Gran Turismo Quiz – How Well Do You Know Gran Turismo Games?

Gran Turismo Knowledge Quiz

No matter what the age is but we know that everybody is a fan of the Gran Turismo games. We have heard that you think you know everything about Gran Turismo games! Well, if that’s true then answer the hardest Gran Turismo Quiz and prove you are capable to be crowned as the best player of Gran Turismo. Don’t worry if you are considering what the test would ask. Our quiz contains in-depth questions related to the game and at the end, you’d know how much you know about Gran Turismo games.

Are you ready to roll into the greatest Gran Turismo Trivia? Let’s get started…

Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo - Sony Interactive Entertainment


Gran Turismo games aren’t the ones that got released now or a year ago. This franchise released its first game in 1992. It was the undaunted efforts of Kazunori Yamauchi and fourteen others that led to making the GT series a reality. There is no doubt in the fact that maybe we call 3D graphics and fine visuals common in the latest games but in the early 90s it was really a miracle. The game had set the bar for racing and simulation games on the top and everybody wanted to play it. This is why more than 85 million units were sold with its release which made it the best hit of racing games.


Nah! If you have Xbox or Nintendo Switch then sorry gamer the Gran Turismo games aren’t for you. The Gran Turismo games are made for PlayStation consoles and the effects and experience that you get while playing with PlayStation are really matchless.


There are so many Gran Turismo games but let’s discuss the “4 Top-Rated Gran Turismo Games!”

How Well Do You Know Gran Turismo Games?
Gran Turismo Games - Sony Interactive Entertainment

Gran Turismo 2

The success of Gran Turismo 2 lies in the secret of expansion. The game took a big step and launched around 600 cars, 27 tracks, and the hardest challenges. These missions not only dare the players but also gave new variations and cars to complete them.

Gran Turismo 7

Gran Turismo 7 came to the top because the company wanted to make single-player gaming more thrilling and attractive. It’s not about competition with others but it’s you against yourself and you can achieve as much as you can manage in this one.

Gran Turismo 4

What more do you want if you have a long list of 80 manufacturers to choose from? The cars reach up to the point that you can hardly buy each of them as the list is almost never-ending while the routes and maps are over the course and massive.

Gran Turismo

How can we all forget the classic turn where racing games actually got the identification of a separate genre? It was Gran Turismo (the first game) that made record success with its sales. Though the number of cars and maps wasn’t that extensive but still, the missions outclassed even the most commendable players.


How well do you know Gran Turismo cars? There are infinite cars in all games of the GT series but we are thinking why not let you know about the fastest and most successful cars in Gran Turismo 7. But, don’t tell anyone as it’s our secret! This list can help you to decide what Gran Turismo 7 to choose at various levels?

Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT

If you can afford it then the most epic car in the game is the hands-down Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT. No other car can beat its 2,586 horsepower, style, color, 7,000 cc engine, and unimaginable speed. But, even before you look at it, make sure you are rich enough to have 1,000,000 credits, or else your heart would cry out for it. It’s not a car, it’s the king of all and only the best players can have it!

Audi Sport Quattro S1 Pikes Peak '87

If you are in the mood for rallying then what can be better than having an Audi Sport Quattro S1 Pikes Peak '87. It’s tough, speedy, comfortable on dirt-based tracks, and stylish. When you would enter the racecourse with this one then no one would have the courage to challenge you. The car is made to compete rather than showcase so it's better to use it for its main purpose.

Bugatti VGT Gr.1

When we are to talk about ostentatiousness and class then better if you consider Bugatti VGT Gr.1. It’s simply majestic and would make you its proud owner at the expense of 1,000,000 credits. Well, the price is big but so is the epic performance with 1,626 horsepower. The curved body, marvelous engine, and showy colors are something that one should only use for showoff as such a baby isn’t made to damage. Have you ever checked out the American Truck Simulator Quiz, if not then you are missing a great chance!



Unfortunately, if you receive 0% in your result this would mean you know absolutely nothing about the GT series at all. Sorry!


Hmm, you have to do more and your performance needs more experience. Try the quiz again after a month probably you’d get better results.


Well, the ones who get this result are bright stars but if you are eager to be the brightest then work harder.


Woah! History hardly ever recognizes amazing players like you. All hail the GT Series Champion!


If you are thinking that you are a GT champ then we challenge you with the Nerve-Wrecking Gran Turismo Test. Your performance would speak how much do you know about Gran Turismo? The Game is On!