Geneforge Test – How Well Do You Know Geneforge?

How Well Do You Know Geneforge Quiz

You have played Geneforge but the question here is how well do you know Geneforge video game? If you think there is no one better than you in the Geneforge game then hop into the ultimate Geneforge Test and let the world see how good are you in it!

Geneforge Test
Geneforge - Spiderweb Software


The reason why the Geneforge Test is getting viral is that the quiz helps players to know whether they are really champions of Geneforge or they just thought this way! The quiz contains 20 questions and all are related to the Geneforge game. So, if you have really played it and mastered as well then we think you should at least score 90% and rub it on the faces of others, or else… You would be considered a newbie!

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If you have just started to play Geneforge and still want to take the Geneforge trivia and gain some popularity among your gaming friends then go ahead! We have prepared the simplest guide to the Geneforge game with the help of which you can play in a better way and score higher than others in the Geneforge trivia.

Story Of Geneforge

The plot of Geneforge is simple and straight though the gameplay is quite challenging. Everything starts when the player creates a character and after that is sent as an apprentice to learn the skills of a Shaper. These are special wizards which have great power in themselves. Once the training is done, the character sets on a journey because nothing can be learned until experienced is gained.

On the way, a mysterious island can be seen which has a restricted area and is barred. Just while you think that some forces might be willing to take over the place, they capture you! As soon as you open your eyes again, you can see that your health has been drained and you are severely wounded. After great efforts, you’ll get free and your mission would be to get out of Sucia Island alive and kill the enemies who are working against Shapers on this island. Plus, there is something that the character must save, or else the existence of all Shapers would be in danger.

On the island, Trajkov is an NPC who controls a device known as Geneforge. This device can help alter the DNA of its user and can enable him/her to be the strongest and most powerful being in the world. Trajkov has activated it and now it’s up to you to take it and flee.

Gameplay Of Geneforge Game

The game initiates when you (the player) would create a character for yourself as there are no ready-to-play characters available. As mentioned in the story above, there is no way but to fight. You must keep your eyes open and explore the huge map containing 77 diverse areas with different terrain. Basically, you need to find a way out of Sucia Island and that’s only possible when you look around. Keep in mind that on your way, you would also have to say hello to many enemies and have to kill them in order to continue your journey.

How Well Do You Know Geneforge
Geneforge - Spiderweb Software

You would be given certain tasks which would get you to skill points. These would aid you in reaching higher levels and getting hold of the best 15 abilities available in the game. Here is a tip! Look out for canisters as those would give you skills. Being a wizard, the character would cast spells and create creatures for assistance in fights and Essence is the key to it. A total of 18 creations can be made in the game so it is easy for everyone to try. Make sure your Essence is refilled because everything depends on it and it reduces with every move you make. Fight enemies and end their life or else they would run away to save themselves. Yes, enemies would retreat if you give them high damage but do not kill them. Once they are dead, you can continue with your loot and collect items from them.

This and much more can be experienced in Geneforge but it isn’t fun enough to read so, play it yourself!

Classes In Geneforge Game

Though you can’t pick a character for yourself but at least you can choose the best Geneforge class for your character.


If you are thinking about what Geneforge class to choose then maybe Guardian would be a good option for you because they are aggressive, responsible, and clever at creation skills! But, they do not have a great affection towards magic and rely on their shoulders because Guardians are excellent at fighting and combating.


Agents are pretty good in magic and battling but, one needs to be very careful while picking. We know spellcasting is easy for them but they have a hard time in creation which can be integral in the game. So, pick Agents as your class if you aren’t really interested in creation.


Shapers are also known as “Summoners.” Well, this class is poor at hand-to-hand fighting but that can be complemented by their skill of creation. There is nothing that can beat their creation because this class possesses its own Essence hence magic becomes handy.


The hardest ever Geneforge Quiz is ready to blow off your mind. Click the START button if only you dare to step into a challenge like it or else, stay away! But we can sense that you are smart and brave so we have high expectations from you.