GTA V Personality Test: Which Grand Theft Auto character are you?

Which GTA V Character Am I Quiz

The preposterously notorious game ‘Grand Theft Auto’ has won the hearts of gamers no matter to which age group they belong. One of the reasons why GTA has remained everyone’s hot favourite is that the story and tasks of the game take place in a modern city Los Santos designed just like the modern cities today. This connects the gamers with reality and so they enjoy playing and completing the tasks and challenges.

Among many versions of this game, GTA V has been esteemed the most. GTA V takes around 30-40 hours of gaming in which the three criminals are involved in crimes like heists, killings, and arms business; however, the three need to complete many tasks to earn money without dying. But the question is which Grand Theft Auto V character are you? Don’t tell us that you don’t know! Oh well, then answer the GTA V Personality Test to find out!!!!


GTA V Personality Quiz
Grand Theft Auto V Main Characters - Rockstar Games

All three playable characters Franklin, Trevor, and Michael race against time providing a thrilling adventure for gamers at home as they have to deal with mafias, high-speed vehicles, insane missions, and of course saving themselves from cops and their rivals. So, let’s dig some more information about them before answering the What GTA V Character Are You Quiz.

Franklin Clinton

Franklin is one of the protagonists in GTA V. He is a dark-toned muscular man who left his hometown where he was involved previously in drug dealing and vehicle repossession, but now he has come to Los Santos to take a few tasks that would make him a millionaire. Basically, Los Santos is a place full of rich people and Franklin wishes to try his luck here. Which GTA V character would date you?

Initially, Franklin worked for the Armenian luxury car dealership and helped them to deal with people who didn’t pay him for the cars while one day he meets Michael De Santa and he makes his bond with Michael and Trevor. Franklin is the youngest among all and has been given a casual and cool attire of a blue shirt, white long-sleeve t-shirt, denim, and boots. Franklin can be seen with his dog Chop (a Rottweiler) though it belongs to Lamar but lives with Franklin. Chop is loyal, friendly, but furious for Franklin’s enemies and it is also a playable character in GTA V.

The special ability of Franklin is that he is an exceptionally talented driver and his age and muscles provide him the advantage to do the tasks that others can’t. Moreover, he can also manipulate time by slowing it down but this ability can only be employed when he is driving a vehicle. Franklin appears in GTA V missions like ‘Franklin and Lamar’, ‘Repossession’, ‘The Long Stretch’, ‘The Hotel Assassination’, ‘The Multi Target Assassination’, and others.

Trevor Philips

The half-bald man Trevor Philips even seems fierce and aggressive from his facial expressions and he is violent, straightforward, psycho, and most of the time destructive as well. Though, Trevor was linked with armed forces and was a pilot but probably got licked out due to his arrogant and irrational behavior. Trevor belongs to Canada but he has been in Los Santos to continue his illegal businesses like drug dealing, gun running, weapon smuggling, and armed robbery.

He has many tattoos but one at the neck depicts that he quite fearless as it states ‘Cut Here’ while at knuckles the tattoo is ‘Fuck You’; moreover, he has many cuts over his face. His appearance is also not very formal as he wears a dirty V-neck T-shirt, sweat pants, and brown boots. We won’t suggest that the gamers should go over his looks as he might be the best character of GTA V because he is a brilliant pilot and can even fly a helicopter that is useful in many missions.

Trevor’s special ability is truly amazing as he can give great damage to his enemies and if the power is stored then he can easily absorb damage and doesn’t die as he can manage the damage of guns and hits, while his combating skills also make him one of the best characters and you have only one way to find out if you are Trevor or not, the Grand Theft Auto V Quiz.

Michael De Santa

Living a life of his dreams, Michael De Santa left the world of crime after he robbed a bank victoriously. Michael was a criminal but afterward left crimes when he thought he had made a fortune for his life and came to Los Santos changing the family name from Townley to De Santa. However, things turned out to be messed up and his wife Amanda ended up spending most of the money while the kids weren’t in a good position as well. As a consequence, Michael had to join his friends again in order to make money for his family again. Michael also loves playing with his console, what about you? Take our Game Consoles Personality Test now!

Even the appearance of Michael is fine and rich-looking with his grey suit, well-made hair, or casual polo shirts. Michael gets a hard time running and fighting as he had taken a break from all sorts of criminal activities. The only thing in him that works like before is his brain that makes him a genius strategist and leader but when comes to hand-to-hand combating then no one should count on him much; whereas, his special ability is known as ‘Area Kill’. Through this, Michael gets the advantage in the shootouts as he can slow down the pace of time and targets his enemies, and even shoots accurately. Gamers can play as Michael in GTA V whereas, in the missions like ‘The Jewel Store Shop’, ‘Dead Man Walking’, and ‘Legal Trouble’.


GTA V Online quiz
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The gamers have the advantage that they can switch the players during the game but what is the fun if you don’t know which GTA V character are you? So, it’s high time that you take the GTA V Personality Quiz.