Monster Hunter Rise Quiz – How Well Do You Know MHR Game?

Monster Hunter Rise Test

A gamer like you would have definitely played the extraordinary game Monster Hunter Rise. We saw that you were getting bored so why don’t you just let us and the whole world know how much do you know about Monster Hunter Rise? Beware, the hardest ever Monster Hunter Rise Quiz awaits you!

Monster Hunter Rise Quiz
Monster Hunter Rise - Capcom


Being the sixth mainline installation, everyone had high stakes for Monster Hunter Rise and it proved to be a pretty awesome game after all. The new additions, updates, and storyline, all add to this great outcome and we can’t detail the good things in it enough. The features and mechanics have changed the history of this game. The 4K resolution and HDR support make the graphics seem realistic while you can relish solo gaming as well as a multiplayer whether it is online or not. Up to 4 players can play together in one game and tackling huge dragons becomes somewhat easier.

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Gameplay Of Monster Hunter Rise

You as a gamer have to take on the avatar of a “Hunter.” Your life is always under threat as you take down various dragons who are destroying your land and killing your people. With the sword that you have been given and other weapons, you have to defeat dragons, and once they die then the players can get started with loot. Many things from the corpse of dragons would help you in crafting new tools, armor, and weapons. The map is vertical in nature and is divided into zones that aid the players to complete quests and missions facilely. If you would be able to kill all the dragons then you’d be the winner or else, we’re terribly sorry for the loss of lives you would bear every time you start a new game.

Story of Monster Hunter Rise

The story of the MHR game sets in the Kamura Village where everyone lived peacefully until "The Rampage" take over. As soon as you would get your new title as “Hunter” things would begin to turn more and more perilous. The legend says that many dragons attacked the village 50 years ago as well and at that time, the mightiest Hunter was able to fight them off but couldn’t kill them. It was believed that the history would repeat itself again and so has happened, Magnamalo attacks Yomogi and Lori. If the player is able to kill him then next attack Wind Serpent, Ibushi who is hundred times more powerful and dangerous. Then arrives the Thunder Serpent, Narwa and this list of catastrophes won’t end until you kill Narwa the Allmother at the very end of the game. For defeating her, you would require the best armor, weapons, and skills.

How Well Do You Know MHR Game
Monster Hunter Rise - Capcom


There are many types of monsters in MHR because obviously these beings make this game commendable. Have a look at their types!

  • Piscine Wyverns
  • Bird Wyverns
  • Elder Dragons Fanged Beasts
  • Brute Wyverns
  • Amphibians
  • Fishes
  • Leviathans
  • Herbivores
  • Neopterons
  • Lynians
  • Temnocerans
  • Flying Wyverns


Do you know why everyone is so obsessed with MHR? It is because of the extreme 14 types of weapons that it contains. Get to know the “7 Mightiest Weapons in MHR.”

Dual Blades

If you are a beginner then do try the Dual Blades first. They won’t kill any dragon but at least you can hit it with a sudden slash and run away quickly. Plus it’s ideal for combos, especially in the Demon mode.

Sword and Shield

It’s a good choice to opt for Sword and Shield because these can not only save you in the initial levels but the further you go, the more tricks can be learned with the sword. It can be pretty helpful, both offensively and defensively.

Charge Blade

Charge Blade is extremely powerful. Though it resembles Switch Axe but keep in mind that it can switch modes. All you need to do is become familiar with how to use it because that can be pretty tricky.

Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun is rough and strong. Like the other ones, it has the power to take down the toughest enemies but remember that it is a little slow in speed. But, that can be covered up because it works as a shield and can be an ideal combo with other ammo.

Insect Glaive

This one is a true blessing because the Kinsect allows it to power up all the things which might end your game. With the Insect Glaive, you can refresh your power bars while its attacks are too quick to see and the dragon dies in a few minutes.

Gun Lance

It is similar to Lance but stronger than it in many ways. The shield with it favorable in the worst conditions of defense. Moreover, it spits fire and explosions, so you can control all the dragons easily.

Great Sword

This one is a huge sword and can take the breath out of even the strongest dragon in the game. It’s heavy and extremely worthy during arduous fights. If a player employs it wisely then they would never be killed.


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Let’s figure out how well do you know Monster Hunter Rise. You can’t back off now because everyone has already shared their results and now only you are left to attempt it.