Overwatch Quiz – Which Hero Shooter are you?

Who Should You Main in Overwatch Quiz

What are you doing right now??? The world needs you!! You didn’t understand? Let’s make it easier for you as we have designed the Overwatch Personality Quiz so that you can discover the hero hidden inside you. Don’t believe us? Then go ahead and answer the quiz to find out yourself.

It’s astonishing that you don’t know about the Overwatch game but no worries because we are here to help you! Overwatch is a game based on a story that takes you many years ahead where everything is run by humans in collaboration with robots while peace has been maintained by an organization named ‘Overwatch’ but unfortunately, it dissolves after a series of attacks on its main members.

Afterwards, the omnic crisis arises and it’s now your responsibility to save earth from the attacks of the vicious robots on innocent humans in the game. We hope that you have understood the story and now it’s time for you to dive into Overwatch Character Test.


Which Overwatch Hero Shooter are you
Overwatch - Blizzard Entertainment

Maybe you are more interested in negative characters like Symmetra, Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra who are desperately trying to defeat the Overwatcher but we know that would never let this happen but for this, you should find out which Overwatch character are you as there are many playable characters in it!

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76 aka Jack Morrison was just a young soldier when Overwatch was destabilized and now he is the commander of Overwatch running it with his experience of almost 25 years. He was thought to be dead during the war but he fortunately survived and no one knows what damage was done to his body or face.

Every character has different abilities and Soldier 76 has Heavy Pulse Rifle that fires thirty rounds per click, Helix Rocket that explodes at some distance and gives high damage, Biotic Field which can be placed on the field and heals and restores his health, and Sprint which are his flexible body movements. Curious about his special ability? Tactical Visor keeps every enemy in Soldier 76’s sight.

Reinhardt Wilhelm

You are thinking that how can a 61 years old man fight against the powerful evils then you must look at him again because Reinhardt is one of the strongest heroes in Overwatch. He has always been faithful to his land and so plays a vital role in bringing together the Overwatch again.

Reinhardt is tough to defeat as he possesses abilities such as Steadfast which helps to resist attacks, the notorious Rocket Hammer is his special weapon and gives damage to enemies at every swing, Barrier Field is a sort of shield with which he protects himself and others, and Fire Strike that is a flame released by his hammer and cuts down anything that comes in contact. Reinhardt’s ultimate ability is Earthshatter which allows him to force his hammer on the ground and brings a sort of earthquake and his enemies to receive damage.


How can girls be left behind! Mei-Ling Zhou looks cute in her spectacles and loosely tied hair. She is a notorious climatologist and so the Overwatchers always need her help for tracing out the things that are unfathomable, moreover Mei is loyal and wishes to restore peace in the world.

Mei’s abilities are awesome as she can freeze her enemies with the frost unleashed known as Endothermic Blaster and she can even shield and heal herself by making a thick wall of ice around her which is Cryo-Freeze. Her special ability is called Blizzard as it helps her to shove the rush of wind and snowstorm towards her enemies and whoever is caught in it either slows down or freezes.


Widowmaker is merciless and doesn’t even think once before killing anyone! She holds a long rifle that is fully automated and helps her to kill her targets even if they are far and this is known as Widow’s Kiss. She can also set poisonous mine that is called Venom mine and it can easily kill whoever tries to step in. Moreover, her special ability is Infra-sight with the help of which she keeps her eyes on everyone and can share it with her allies as well.


Zenyatta is quite different from all other heroes as he is an omnic robot and is considered more cogent than others because of the spirituality he has embraced during his reprogramming and believes that harmony can only sustain if all fight against the evil. There are similar characters on Fornite to. Then what about taking this Fortnite Skins Quiz as well?

He even has the Orb of Destruction that are ball-like projections and blast over the enemies; moreover, he can also assist his team with Orb of Harmony as a single orb stays with his ally and restores his/her health until Zenyatta wishes while its opposite Orb of Discord whenever attaches to one of his rivals then it escalates the damage caused. His special ability Transcendence allows him to be in a meditating position while he gets immune to every kind of damage and can’t use any of his powers as well.


Zarya is young, energetic, and one of the strongest females you would ever see in games. You might bewilder by looking at her because she has strong muscles and a body that even males wouldn’t be able to work on. Her special ability Graviton Surge enables her to deliver damage to her enemies with the help of the gravity bomb.

Interested to know more about Zarya? She even has Particle Cannon that are energy beams that explode into destructive beams, Particle Barrier is Zarya’s personal shield and helps her to defend, and even if she doesn’t have many particles left to fight then the Projected Barrier helps her to absorb fire and boosts her particles.


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