Sifu Quiz – Which Sifu Character Are You?

Which Sifu Character Are You Quiz

Sifu is a game that has not only a mind-blowing story but some outstanding characters as well. Roll into the Best Ever Sifu Quiz and check out which Sifu character are you? Remember, in Sifu either you kill or get killed!

Sifu - Sloclap


Sifu isn’t any ordinary classic game. It keeps the gamers entertained with its outclass beat 'em up genre. In this game, you not only are a competent martial artist but the one who has a mighty responsibility at hand. Years ago, a martial arts student Yang learns from one of the best martial arts schools in China but as he becomes proficient in it, his greed overcomes. One night, Yang first allies with his four best mates and martial artists (of his own school) Fajar, Sean, Jinfeng, and Kuroki. Once he had the cream as his servants, Yang moves to the other students and ends their life with the four. Last but not the least, Yang plans to attack Sifu, the master of the martial arts school. They hunt down Sifu and don’t want to leave any clues behind and aim for the child, slit his throne, and leave.

Magically, the child survives! He when perceives the destruction in his father’s school. He vows to avenge the murder of each martial artist. On his target are Yang, Fajar, Sean, Jinfeng, and Kuroki. Now, he is grown up enough to take on these powerful enemies. And guess what? You are the Sifu’s son and in this single-player game, you are the one who’ll fight all!

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The Sifu Trivia is for all those gaming fans who are curious to track their character in the game. After you’d know what Sifu character are you? the game would become pretty easy for you as you’d have in mind what are your best powers in Sifu plus, you can compare the result with your gaming community. Trust us, it’d be more fun than you can imagine!


Now, the world can find out who are the best characters in the Sifu game. Though they are villains or heroes, you must check who do you kin in the Sifu game with the Sifu Kin Quiz. It’s necessary because, with your family, your powers and strengths are linked.

Which Sifu Character Are You
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Yang is the Leader of all the people who were involved in the murder of Sifu and others. Now, after all eight years, Yang runs The Sanctuary. He is the ultimate person whom we can consider the epitome of martial arts learning. It was Sifu who taught him all 150 tricks of attack and defense and he used them against him. He may be a little aged now but keep in mind that martial arts has nothing to do with age and the one who is proficient can fight even if they reach 70. He is bitter, ungrateful, opportunistic, but talented. If anyone needs to fight Yang then they must have the guts.

If you are Yang, then it means you know exactly how to make the most out of the situation and you work hard day and night. You wish to earn the height of success with your diligence. People are envious of you but remember, success might deflect you from your path!

Yang - Sifu


Fajar is “The Botanist” in the game and you’d find him in level 1. He isn’t easy to handle but remember, Fajar was the one who attempted to kill you as a child. He has power over plants and can manage their growth with his hands. When you’ll fight him, it’d be a nursery-type place at first and if you passed, then you’d have to face him in a dense bamboo forest. Fajar is quick in his attacks and totally unpredictable.

If you think you are like Fajar then you must be first, driven, passionate, and decisive by personality. Including all this, you love nature and spent time at such a place that makes you feel close to it.

Fajar - Sifu


Sifu is your father (in the game). He was one of the finest men on earth who knew martial arts and taught to the ones in whom he saw the spark for this incredible art. Sifu has shown to be a kind man who was an expert and taught martial in a sturdy and awakening way. He may seem like a strict teacher but Sifu did what was best for his students. Among all his students, Yang was the most skilled student and Sifu never knew that he was feeding a serpent.

You are very much like Sifu as you are never concerned about what others think or do. Instead, your focus is on yourself and the people around you. The things that you enjoy doing are moments that you cherish and you aren’t after money like all. You just wish to have a nice and peaceful life and for that, you keep helping others.

Sifu - Sifu


Kuroki holds power over The Museum as is titled “The Artist.” She loves art and it is the only thing that intrigues her other than martial arts. Kuroki is quite an expert with weapons and if you think what Sifu power to choose while fighting Kuroki then keep in mind she excels in bladed chain staff and if you save yourself from that then Kuroki would try the dual-wielding kunai over you. Plus, she rains knives if there’s nothing to do in order to kill you. So, make sure if you face her then you’re prepared.

You being like her means you are a hot-tempered person and forget everything in anger. You are overprotective and a little obsessive. It usually makes you uneasy around many people but art is your best friend and it lets you vent all your aggression.

Kuroki - Sifu


Here’s the moment we all have been waiting for? Click the START button and begin your journey as a pro martial artist. Let’s see who do you end up as!