Roblox Quiz & How To Get Free Robux?

Roblox Trivia – How Well Do You Know Roblox?

After years of hard work, David Baszucki and Erik Cassel were able to develop an innovative game known as “Roblox”! At first, it wasn’t a big hit, but in 2010 it began to gain pace while the 2019 pandemic made it the biggest jackpot of the decade or maybe the century. How much do you know about Roblox? Well, today, we are in a mood to check who is the biggest fan of Roblox? OR, in other words, “Who knows Roblox more than anyone?” Are you up for this challenge, or you just got scared???

Remember, a true Roblox gamer never steps back from any dare. Therefore, brace yourself for the Roblox Quiz. Oh, we forgot to tell you one most important thing! We have a special surprise. You can check out how to get free Robux? Just keep scrolling down or simply take the Roblox Trivia now!


There are many reasons why Roblox is famous around the world. Basically, many of the games on Roblox are free to play whether you have a console, mobile, PC, or laptop. Plus, you get to have numerous games of different genres so you enjoy anything you like all in one place. The best part is you get to interact with a vast social community. This is why people got so much involved in Roblox during the pandemic, as everyone wanted to be close despite the fact that it was a virtual world.


You must know what Robux is before you enter the Robux Quiz. Every game needs some sort of money so that the players can buy the items of their choice. Similarly, Robux is the money employed in the Roblox game and it is to be purchased with real money. Yes, there are a few ways in which you can get them without giving any of your money. Want to know how?

How To Get Free Robux?


Look, there is simply no way you can get a single Robux through cheat codes and hacking. If your pocket permits, you can easily buy Robux by spending your money. This can be done once, or you can have a monthly subscription package that would add more Robux in less money.

Another way is to trigger your creativity. Just create a game and get to have a source of side income. When you’d have a game of your own, then you’d get a percentage from every subscription. Have you seen how people earn by making some outstanding games? If they can, then why can’t you…

There are some Robux Generator websites that can give you guaranteed Robux when you log in. All you need to do is download some games, play, do a few tasks, etc. Who won’t do it willingly for Robux in return? One of the most popular Robux Generator websites is Robuxmania. Last but not least, you can have some fantastic Robux codes that can get you some free Robux very quickly. However, they are infrequent.


Do you know, there are around 40 million games on Roblox! No doubt why everyone is obsessed with it. The reason is that gamer of every age gets the games of their choice. Anyhow, get to know the best games in Roblox rated by the fans.

Adopt Me!

The game Roblox Adopt Me! revolves around pets of a different kind. Every task that you do is for your pet. First, you get a house, resource it, and welcome your new pet. Then on, it would be best to nurture your pet and maintain good relations with other members. You can play around, buy new attires, and win various competitions to be the best pet owner. It would just be like having a natural pet because the players need to take up all the responsibilities.

Murder Mystery 2

The game Murder Mystery 2 is one of our most favorites. All the players need to keep their eyes and ears open and look for anything fishy. Basically, twelve people play this game and are divided into groups in each round. One becomes the murderer with a knife; one turns out to be the sheriff with a gun; while all other ten members are innocents and need to save themselves. The sheriff and innocents need to look for the murderer, or else they might kill them.

Blox Fruits

Blox Fruit is said to have many similarities with the anime One Piece. It also entails fruits of Natural, Elemental, and Beast types. Each one has its own specialty and the players need to buy them from different shops and people. Some of the most valuable fruits in the game include Venom, Dragon, Shadow, Control, Ice, Rubber, Diamond and etc. Whichever you choose to eat, pick wisely because you should be able to handle the after-effects.


Oh, this one is all based on you. Either you choose to be a criminal and escape from prison, or you can be the good guy/girl by becoming an honest cop. As a cop, you would have to make sure the prisoner stays behind the bar, or you would have to find him in the other case. This might sound easy, but there is a huge city that you would have to search. The pick is in your hands, whether you want to hide or choose to seek.


It seems like now you are all set for the Robux Trivia. Ah, perfect! Don’t forget to share the result with everyone on social media. After all, every gamer must know that no one can beat you when it comes to Roblox.