Gaming YouTuber Quiz- Which Gaming YouTuber Are You?

Which Gaming YouTuber Are You Quiz

You are ready to be a “Gaming YouTuber” but there is still something that you must do if you want to be famous. Answer the Gaming YouTuber Quiz and check out which famous gaming YouTuber are you most like? For success, someone needs to guide you, right???

There are many gaming YouTubers out there but do you know why many of them aren’t receiving many views and why their channels are at a stagnant position? Well, there are many reasons but the most important thing is that they don’t know “How to make a gaming YouTube channel famous?” Today, we are not only going to give you the best tips for making your YouTube channel No. 1 but will also guide you on which best gaming YouTuber lives inside you! So, are you ready for this informative and thrilling quest to become famous? Then, gear up!

Gaming YouTuber Quiz
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Be Unique, Don’t Forget Your Style!

Remember, never to follow the style of anyone else! Even though you idolize someone extremely popular or loved, still, “Don’t ever copy anyone!” Your unique style of playing, your performance, and your voice are what would attract viewers. If you’d imitate anyone then it won’t be your win instead you’d lose and everyone would tag bad comments about you which can be devastating for your career as a YouTuber.

Keep Updating…

Keep on adding more and more content. Never stop making videos because it might take days, weeks, months, or even years for your channel to become prominent. But, never lose hope and never give up on yourself because one day everyone would know your worth.

Create Novel Content

Don’t go for things that have already made their place on the internet. If you’d make what is already famous then no one would watch yours. Create new things every day and maintain innovation which can help you rise above all.

Have Patience

Never be in hurry! Things take time and you can’t become notorious overnight. There are very few people who gain success in an intimidating time, you might be one or not. But, you need to be patient when you are in the business of YouTube.

Do What You Enjoy!

Whether it is about a gaming channel or any other, you must follow what you enjoy! If we specifically discuss gaming here then go for the genre of gaming that you like and have an interest in. Play what you enjoy and pick levels that thrill you. Never opt for something that is popular but bores you because this wouldn’t give you any benefits.

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Watch the gaming YouTubers that are popular, diligent, and (especially) never try to gain views by employing irrelevant content or acts. But stay vigilant on the latest updates and follow those whom you idolize.


Your wish has been granted as below we have for you the all-time best Gaming YouTubers.

Which Gaming YouTuber Are You
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PewDiePie has been the face of gaming YouTubers for more than 9 years. He has been consistently on top. Do you know the reason? PewDiePie shares 1-2 videos daily with highly competitive thumbnails and click baits. He never had an interest in money but his gaming sense and passion attracted money (now he’s rolling in it!). If you are like PewDiePie then you’d never go after money, all you’ll do is make gaming epic. Insist on innovation and make the world yours with your ideal style, diligence, and variations. You never are scared of experimenting and this is the best thing about you.



Jimmy Donaldson also known as the dearest MrBeast is every gamer’s idol because of his success and over-the-board love by his viewers. MrBeast’s fame is all because of his interest in being a YouTuber and specifically in the field of gaming. Donaldson knew exactly what he wanted- JUST GAMES! He began making videos that were not only related to games but also fun to watch because of all the comedic thrill and satire. If you think you are MrBeast then you are a determined gamer, one who’d never step back. You are an all-in-one package so never lose that!



Markiplier knows how he should work as a gamer and compete with his fellow rivals. It feels that he always has a plan in mind when he’s making the videos. Markiplier plays with his heart and never budges on criticism, instead, he keeps on doing what he’s good at. He is often seen partnering with various brands which brings him more views and of course, dollars! Markiplier’s millions of subscribers are his achievement. You are pretty much like Markiplier because you know exactly how to make the most out of opportunities. Your charisma and enthusiasm are what makes your struggle worth it so never stop.



With billions of views and millions of subscribers, Jacksepticeye is a gaming YouTuber who brings forward content that is not only related to games, consoles, characters, etc but, he also includes content related to his life and they also inculcate problems that the generation nowadays encounter. Jacksepticeye is considered the coolest because we believe he’s like you! He’s calm, eccentric, flaunty, courageous, and has a great innovative mind. He just puts his efforts and success knocks on his doorstep!



It’s your big chance to be the most viewed YouTuber in the world so don’t miss the Gaming YouTuber Test and trace what Gaming YouTuber are you?