Ghost Recon Breakpoint Quiz – Which GRB Character Are You?

Which Ghost Recon Breakpoint Character Are You Quiz

The war is on the verge and no one can quit the battle now! Are you ready to find out which Ghost Recon Breakpoint character are you with the most famous and viral Ghost Recon Breakpoint Quiz? Everyone should check their character in the game because only this way you can play in full swing!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint
Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Ubisoft


There are many reasons due to which this game is hyped and one of them is being the eleventh installment in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon. Everyone expected so much from this game and it turned out to be just perfect. The story, classes, characters, and gameplay everything stirs up the magic. Let’s give you some important details you must know about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint game.

Story Of Ghost Recon Breakpoint Game

The story takes place in a scenic and a most ordinary looking place called Aurora or World 2.0. Well, everything paces up when you pick a character and get the mission in which you have to venture Aurora. Basically, Aurora belongs to Jace Skell. He owns a notorious tech company that works on chips and other things which mechanize everything. He wants to build an ideal place in Aurora and has named it 2.0 in order to make it heaven by using technology. But, a few things are turning fishy there and so you need to investigate and fight according to the situation.

However, there is a twist in the plot which involves another name i.e. former Ghost Lieutenant Colonel Cole D. Walker. He is the main villain in the story because he wishes to teach the US government a lesson. Walker wants the military and government to be more thoughtful about people and their lives rather than war. So the things are against you and his evil mind working in Aurora.

Gameplay In Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a tactical shooting game and you (as a character) belong to a special unit in the US forces. So, you are trained for such moments and can’t let down; neither people nor the force! Out of the four classes, you can pick any according to your skills and begin the ventures with weapons and allies. All the best, survive, craft, fight, and kill the enemies. And try not to die!


We know you are thinking about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Test but not so soon. Why don’t you try the read about the characters in it first?

Which GRB Character Are You
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Characters - Ubisoft


Midas is a great fellow because he is loyal and tough plus, he has the best and heaviest weapons in the game. This is why everyone wants Midas because with him the game can turn upside down. Don’t expect that he’ll laugh or make jokes because he is strict and very aggressive. All he knows is how to fight and plan it out; nothing else.

Midas - Ghost Recon Breakpoint


His real name is Master Sergeant Coray Ward and keep in mind that the sniper rifle is his loved weapon. He is educated, trained, and very swift in his work. Weaver attacks like a lion who never shows itself before leaping over its prey. He’ll defeat his enemies and they won’t even know.

Weaver - Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Scott Mitchell

We know how much you want to be like Mitchell but nothing can be done unless you answer the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Kin Quiz. Anyhow, this man has fought many wars and is now experienced enough to lead. His matchless faith and techniques are what make him rise on our list. Who wouldn’t like to be Mitchell, he’s just perfect! He is good at his work and knows how important it is easy to lighten the mood with some jokes and all.

Scott Mitchell
Scott Mitchell - Ghost Recon Breakpoint


She isn’t actually Fury, her real name is Kim Hernandez. What is it that this girl can’t do? Boxing, martial arts, and other things all are in her veins and so all should always stay at a safe distance from Fury. Her survival skills are better than all and are very perfect for managing in the worst situations. Even though she apparently is like a tomboy but is still very pretty!

Fury - Ghost Recon Breakpoint

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Look there are four classes in Ghost Recon Breakpoint and more are being made. Hence, you need to pick one out of the four. Make sure you choose the right one after reading about them below.

Field Medic

Thinking about this? Very good but think hard because it can boost your health and can cover up the damage but can’t fight very well. The Healing Drone and Medkit can be very impressive in keeping the character alive. Just take it as a doctor who can treat but can’t fight much.


Killing, Destruction, and Devastation are all synonymous with Assault class. It’s all about defeating the enemies in the cruelest way whether far or near. True Grit and Gas Grenade are its special item whereas weapon choice can be made easily in its vast options.


If you want to be smooth and don’t want to be a beast then the option of panther class can be ideal for you. It doesn’t matter how you plan, just make sure you are quiet and adjust with Cloak & Run and Cloaking Spray because once you get done with them, things like speed and stealth would be in your hands.


As the name says, you won’t have to go near the opponents and can easily bring down all those who are trying to kill you. With your sniper gun, Armor Buster, and Sensor Launcher you don’t worry about anything. Just stay behind and kill all by never entering the zone yourself!


You are missing everything out! Come on, just hop into the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Trivia and figure out which Ghost Recon Breakpoint character are you most like once and for all. There is no stopping because the game awaits you!