Hearts of Iron IV Quiz: How much do you know about HOI 4?

HOI4 Quiz for True Commanders

One of the most famous war strategy games “Hearts of Iron IV” isn’t easy to crack as you get to control a whole nation ranging from its production of equipment, war tactics, politics, and much much more! Do you think you can handle your nation appropriately in the game? Well, then try to crack our Hearts of Iron Trivia Quiz!

It’s not as easy as you think and the score depends on how much do you know about Hearts of Iron IV? You can only achieve a high score if you are a pro player of Hearts of Iron IV. Seems like you are a beginner in the Hearts of Iron IV game then let us guide you about the basic things before you enter our HOI4 Quiz…


HOI4 Quiz
Hearts of Iron IV - Paradox

Here, you are about to know all the major things about the game so buckle up yourself for this journey to WW2 and back!!!

Options For Players

First of all, the developers of Hearts of Iron IV “Paradox Development Studios” have made the game more exciting as you can play it alone with its single-player option. In the single-player mode, the player chooses one nation for himself while the server of the game controls all other nations.

What if you wish to play the game with your friends? Well, no problem, play it with your friends in the multiplayer modes. 32 players can enjoy the game at once while the nature of it can be both, cooperative and competitive. The game also furnishes the players with options of difficulty whether they need to play it easy or the hard way!!!

On the other hand, the players also have the option to reload their previous game that they couldn’t finish though it is multiplayer or single-player while the players can start a new game whenever they wish…

What’s The Hearts Of Iron IV Game About?

Hmm, a very good question! The Hearts of Iron game IV is all about World War 2. The game scenes and settings revolve around the years 1936-1939 (the original war periods). The graphics make it look so real that you would need the heart of “iron” to lead your nation.

Once you select a nation for yourself, then you become their leader and all the things come into your hands whether it is the economy or war! Before entering the war you need to make your country ready for it and plan accordingly. Here is a tip for beginners! Try to plan out the things about production of things, diplomacy, and politics for alliances, and do some research about your enemies before initiating the war.

Nations In Hearts Of Iron IV Game

The players need to select a nation before they enter the game, as same as in the Civilization 4 Quiz. Initially, seven nations are offered to choose from which include France, the United Kingdom, the German Reich, Japan, the Soviet Union, the United States of America, and Italy. However, the world map is available to choose from as well and you can select any country from that as well but it wouldn’t be a good decision to choose a weak one because this might make you lose.

Keeping this in mind, a very powerful and strong country has its own issues as you would have so much on your hands to do, so try not to go very high or very low…

Game Modes In Hearts Of Iron IV

Let’s look into some of the Hearts of Iron IV game modes…

Air Map Mode

Air map mode is concerned with air bases and in the strategic regions, aircraft fly to accomplish the missions.

Land Map Mode

The land mode is also the default mode because players mainly need to focus on land and borders to progress in the game. In the land map mode, you would observe that every country has different states and each state comprises of several provinces.

Keep in mind that there is a huge difference in states and provinces. First of all, states have names but the provinces can’t be named until you have bonus points. Both have importance due to the constructions done on them for instance factories, bases (air and naval), dockyards, etc.

Naval Map Mode

Naval map mode is quite interesting as it allows the players to combat through water and naval fleets are controlled in this mode. There are distinct naval regions in the game and each one has a name.

What Things Can I Control In The Hearts Of Iron IV Game?

Here are some of the things that you must focus on in the game.

Political power

Since you become a leader then make sure you have strong political power. You need to control the political situations with your ministers in the regions, advisors, and even the military staff. You have the power to make and change laws whenever you wish since you would lead all.

Stability In The Country

The things though are under your control but you would need the support of your nation. If things go well in the country and you make the people happy with your policies then the stability bar would stay above 50%. But! Stay alert if the bar declines from 50% because then the scenarios might change for you because manpower for construction and other things depend on it.


In Hearts of Iron IV, players get a chance to experience weapons that aren’t available in many games. For instance, the three types of nuclear technologies that include atomic research, nuclear bombs, and even nuclear reactor. If your research in arms and ammunition is strong then you can even develop advanced missiles and rockets


The Hearts of Iron IV Quiz is ready to tell you about how well do you know the game. If you think that you are the best player of Hearts of Iron IV then your score must be 100%. Good luck!!!