Minecraft Youtubers Quiz: Which MCYT are you?

MCYT Quiz & What Minecraft Youtuber are you most like?

Hello, Minecraft fan! Do you agree with the fact that Minecraft is the best game ever produced? We do, and this is why we took the Minecraft Youtuber Quiz. We have been playing and watching its streaming over multiple platforms especially “Youtube”. One day, we thought why not create our own Minecraft Youtube channel but once we were planning out the things, our brain asked us the hardest questions: “What Minecraft Youtuber are you?” and “Which Minecraft Youtuber you most like?”…

These questions left us shell-shocked but, we found our way out through these tensions through the MCYT Test!!! Now, we have our own Minecraft Youtube channel and it’s even working quite well. If you are a die-hard Minecraft fan then don’t leave without answering the quiz…


It is unexplainable how much fun it is to watch notorious Minecraft players sharing tips, experiences, and gameplays on their Youtube channel. Time literally flies while watching them, and now wait in a queue and boring subway time isn’t that bad at all, all thanks to Minecraft!

What? You don’t watch Minecraft on Youtube? How boring! We bet, just watch the videos of the following Minecraft Youtubers and you’ll definitely fall in love with it. Read and check them out below before finding out Which Minecraft Youtuber you are!

Which Minecraft Youtuber Are You?


Undoubtedly, Dream is on the top of our list since he has over 9.3 million followers on his channel while his net worth crosses $5 million. Dream is his gaming name while his real name is “Clay” and you won’t believe that he is just 22 years old! If you wish that you also earn this much success at such young age then you need to be creative and fun like him. We assume that you have already taken our Dream SMP Quiz.

Don’t forget that hard work bears fruit and this is why he was the one who studied the algorithm to find out, what is the key to success. Are you this hardworking? Never mind, his most watched videos on Youtube includes “A Minecraft speedrunner”, “Minecraft Manhunt series”, “Minecraft, but mobs rise every minute”, “Minecraft Death Swap”, and others. Moreover, he also made the world speedrunning record for Minecraft 1.15.2 in a Random Seed.

He is one of those Youtubers who post the most content related to the game. The gamers and viewers mainly follow him and his videos because with his genius and innovational mind and he always makes videos that are hilarious and intriguing. No one can ever get bored of them…


Technoblade with the real name “Dave” is also close to Dream and both give each other a healthy and tough competition. It is generally asked who is better, Dream or Techno? But, we are a fan and follower of both! Techno is also 22 years old and a high school student. This American gamer lives in San Francisco and his net worth is around $5 million.

He has no doubt accomplished a lot at such young age as Technoblade has won the Minecraft Monday tournament 4 times. Moreover, he owns Minecraft server Mineplex and Hypixel while people love him and the channel because of his humor in the videos. For instance, he cooks in Minecraft (It’s hysterical to watch!!!)


IluminaHD aka Kye is especially known for his speedrunning and the challenge he takes up of beating the game itself. Yes! He speedruns to compete with the game. Illumina is from Canada and started playing Minecraft in 2012. His success can be ideated by his achievements as in 2020, Illumina made the world record for the fastest "Any% Glitchless".

He is an inspiration for Minecraft players and his videos unveil various tips and techniques that allow the new and pro players to become “the best” like him. Did you know when Dream was asked about Illumina, what did he say? He said, “Illumina is maybe the best Minecraft player…"

He plays with Dream and shares the videos on his channel while his most viewed videos include “Speedrunning Minecraft 1.17 in under 20 minutes”, “Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun in under 25 minutes”, and others. By the way, he is quite good against Minecraft Mobs!

Minecraft Universe

Minecraft is a perfect game for kids as it is sandbox in nature. Children also wish to play and watch its streaming but of course, the language of some Youtube channels is inappropriate. So we thought why not recommend the best Minecraft Youtuber for kids, whom they can watch, learn, and you wouldn’t have to worry about their screening content.

With more than 3.5 million followers on the Youtube channel, Jason Probst through his channel Minecraft Universe is not only an icon for kids but numerous pro players of Minecraft are his fans as well. He is commonly known as “TrueMU” and “Fifty” while up till now, he has shared almost fourteen hundred videos on his channel. Content by Minecraft Universe suits all ages and the recommendations, tricks, and glitches are amusing, entertaining, and amazing when applied.


Do you wish to be like MumboJumbo’s creator Oliver Brotherhood? Well, then your content must be interesting enough to have over 7.6 million subscribers!!! Don’t worry, we know you can do this! For now, let’s focus on why he is so great?

His character has a big mustache and with it, Oliver shows off his skills of creation as he has constructed some amazing robots which work on their own and hardly take commands. These robots work on farms and bring benefits to him. This British gentleman is one of those who introduce the art of formation of various items with Redstone.

MumboJumbo is also a part of HermitCrab and makes crazy videos that break the bars on social media. Oliver is not only obsessed with gaming but is quite intelligent as he got admission in Oxford University. He is a person worthy to be inspired by…


Figuring out which Minecraft Youtuber are you is the hardest part and after reading about such notorious and successful Minecraft Youtubers, we are dying to dig into the MCYT Quiz to receive the answer and share it with the Minecraft community!!!