Mystic Messenger Quiz – Which Mystic Messenger Character Are You?

What Mystic Messenger Character Am I Quiz

Hey Hey! Please let us know how far have you reached in the Mystic Messenger game? OMG… It is the most awesome, interesting, and captivating game we have ever seen up till now. To be honest, we were done with those shooting, fighting, and warship games and began to feel off but the Mystic Messenger has gained our interest more than ever. Please let us know how was your end and who did you managed to date?

Other than the match that the Mystic Messenger chooses for the gamer, why not find out which Mystic Messenger character are you most like so that you know who is perfect for you in Mystic Messenger? The only way to check this out is the Mystic Messenger Quiz. Hurry up and answer it because all the boys are so handsome that it’s hard to select one but if you would know which Mystic Messenger character do you kin then you can pick your choices in the game accordingly.


The popularity of the Mystic Messenger game has been hyped because of its gameplay and story. It is a game that would take you into today’s world. Your task would be to download a dating application. As soon you’d download it, a new life begins which would also involve real-life situations and time as well. Let’s get it straight, you would be tasked to communicate with some dashing boys in order to run a charitable organization namely the Rika Fundraising Association (RFA). You’d not only talk to the boys and the founder of the organization but also compel different guests (everyone in the game runs with artificial intelligence except for you). The more people you compel, the more chances of you to have a happy ending.

You’d receive texts, calls, and emails from everyone. As far as the texts and emails are concerned, they would be answered by selecting from a given set of choices. However, the calls would sound absolutely real; just like you are talking to another human. Your game's ending depends on how you take up things.

Which Mystic Messenger Character Are You?
Mystic Messenger - Cheritz


It would take you 11 whole days to find out who is your perfect match in the Mystic Messenger game. Similar is the case if you are willing to know what Mystic Messenger character are you. Why would you want to wait for so many days if you can have the results in an instant with the Mystic Messenger Trivia Quiz?

So, let’s first check out the most popular and best characters in the Mystic Messenger game before we jump into the Mystic Messenger Kin Test. And let us add, the gameplay of Mystic Messenger Quiz is very similar to its peer: Doki Doki Literature Club Quiz.


As hardly anyone knows the real name of 707, similar is the case when you’d get in contact with him. He never lets anyone get very close to him and neither does he portray that he cares for anyone. He is different from all others. His cool and classy looks with tangy orange hair, hoodie, denim jeans, showy sunglasses, and a sign of the cross in his neck only signify one part of his personality. 707 is cool and fun-loving, he likes to joke with others and even plays through messages with other members.

On the other hand, being a hacker and a computer geek, 707 keeps himself a secret. He pushes people who try to shed their love on him. When you’ll take his route in the game you’d know what is fishy about his character.


Zen is also a good pick to be a boyfriend but only for those who can manage his beauty and skills ostentatiousness and maybe you’d wish to have Zen in the Mysterious Messenger Kin Quiz result. He is really an attractive guy because of his long lavender hair, red eyes, photogenic features, and great body built. He is into modeling and acting and likes it when someone praises his skills. On the other hand, he makes others realize that he is better than everyone but in a fun and joking way elevating the mood of the conversation.

Moreover, Zen is a bit flirtatious as well but hardly ever gets serious in such things. Actually, his history about relationships hasn’t been very promising and so he doesn’t trust girls when it comes to relationships. However, you can win his heart with your words.

Jumin Han

Jumin is rich and stunning but he isn’t egotistic at all! Players usually think that he prides himself on his wealth and status but in actuality, he is very real with zero pretentiousness in his nature. He isn’t very social and only talks about work and nothing else. Well, this side of his personality also has a grave reason. People have always been near him and his father because of their wealth and Jumin doesn’t know what loves feels like.

His good looks+high status attracts girls but he has never been attracted to anyone except for his cat Elizabeth III (because she is loyal and would never ditch him). Moreover, he’s a little bossy as well so let’s see if you can make up with him.


Yoosung is a high school boy and is the youngest among all. His conversation and attitude would depict that he is kind, compassionate, and caring. Moreover, he is a little shy and naïve and because of this, he ends up being a joke in the chatroom. He is literally obsessed with gaming and especially LOLOL. You can understand his obsession with that game through the point that he doesn’t even study or attend school because of it.

There is one more thing that was dear to him, Rika. You can be his next Rika and save this cute blond hair boy.


Now is the best time to answer the Mystic Messenger Game Test. Are you ready to find a suitable AI partner for yourself in the game? Go on…