, dark attire, and sunglasses (because of his eyes). Ignis basically belongs to the serving class of the Lucis empire and has been accompanying Noctis since his childhood years. He has the responsibility to not only protect Noctis with his fighting abilities but also to make sure he has good health and never astray from the righteous path.

Some of the most notable abilities of Ignis include his love for cooking and feeding. He never forgets to cook for Noctis no matter what the conditions are (even during a war). Moreover, he is the best strategist and can analyze situations very keenly which is why Noctis always has a friend, guide, and caretaker where ever he goes.

Prompto Argentum

Prompto is a character who is hard to understand. Well, it is hard to decide whether he is a human or a robot? He seems like a human with blonde hair and muscular body features. We have observed that he grew throughout the years (which depicts that he is a human), but the barcode on his wrist and the personal code printed on his body make us think that probably he is a robot.

No doubt that Prompto is an interesting character as he loves music, animals, machines, and is a bit flirtatious as well. Prompto is good at shooting and battling as can fight with almost every weapon. He is a great support in the game.


A true gamer never backs off from anything so hurry up and answer the FFXV Kin Test! Your fate awaits…