Griftlands Quiz – Which Griftlands Character Are You?

Which Griftlands Character Should You Choose Quiz

You are obsessed with the Griftlands game but choosing your character in it always gives you a tough time. Try the Updated Griftlands Quiz for this because it can find out which Griftlands character are you within minutes. It’s authentic and super fun so don’t miss it at all!

Griftlands Quiz
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The game is based on roleplaying and every player needs to select one player from the given options of Smith, Sal, and Rook. All of them have their own capabilities which are match-winning. In the game, nothing is sane as Griftlands takes place where everything is different and more modernized from now. The players need to focus on many things but the most important one is finding and stocking cards because the more powerful cards you have, the more chances of your win elevate. There are two ways of handling an enemy. Either you defeat them with the band of cards that are specific for combating or you can have some chit-chat with them and try to negotiate with them by employing the conversation cards. Things can go both ways but here, your competence matters the most.

You need to explore, win the quests, and complete the missions offered. However apart from certain missions, if you die then don’t think you’d get to be where you left off because everything would change and even your strategy to be there would be altered. Remember, whichever character you would select, it would have its personal story arcs and missions so keep a close eye on what you choose and this is why thinking about what Griftlands character are you can be quite unnerving for you!


Let’s examine the characters in Griftlands deeply before the Griftlands Trivia because losing the game isn’t an option at all…

Which Griftlands Character Are
Griftlands Characters - Klei Entertainment

Sal Fallon

Sal is a Bounty Hunter and his story takes the player to Murder Bay a city in which lies his arch-enemy, Kashio. Now, Sal has turned into an unbeatable beast but when she was a kid, Kashio made her a slave, and those regrettable moments still live in her subconscious. Sal can do anything to kill him. After all ten years, this woman is impatient to take the life that caused her pain and with her twin daggers, no one is able to halt her motion to success. But, Kashio isn’t an easy target as he has turned into a mighty mafia leader and there are many who protect him. However, the deck of cards that you can employ during fights includes Sal's Daggers, Feint, Stab, Elbow Strike, and Fight Dirty. Keep in mind that Sal is more oppressive when it comes to negotiations and her ego doesn’t budge but these cards can help: Sal's Instincts, Deflection, Fast Talk, Threaten, and Quick Thinking in combos.

Sal Fallon
Sal Fallon - Griftlands


Rook’s character is pretty fun and interesting. In the land of Grout Bog, there are two influential factions; Spark Barons and the Rise. On one hand, Spark Barons is oppressing many humans to work for them in finding something that is priceless. In this remote area, there are many problems faced by the workers and especially the attitude of the people of Spark Barons. Hence, they form an alliance by the name Rise. Both the factions are pretty aggressive and so Rook would play as a double agent for both of them. His mission is to find a device. The device is somewhere in Bog and he doesn’t know if anyone found it or if it’s still beneath the surface. He needs strong conversational and fighting skills for this. Rook’s combative deck of cards includes Hunker Down, Crank, Blast, Kick, Hair Trigger, and Ammo Pouch. While the negotiation cards are Call it, Rationale, Pleasantries, Grumble, and Trickery.

Rook - Griftlands


Do you know what they call Smith? "Colossal Walking Disaster." Smith is an alien-like creature in the game who belongs to Kra'deshi. He has been greatly affected since the time when he was disowned by his family. The Cult of Hesh brought disaster with themselves but everybody blamed Smith for it. Consequently, he turned towards the enemies because he wanted to be the one who could prove to be a strengthened part of the family rather than a black sheep. Smith then takes up his siblings turn by turn and spreads his evilness like a parasite. His mission is to scatter all and to become the sole power. Towards the end, if you choose Smith then you’d have a choice whether to kill all the siblings or reconcile with them. But he will kill his main enemy Vixmalli who would be the last villain in the story. His combative deck consists of Bash, Toughen Up, Dropkick, Smith's Flask, and Smith's Arsenal while the negotiation one contains Name Drop, Bully, Bewilder, Brag, and Nepotism.

Smith - Griftlands

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After you would answer the Griftlands Test, you’d never think before playing because once it gets revealed which Griftlands character are you most like than playing Griftlands would become more exhilarating!