Ghost Of Tsushima Quiz – Which GOT Character Are You?

Which Ghost Of Tsushima Character Are You Quiz

Being in a battle of history, the Ghost Of Tsushima game takes us all into a world where we forget our real identity! But do you know what Ghost Of Tsushima character are you in the game? If not, then you are committing a sin. Hurry up and answer the Best Ever “Ghost Of Tsushima Quiz” to find your true self in this game!

Ghost Of Tsushima Quiz
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It is of no surprise that Ghost Of Tsushima has been nominated as one of the best games of the decade. No matter what you count like the realistic graphics, 25 hours of main story gameplay (excluding side-quests), powerful weapons, art, characters, creativity, etc everything is just spot on! It has all the elements that a gamer expects from a likable game.


The gameplay of Ghost Of Tsushima is unique and intriguing. The game opens with a back story where Japan exhibits its culture while samurais protect its sovereignty. However, one day, a Mongol fleet attacks the Japanese island of Tsushima and the forces are led by Khotun Khan. In order to save the state, Lord Jin Sakai and his uncle Lord Shimura fight face to face with the forces of Khotun Khan along with other samurais but that wasn’t enough as all of the samurais were killed, even Lord Shimura while Jin Sakai is in the worst wounded condition. Tsushima has been invaded but Yuna saves Jin and they both flee to other places to form a force better and stronger not only to stop Mongols from spreading their wings in Japan but for getting back to Tsushima as well. Gamers play as Jin Sakai but on the go, you’d find many characters who help you or harm you. So, beware in this open-world game and take the Ghost Of Tsushima Test if you really need to find which Ghost Of Tsushima character are you with 100% authentic results.

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Why don’t you get familiar with the best characters in the Ghost Of Tsushima game? This would help you in making your decisions in the game and relate with the results of Ghost Of Tsushima Trivia too!

Which GOT Character Are You
Ghost Of Tsushima Characters - Sony Interactive Entertainment


You’d find a great and loyal friend in the face of a Buddhist warrior monk named Norio. He is the guardian of the Cedar Temples and others. It is his responsibility to save the temples because Mongols have been trying every now and then to destruct them and many of the monks have been killed in these fights. Whenever a mink is captivated by Mongols they cruelly torture them and leave them to die between animals. This is why Norio seeks revenge before he and the other ones are left to receive this as their fate. Norio gets along with Jin very well and fights like a true man. He is a little too destructive when it comes to killing his foes but that’s the anger filled in him.

Norio - Ghost Of Tsushima


Belonging to a mere peasant family, Yuna turned out to be a great revolutionary character in the game. She is insanely selfish at the start of the game but as the game proceeds, Yuna realizes that saving her own self and family won’t be beneficial to her. Basically, Yuna is a character who has faced the worst childhood because of her alcoholic mother and careless father. Since childhood, she had been taking care of her brother Taka and only wants to save him this time as well. While helping Jin with his wounds, she gives a new sense of life to him and accompanies him on the journey to save Tsushima and the whole of Japan from the claws of the Mongols.

Yuna - Ghost Of Tsushima


Most gamers consider Taka their best friends and we can prove this fact! There is no one more skilled in the line than Taka as he is a blacksmith. He can create anything you want in a matter of minutes. His skills are notorious and this is why Jin asks him to make the hook and armor. Other than his need in the team, Taka is a really sweet man who has zero greed and lust in himself. This is why Jin counts him as his most loyal and faithful partner. Don’t forget that he is the younger brother of Yuna making him a vital one in the story. If you have played the game then you’d know how important is he in making the story more complex and heart-touching.

Taka - Ghost Of Tsushima


It’s always hard to think who would turn out to be a friend or fiend. The same happened with Jin when he trusted a partner of his childhood Ryuzo. When Ryuzo went for the samurai training both the boys were set apart and after that, Ryuzo became the leader of the Ronin Straw Hats group. Jin wanted to join hands with Ryuzo’s group and he even accepted the offer but ended up being with the Mongols just for the sake of food. He ditched Jin when he needed help the most. Well, this has a back story too! Ryuzo always wanted to be the leader of all in Tsushima but always heard praises of Jin which gathered lava of hatred in him. This made him betray his own partner but helped Jin to realize that he has to stand independent rather than seek help from such cowards and greed-stricken humans.

Ryuzo - Ghost Of Tsushima

If you are thinking about what Ghost Of Tsushima character to choose then don’t! The only playable character in the game is Jin but, the above-mentioned characters would help you to differentiate between a friend and foe.


Let’s not wait anymore! Take the Ghost Of Tsushima Kin Quiz because not only you are eager to know about your character but the whole gaming community is. So, get along and click the START button below!