Rocket League Quiz: Which Rocket Car Are You?

What Rocket League Car Am I Quiz

The extraordinary game Rocket League is immensely popular among the gamers who are fond of ultra-fast cars. As the name suggests, the cars are speedy as rockets while the game involves enormous soccer balls and the players need to strike the balls in the goals by hitting the balls by the cars. It depends on the players if wish to in groups of 2, 4, 6, or 8.

No doubt the most vital thing in the game is that the players need to choose the right car in Rocket League to win the rocket war games. So now we ask! What rocket league car are you since you are a pro player of this game? No ways! You must know which Rocket League car is perfect for you so, just drive into the Rocket League Car Test of Quiz Apes to find out!


What Rocket League Car Am I Quiz

Rocket League - Psyonix

Wish to know about the best cars of Rocket League? Read about the finest ones and answer the Which Rocket League Car Are You Quiz before going into rocket wars.


We believe that Octane is one of the most cherished cars in the game and truly this car deserves to be highlighted because of its amazing features. The size, weight, and curves in the body of Octane make it easier for every player to turn it at sleek ends, jump to hit the ball and enjoy all kinds of maneuvers.

This car comes under the category of ‘Common Rarity’ while it is paintable as well with colours like saffron, burnt sienna, crimson, titanium white, etc. Octane attracts the gamers with its Caterham grill and headlights. Make the car look cool with decals like stars, stripes, flames, windblast, etc.


The first look at this car would definitely leave you shell-shocked and it isn’t available in the game in the initial phases of the game as Dominus’s rarity is Import.  This car is offered from the Champions Crate 1 which means you need to work hard in order to own it.

Since its body somewhat resembles the 1970 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am having strong structures that hit the ball with great force and its size allows it to crash and damage other cars as well. The gamers always enjoy driving it but most do not paint and are more interested in decals like sunburst, protractor, staredown, callous bros., etc.


As soon as you see Batmobile your mind would say WOOOAHH! What is this thing! It isn’t easy to own a Batmobile as it is accessible in DC Super heroes DLC Pack and its rarity is the Premium category. The body of this car (body type) somewhat resembles Dominus. The wheels, trail, and boosts of this car are only compatible with ’89 Batmobile.

On the other hand, various paints can be applied to make it more eye-catching and the goal explosion can be changed as well, and amazingly both these things are absolutely free. By the way, it also seems like a superhero ride 😉


Mantis is simply impeccable! Its design is lightweight resulting in easy jumps and you can turn, overtake, and jump over other cars due to its flat body and a short length. Gamers believe that Mantis works best if employed for defending. If you are lucky, you also got a Mantis in GTA! You can also take GTA V Personality Test in Quiz Apes.

Having plank body type and Import as its rarity, Mantis has been created as per the wish of the gamers as they wanted a car that could be handled easily in the air as well. It is only available from the Nitro crate and players can refashion it with the decals, paint, and hexphase but trust us, Mantis looks perfect with Rocket Boost Hexphase, Triplex wheels, and Arrowhead decal.


Breakout might not look attractive like Merc, Octane, Mantis, and others but it is the choice of the best players of Rocket League. Want to know why? Well, the front flat surface allows the gamers to take the ball, pass, and dodge the opponents with some tricky maneuvers.

The rarity of Breakout is Common and is accessible to drive if the gamers win a series of matches. Most of all, if you paint this car with different colours like sky blue, forest green, lime, or burnt sienna that are everyone’s favourite along with equipping Breakout with rare and famous decals like skulls, astaroth, chainsaw, etc then you get the chance to trade it with other players as well.


The giant car monster Marauder is technically one of the biggest cars in Rocket League. Marauder may create some problems in handling itself during turns and tackles but it hits the ball and other cars with quite a lot of intensity. You can damage your opponents and strike shots facilely with this one.

Not only attacking but defending goals is effortless with this car due to its big size body. Its rarity is Premium and very rare and designed on demand of the gamers as Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars classic. Being a battle car, Marauder can have decals like big buck, ruffian, and very rare decal XVIII.


Even the name and body of this car predict how powerful and expeditious it is. This car is although small in size and might look like a kid’s toy but trust us the results are a win-win situation if the gamer knows how to use it in the game. It is smooth to drive and can easily get to the ball and hits it robustly like big cars.

The team of Rocket League claims that the design of Aftershock is inspired by jets and so gamers get to enjoy Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars in the form of Aftershock.


Even the name would shake your opponents if you own this car! The body type of Boneshaker is like Octane with rarity claimed to be Premium. The big car size and impressive looks entice gamers to have Boneshaker. The power of this car is unbelievable and a single strike causes the ball to be in the goal.


Ready to discover which phenomenally spectacular Rocket League car are you? Take this Rocket League Quiz now to figure it out!