Homestuck Classpect Quiz & Which Homestuck Class Are You?

Which Homestuck Character Are You? & Homestuck Classpect Test

Hey fellas! What are you doing? How can you be sooo relaxed when your planet earth needs you the most? Since you started to play the “Homestuck” game, the earth is about to explode by a meteoroid. On the other hand, you have been exiled to another world. But even there you have to fight against evil and halt all the things that are opposing you and the world.

Hahaha! Don’t be that serious! The Homestuck Classpect Quiz is all set so gear up and find out which Homestuck character are you and your classpect? There is no doubt in the fact that the classes in the game Homestuck have amazed us all and now you can’t wait to find your class in the Homestuck game. Indeed your energy and passion are comprehensible as this Homestuck Classpect Test can reveal so much about you and your personality.

The game is simple and challenging as well, you need to put all of your focus on it in order to save yourself, your friends, and the whole planet! What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling down to make your boring day fun and exciting!!!


As all of us know that Homestuck game characters are only usable for the game when they have a class and aspect; together known as the “classpect”. But, how would you know what is your perfect Homestuck classpect? Of course, the Homestuck Class And Aspect Quiz is your way, so reach it out before anyone else does…

Homestuck Classpect Quiz
Homestuck - Andrew Hussie


Knight belongs to the exploiting class of the game. The garb of Knight is simple, wearing a T-shirt and pajamas while over it a blackish-grey hoodie cape, and flaunty red long-boots. Knight is the class that takes in heroes and the ones who have a lion’s heart. This is because the Knight not only needs to safeguard himself like others but is responsible for the life of others as well.

The greatest aim of this class is to protect their aspect and by employing their aspect, they need to save their friends. Well, what aspect can be more helpful for them than time? The aspect of time is one of those which can challenge death and is an opponent of the most powerful aspect “space”!

One of the most prominent Knight of time “Aradia Megido” is definitely everyone’s favorite. It is also a fact that the knights never express what they feel instead, keep their duty foremost. Being the protector of the team isn’t easy at all and so their leadership qualities play a vital role along with their powers.


What a perfect combination! Seer is thoughtful, genius, and the most brilliant strategist. Its grab may not seem interesting but its mind is definitely worth observing. Seer may make some mistakes that might affect the gameplay but the best part is that Seer is a knowledge class and learns from those mistakes and never repeats them.

Having the aspect of Mind; emotions are set apart and the mind works contrary to heart and makes decisions with logical thinking. No emotions or intuitions are given place while making the strategy. Want to know the intriguing power of Seer? They can predict the actions and their outcome as well. This means that they can be a great support to the team because not only do they calculate their opponents’ actions and its result but help their own team members to form a full-proof plan.

Some of the notorious Seers include Rose Lalonde and Kankri Vantas. Both play a vital role in the game and with their brain give greater power to win easily.


Sylph is considered one of the most influential classes in the game. Why? Due to their magical powers, they can manipulate the elements and even other characters. Being a sylph, their powers are quite similar to those of the witch. Both can cast magic that can upset the whole plan of the enemies. And, we haven’t discussed their best powers! Wish to know? Well, their best power is “healing”. With their power of healing, they can not only heal their aspect but of their team’s as well.

With the class of Sylph, the best aspect can be “Light”. There are many things that can help us to justify our choice. First of all, the aspect of light denotes knowledge, power, and magic. The presence of the Light aspect brings luck and fortune (as it gets along with magic). This means that having a Sylph along with the aspect of Light makes the team invincible.

You might be thinking that this much power must have made them ignorant or proud, but that’s not true because Sylphs are very friendly and easily help anyone in need. So, what do you think? Do you wish to have a Sylph along with the aspect of Light in your team?


Last but not least in our list is the class of Rogue with the aspect of Heart. Trust us, this is indeed a deadly combination! Rogue is a thief class whose sole purpose is to steal the aspect of their opponents in order to make them weak.

Their job isn’t easy at all because they need to rob the aspect of their enemy team members. As a consequence, the other team loses the battle. Along with the aspect of Heart, they become stronger as they get the attention of all and so their work becomes easier.

Have you seen the garb of Rogue? It’s funny yet interesting as it wears neon goggles, a black backpack, and red shoes. This get-up helps to captivate all the opponents and their hearts begin to like Rogue which aids during stealing.


Hurry up! Get to know which Homestuck classpect is ideal for you in the game because this would have a great impact on your gameplay!!!