Resident Evil Quiz – How Well Do You Know Resident Evil Games?

Ultimate Resident Evil Quiz

Resident Evil series has marked a great history with its horror-based genre. But, the games aren’t behind! Resident Evil games are there in the collection of almost every gamer. However, the question is, can you score 100% in the “Hardest Resident Evil Quiz”. Let’s see how you would tackle our challenge.

Resident Evil Quiz
Resident Evil - Capcom


Every “Pro Gamer” knows that most of the Resident Evil games are considered an epitome in the history of gaming. Almost all are amazing and do not lack any of the elements like graphics, gameplay, storyline, action, etc.


How much do you know about Resident Evil games? Let’s give you a ride to the best Resident Evil games that exist. If you are a true Resident Evil fan then you must have played most of them.

How well do you know Resident Evil games
Resident Evil - Capcom

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4, before everything is more famous than any other because it is the pioneer of over-the-shoulder camera view. No one tried this before! Plus, Leon has to fight the Spanish viral outburst and if he loses this one then everyone on earth would have to pay for it. This third-person shooter game revolves around the U.S. President's daughter who has to be saved from one of the European-Spanish villages. Leon takes control over these lethal conditions because it’s impossible to enter and leave that village without permission while the viral is another challenge for him.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

Every gamer fears Resident Evil 3: Nemesis because they’d have to face “Nemesis.” He is one of the mightiest monsters in the game series. It is believed that no one can kill him. But, you can’t hide because Raccoon City needs you more than ever. Nemesis is going to end humans on this planet but you have the power it needs to stop him. The game's mechanics and your abilities can make up a perfect combo but you need to have some trust in yourself.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

This one is said to be the most dreadful and scariest from the franchise of Resident Evil. After years of working on Resident Evil 7: Biohazard also known as RE7, the game became the choice of all because of its first-person perspective and the extensive changes that allow the players to feel like they are in the game. Not only because of the graphics but also due to the circumstances in which the gamers are tangled. On one hand, the dark farmhouse suffocates you then the attacks by monsters, collection of resources, saving yourself and others, solving puzzles, and defense, all make it simply super!

Resident Evil 2

The most eye-catching thing in Resident Evil 2 is its gameplay and the alterations that it brings compared to other ones. The Raccoon City is under attack by mutated monsters but not to worry because there are “two protagonists” in it. You can fight as both and have to shield the world from the catastrophic plans of pharmaceutical company Umbrella. Keep your eyes on the health bar because that’s more vital than any other. Their bioweapon contains G-Virus which can mutate humans, plants, and animals into horrific creatures.

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Don’t you sometimes think about which Resident Evil character are you most like? You want to be a competent shooter and fighter who wishes to battle for the world. We have ranked the best characters in Resident Evil. Read and try to find similarities between you and them. And, next time you have to decide what Resident Evil character to choose, then you’d know which one is yours!

Leon S. Kennedy

Leon is the hero in the Resident Evil series. He was a young boy when he started but now, he is a real combatant who’d never allow anyone to come between the peace and serenity of the world. Leon has been through a lot and is ready for all the upcoming threats with his tackling abilities and strategic mind. And of course, don’t forget his dashing looks.

Jill Valentine

She may be a female but not even the most dangerous outbreak of virus could pull her. She defends herself and her friends with all her might. Jill’s shooting skills are immaculate and she fears nothing at all. You might be wishing to date Jill but we don’t think that she would be a good date as her obsession with work and duty are over the board.

Chris Redfield

Never mess with Chris because he is one serious soldier who never even makes a joke. Chris was formerly a part of the S.T.A.R.S. unit and now is a member of the Northern American team BSAA. He has made his mission to fight all villains who are termed as “BioTerrorists.” Chris is said to be the strongest protagonist in the series and no villain has vanquished him yet. His muscle powers have made him invincible.

Claire Redfield

Claire is the sister of Chris Redfield and is the beautiful and charming protagonist who is slender and petite but her passion is greater than any other person on board. She is a little accident-prone but that’s okay because her abilities are plausible. Claire tracks any Bio Organic weapons that can be lethal for humankind or any other being. Though other beings are always more powerful than her but, Claire wins the fights by all means.


Resident Evil Trivia is a dare for all the Resident Evil gamers! Let’s see who wins this challenge with a spotless 100% result. If you really accomplish this task then don’t forget to receive admiration comments from everyone by sharing your result on social media platforms.