Phasmophobia Quiz – How Well Do You Know Phasmophobia?

How Well Do You Know Phasmophobia Quiz

Ghosts are out and we know that you have been a paranormal investigator once! If you are that brave then come on and take up the challenge of the Phasmophobia Test which would let the world know how great are you at playing this outstanding game.

Phasmophobia Quiz

Phasmophobia - Kinetic Games


The job of the quiz is simple, answer the questions in it and get a free chance of getting to prove how well do you know Phasmophobia. This way, all the ones who think that their skills and memory are infallible would see for themselves what lies in them. It is a challenge that only some of the bravest players of Phasmophobia would take!


Phasmophobia has risen as a game that has changed the meaning of the psychological horror genre. No one knew that a game like that could be created as well. Dubiety in the fact that Phasmophobia has been one of the most successful games by Kinetic Games. If you want to know more about it then keep scrolling down.

Gameplay of Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is very different from what we all have sighted in history. The gamers enter Phasmophobia and as soon as a team of 4 online gamers is made, they all need to sign a contract (to make things seem more realistic). In that, players sign that they would find the pieces of evidence to prove that the place they would visit has ghosts. As soon as the papers are signed, the gamers get their equipment in a van, change their clothes, and discuss and decide the difficulty level from the four options (Amateur, Intermediate, Professional, or Nightmare). Once this is done, then the time for action arrives!

Gamers have essential items like EMF Readers, Spirit Boxes, Thermometers, and Night Vision Cameras which would help them to record their movements for proving the existence of ghosts. If you are wondering about what Phasmophobia item to choose? then relax, face the ghost and then decide! The tasks are also mentioned in the Journal which they keep checking out once they get the task done. Moreover, the Ouija Boards and EVP Sessions use a Spirit Box which can help way more than you can imagine. There are so many things that need to be carried out and one of them is finding the type and name of the ghost and for that these two are essential.

How Well Do You Know Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia - Kinetic Games

The best evidence in the game is considered to be photos so make sure you click loads and if you are lucky enough then you might click the photograph that would have the ghost. On the other hand, keep your eyes open and click a picture whenever you see bones, dead bodies (of teammates), fingerprints, footprints, a sink full of dirty water, cursed possessions, etc.

Types Of Ghosts In Phasmophobia

There are many types of ghosts in the game while the variations in seasons make the list quite long. However, their names are as follows: Banshee, Demon, Goryo, Hantu, Jinn, Mare, Myling, Obake, Oni, Onryo, Phantom, Poltergeist, Raiju, Revenant, Shade, Spirit, The Twins, Wraith, Yurei, and Yokai. Remember, each one is different and their powers differ so don’t think you can take down all if you defeat the easiest one. The best Phasmophobia ghost is the one that never lets anyone pass and that is usually Revenant so all the luck to you!

Where Are The Ghosts?

Good question! Each time you pack up for leave to do your job as a paranormal activity investigator, the place would be different. You can even manage in the three sizes available which are small, medium, and large. However, the main spots of the game include four suburban-style houses, and two farmhouses, the medium maps are about a campsite and prison, while the large maps are about asylum and a high school. Once players do the things smoothly, they would get to have money, level up, and more rewarding equipment.

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Is Phasmophobia Good For Socializing?

Yep, the players are given walky-talkies, CCTV cameras, and other means in order to communicate during the game. But, beware! Ghosts hear everything you say so keep in mind not to share any valuable information.


Everything is clear and you know what you have to do in the Phasmophobia Trivia! All the best, let’s see how well you fight the ghosts because the quiz would determine your performance.