Lost Ark Quiz – Which Lost Ark Class to Play?

Lost Ark Classes: Which Lost Ark Class Is Right For You?

This isn’t fair to set it for one region and let others crave for it! Thinking what’s all this? Well, we hated to hear that the super-amazing Lost Ark game was made in South Korea and was available for Japan and South Korea only. But, they underestimated our minds and skills because we (the gamers) have already played this fantastic and stimulating MMORPG game through VPN (We are smarter than them!)

The hype created for the Lost Ark game is truly worth it because no one should miss the thrill and excitement that it provides. If you ask us why we became a fan of the Lost Ark then we would honestly give the credit of success to its 2.5D vision, spectacular story, and wide range of classes offered to the gamers. Are you interested in playing the Lost Ark game? We can help you out in many ways, for instance, by sharing the most important story arcs of the Lost Ark game and by assisting you in discovering which Lost Ark class should you choose with our 100% accurate Lost Ark Test. Trust us, all this is vital before you enter the game or else it would take a lot of time for you to get a hold on the things. Ready to check which Lost Ark class are you?


The story of Lost Ark is considered an amazing example for other games because it allows the gamers to explore the regions and their skills with the interesting quests and missions. This is why the question “what Lost Ark class to choose?” is important. But, you don’t have to worry because you have the Lost Ark Trivia so let’s focus on the story first!

A deity god named Regulus was eager to make a world that springs life, shades of beauty, and serenity. In order to balance life, he creates a land named Arkesia where light is supreme power (depicting positivity). On the other hand, Petrania is the land of darkness and chaos. But, the “order of the light” is what has the most power which resides in Ark. This Ark has the strength of seven gods. Both lands were powerful in their own way but the evil Lord of the Abyss “Kazeros” wished for the Ark to become the ruling power of the lands and to become the new god.

Since he was ready to start a war, god sends the Sacrian Order called the “Guardians”. They not only defeated all supporters and allies of Kazeros but vanquished him and locked him in a volcano with the help of Ark. After almost 500 years, the threat is back and you must select a class in order to fight the army of Kazelos. This is why you must choose your Lost Ark class wisely.

Which Lost Ark Class Is Right For You?
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Check out the "best Lost Ark classes” before you play the game. It’d be more helpful than you can imagine.


Gunner as the name suggests is all related to arms and ammunition especially guns. It has 4 sub-classes from which you can choose; Gunslinger (female) and the other three Artillerist, Deadeye, and Sharpshooter (male). Each one has its own importance when it comes to face-to-face combating between the players. The Gunslinger has the Eye of Twilight which benefits it to hit the enemies with the wide range of guns they have. Their collection is quite unlimited. However, Artillerist is famous for its big-sized weapons. Their move Missile Barrage can earn them great destruction with just a single shot.

On the other hand, the Deadeye class has the Death Fire ability which causes them to fire bullets without stopping. The last sub-class of Gunner is Sharpshooter which holds the Golden Eye ability. It allows it to shoot anyone from the far most position so it’s safer for players. So, which Lost Ark Class are you?


Berserker is a simple class that is ideal for not only beginners but for pro players as well. It is a sub-class of “Warrior”. Everyone likes to play in this class as its abilities and skills make the players invincible against the foes. The skills like Shoulder Charge, Confirm Dead, Smash, Tempest Slash, Mountain Crash, and others give players the power to increase damage for the enemies.

Moreover, abilities such as Raging Storm, Ground Flip, Ground Collision, Wind Swift, and others are movements quick enough to save at the last moments. The warrior of Berserker holds a two-handed sword which automatically warns the enemies. Gameplay is a bit similar to Elden Ring, right?


Wearing the royal blue cloak is the queen of magic in the Sorceress class. Belonging to the Mage class, Sorceress holds great power with her magical ability to manipulate the elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning. She has strengths that easily attract the players. Some of the most favorite ones are Frost's Call, Incinerate, Doomsday, Lightning Burst, Ice Arrow, and others are pretty amazing.

You can surprise your enemies with powerful hits and don’t have to go very close if you are the sorceress. On the other hand, keep in mind that Sorceress has some weaknesses as well. She can’t absorb many attacks.

Martial Artist

Martial Artist is a fabulous fighter class and has been divided into four classes as well namely Striker, Wardancer, Scrapper, and Soulfist; first being male while the latter are all female. The abilities of these martial artists usually confuse the players while choosing one of them. Strikers have high burst packages and have aerial powers. Scrappers can release energy that can easily defeat enemies with its elemental energy.

Furthermore, Wardancers are incredible fighters because of their Light Gauntlets abilities. They can take down enemies with their light energy while Soulfist blends its melee and ranged attacks are mighty. It’s undoubtedly hard to pick the best martial artist among them as all are superb!


No need to think about what Lost Ark class is perfect for you because the Lost Ark kin quiz would tell you which one is best for you!