Horizon Quiz – Which Horizon FW Character Are You?

Horizon Forbidden West Quiz – Best HFW Characters

As gamers, we sometimes have the mood to play a single-player action-adventure game. But, it isn't easy to choose one as there are millions out there. However, "Horizon Forbidden West" is the one that became one of the best choices we made. It lifted our soul which was bored for such a long time. Have you tried it yet? If not, then trust us, you are missing a great chance. Since February 2022, everyone has been seeking their Horizon Forbidden West character, so we have made sure you are treated well through the Horizon Forbidden West Trivia.

Pat your gaming skills and find out "Which Horizon Forbidden West Character Are You?" Before the Horizon Quiz, don't forget the deep analysis of Horizon Forbidden West gameplay and characters.


The star of the game is Aloy (like in the previous games). She is up to save the world again as the terrible plague is devouring humans with pace. She is a hunter by profession, but this time she needs to fight animal animatronics. Aloy needs to explore the massive map whether it is on the land or under the water. The tasks need to get done as soon as possible or else the whole world will be diminished because of the plague.

It would be difficult for you if you'd play on your own, so look for help and have some AI friends in the game. They would support you during the battles and ventures. Moreover, the weapons and crafting of items have been upgraded, making it more fun and exciting. There is a bigger plot behind the spreading of this plague. There are many secrets to be unveiled, but first, you need to know which Horizon Forbidden West character are you most like?

Which HFW Character Are You?
Horizon - Guerrilla Games / Sony


We are off to hunt the characters in Horizon Forbidden West without which the game would have been impossible. Why don't you have a look at them as well?


Aloy is the main protagonist in the game, a machine hunter (genetic clone) created by GAIA in the laboratory. Her appearance depends on the player and she can look classy, tribal, chic, or a typical hunter as per your wish. Some of the most exciting things about Aloy are that she has unique abilities. No one can stand out for her powers if she decides to settle something.

Having a sensei like Rost has made Aloy invincible. She is a genetic clone but you would observe her immense strength and polished skills like archery, swordsmanship, and combating. Others include her talent to run and ride any machine in front of her. You can estimate her talents by the fact that she can knock down even the best fighting machines. All this becomes possible for Aloy because she trusts in technology and faith in humanity. Though it is difficult for her to deal with humans because of the less exposure but still, she manages to do well. Horizon's Aloy is a bit like Cyberpunk!

Erend Vanguardsman

Erend is the acting force of Aloy's team. Whether they need someone to explain things or the things become severe and fight becomes necessary, Erend is beneficial both ways. Well, things haven't always been this way as Erend was a drunkard, carefree, and ruthless person, but circumstances changed him completely.

After the death of his sister Ersa, there was no one to lead Vanguard (his land) so he had to stand for everything. In order to avenge and bring harmony to the land, he had to join hands with Aloy. After that, Erend became a permanent part of Aloy's team. He never even stepped back when they had to face the nemesis HADES. If you are asked, "which Horizon Forbidden West character do you kin?" then who'd be your pick? Maybe you get Erend in the Horizon Forbidden West Kin Quiz. Let's see!


Varl is a male character in the game and his life revolves around the name and legacy of his family. His mother is Sona who led the fighters and was the War-chief. Being her son, Varl always had the pressure on himself to become either like her or better than her. He is a dark-skin ultra pro warrior who is muscular and courageous. He even became the "Nora Brave," which signifies his powers and skills.

It is a fact that fate never did justice to Varl and took his mother (Sona), sister (Vala), and most of the combatants of his land. This ignited the fire in Varl's heart that led him to be with Aloy. They both joined their forces and began the journey of vengeance. Varl is a true warrior who never leaves his friends, especially Zo. He is seen to have a special connection with her which turned out to be love. So, we can say that the Horizon Forbidden West has lot to offer all.


GAIA can said to be the godmother of Aloy. It is an artificially intelligent character created by the historical scientist Dr. Elisabet Sobeck. GAIA looks like a Greek goddess, and she is an idealized version of the Greek god "Gaia" who is said to be "Mother of all lives." To be honest, her heart is pure and loving like an actual human female. Dr. Sobeck made the most strengthened AI in the universe as it also had the nine subordinate functions which could change the whole world.

When Zenith was to unleash the war and after the nine subordinate functions, GAIA constructed Aloy in order to stop him. All the control of Zero Dawn facilities was initially in GAIA's hands, but after her powers were stolen, she was unable to handle things on her own and Aloy was the one who took over things as guided by her.


Remember, the Horizon Forbidden West Test would be analyzing your personality and mind. Make sure you carefully answer all of them.