Persona 4 Quiz – Which Persona 4 Character Are You?

What Persona 4 Character Are You Quiz

There are literally thousands and thousands of video games available to play, but in which genre do you take more interest? We bet that you just said crime, thriller, and suspense with a hint of investigative duties for the gamers. Hahaha, we are alike! Since our choices are similar then do you also enjoy the Persona 4 Character Quiz? It’s more fun than you can imagine because with the quiz you get to know what Persona 4 character are you! Are you excited to find out more about the Persona 4 game, its characters, and your resemblance with one of them?


Atlus' Persona Series gained many fans due to its extraordinary storyline. The things unveiled with the character of Yu Narukami who has to leave his own house and move to Inaba. He makes this decision with a heavy heart as he thinks Inaba being a small town won’t offer much! There, living with his uncle (a detective) and his younger cousin, Yu manages to bear his days and make friends.

With time, a piece of news begins to circulate regarding some suspicious murders. Yu becomes interested in it and tries to find the culprit behind it. He along with his friends considers that all this is happening due to a TV channel known as “The Midnight Channel”! No one believes him but one night, Yu tries to put his hand in it and even succeeds. This unveils that he has awakened his special powers. Now, with the help of his friends, Yu vows to save as many lives as possible and his friends also gained some intriguing superpowers.

Do you think that Yu and his allies would be able to uncover the mastermind? Have you finished the whole game of Persona 4? In order to know the ending, you have to play the game and in order to track which character are you in Persona 4 game, you need to take the Persona 4 Personality Test!

Which Persona 4 Character Are You
Persona 4 - Atlus


The game is awesome due to its precious characters. Let’s search for Persona 4 main characters that are considered the best. Who knows if you turn out to be one of them?

Yu Narukami

Yu is the star of the game! He is doesn’t seem very strong because he has a sleek and tall body. At first, you might get intrigued by his looks like his ash black hair, dark eyes, and formal attire. As far as Yu’s personality is concerned, he is a mixed plate. Yes, you would find that he is at times quiet or talkative, sober or flirtatious. He basically is never the same but still, everybody loves him because of his bravery and courage. Yu never steps back and is always determined towards his goals no matter how tough things get. On the other hand, if you also like Animal Crossing, you can check our Which Animal Crossing Character Are You Quiz.

The best thing about Yu’s character is that he can change his personas according to his wish. Furthermore, he has some impressive skills like Charge, Shining Arrows, Cross Slash, Brain Buster, etc. Each one affects the opponents either physically or mentally. If you want to pull great victories with Yu then make sure you maintain his health and mana points.

Chie Satonaka

Undoubtedly, Chie is an energy bomb. She is always optimistic, dynamic, and is different from all other girls. She is interested in being a boy depicted by her boyish hair and zipped collar jacket. Instead of thinking about her looks, Chie is more focused on her kung-fu skills. She is really proud and loud about her skills of fighting. Chie is a cheerful tomboy who gets excited for even trivial things like meat steaks, movies, and such.

Chie is also a brilliant fighter while her bike skills like Tetra break and Hama impress all. On the other hand, she is amazing because of her art of manipulating elements like fire and ice in skills like Bufula, Ice boost, Rebellion, Evade Fire, and others. Above all her skills, the attributes that pave way for Chie are her soft-heartedness and cooperation with the team.

Yukiko Amagi

To be honest, Yukiko is one of the prettiest girls among all the characters but still isn’t confident about herself and her looks. She has long black hair, dark grey eyes, compliments her fair complexion with red clothes, and dolls up impeccably. However, she feels shy and thinks that everyone around her is better than her. Want to know more? She is a famous girl in school because of her beauty and grades. Yukiko gets the highest grades in the class but hardly talks to anyone.

When she was saved by Yu and his friends, she got to know about the truth of “The Midnight Channel”. We all perceived great transformation in Yukiko’s character after that. She was ready to inherit her family’s Inn and she understood that only a person’s root can give the real pleasure and peace one wishes for.

The powers of Yukiko depend on her persona and she is a short-range character but can help the team in lessening the effect of fire attacks by opponents. Moreover, she is a destined healer and fights with skills like Agi, Maragidyne, In Full Bloom, Dancing Flames, etc.

Yosuke Hanamura

Yosuke according to many is a sidekick but actually has become the reason for most of the twists and turns in the story. Other than all this, he always helps out his team in highs and lows. Yosuke’s flexible and acrobatic body is faster than you can imagine. His moves Flying Kunai, Crescent Slash, and Moonsault are quite notorious while Medigo, Makara break, Dejaka, Evade Elec, etc are also famous.

He is quick and robust and most of his skills work admirably because he never considers anything and focuses on his plans rather than the result.


You cannot win the Persona 4 game until you find what Persona 4 character are you in the game? So hurry up and CLICK to answer the quiz…