Fire Emblem Personality Test: Which Character Are You?

What Fire Emblem Character Are You Quiz

Hey, Gaming Apes! We are here again with another exciting game quiz. Curious to know what new have we designed? It’s the Fire Emblem Three Houses Quiz!!! Of course, we know that every veteran player must have played “Fire Emblem” since it is world-famous for the perils that are waiting out in it!

Which Fire Emblem house are you since there are three houses in the Fire Emblem game Byleth, Claude, and Edelgard while there are different races and classes in the game as well. Each one has its unique characteristics and abilities while every game has its own story and missions. Your job is to make your own team by training the allies (characters) so that they assist you in the missions. Let’s just get into Fire Emblem Warriors Quiz to turn you into a warrior in a few minutes!!!

The Best Characters of the Fire Emblem Series & Fire Emblem Quiz

Fire Emblem Three Houses Quiz
Fire Emblem: Three Houses Characters

Do you know there are more than 500 characters in the Fire Emblem game with which you can play? So read about the best characters in the game and answer the Fire Emblem Series Quiz to find out what Fire Emblem Three Houses character are you?


She belongs to the “Golden Deer” class. She is petite and pretty with her white hair and baby pink eyes. Along with looks, her brain works quite well and players enjoy playing with Lysithea as she possesses strong powers which can be leveled up with Magic and Faith. Make sure you work on both things while playing as Lysithea. One more thing! She loves to eat sweets!!!


Another talented and beautiful girl in the Fire Emblem game and a member of “Blue Lions”. Trust us, everybody must have Mercedes in the team because of her abilities as a healer. She can heal the whole unit alone and has been portrayed as a sweet and empathetic girl. Moreover, she takes interest in religion so if you are interested in this character then work on Faith and Bows.


Yes, that’s what we are talking about! Dimitri’s powers can be estimated with the thing that he is the group leader of “Blue Lions”. If the team members are that much capable then just try to think how would be their leader!!! His defense and growth abilities are finer than many while one of its reason is that he is a crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. He fights best with weapons like Wo Dao and Killer Lance.


If you are in search of the best archer to recruit in your team then go for Shamir! Thinking why? Because she is the finest sniper and archer in the Fire Emblem game. She works for the Church of Seiros as a knight. Yes, this girl is a knight! Shamir has a different personality compared to others as she fights and doesn’t react to damages much. However, her defense is weak so make sure you keep some team members with her.


There is always at least one character in every game that provides humor to the players and in the Fire Emblem game, it is Sylvain. He has tangy orange color hair, a good-looking face, and a handsome body.  Well, what else does a guy want? Sylvain loves to be with girls and can be found flirting with girls in the game and if he has a girl in his team then his powers increase by +2 and even gives damage of +2. Enemies might take him easy but he is more intelligent and efficient than you can imagine so he can be the death guarantee for the enemies!


Leonie is a really young girl but don’t think that she wouldn’t be useful in the game because she is extremely skilled at fighting with different weapons like lance, bow, and arrow. Leonie’s skill doubles by 2 if she has Sylvain in the team. Yes yes, you guessed it right! She enjoys the attention of boys. Her abilities can only be earned if you would concentrate on Lance and Strength.


Hilda is a long-haired girl with a tomahawk. She is a stubborn and vigorous character and is a little tricky to handle because her abilities aren’t very flexible. Moreover, Hilda is sluggish in nature and doesn’t like to work and help others much but she actively takes interest in fashion and style. Her rank in the game is B+. Hilda’s strength lies in speed and charm.


The member of “Golden Deer”, Marianne is a sophisticated girl with blue hair tied into a bun. Her introverted and timid nature has been showcased clearly in the game and she doesn’t speak much but is modest and cultural to the roots. Marianne enjoys a B+ rank and is impeccable in Riding and she is a great fighter as well. If you wish to keep some characters for defense then Marianne is a good option.


If you wish to earn Lorenz then focus on Charm and Charisma because he outcasts most of the characters in riding and magic. He is also a crown prince of the County of Gloucester and due to this, he has a personality distinct from others. He is a bit materialistic and at times becomes a little arrogant as well. On the other hand, he is very responsible and keeps keen eyes on his team members.


Petra belongs to the “Black Eagle” class, though she is from a reputed and noble family but disregards all sorts of class differences. She is notorious in the game for her luck, speed, strength, and proficiencies while if she is left with half health then her abilities of attack become more intense and she easily finishes the enemy. Hey! What Fire Emblem class are you? If you have no idea then answer the quiz to find out.

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Fire Emblem - Which Character Are You Quiz

Which Fire Emblem awakening character are you? If you really wish to find out then take the Fire Emblem Quiz right now!