Starcraft Quiz – Which Starcraft Race Are You?

Which Starcraft Race Are You Quiz

Starcraft games are not for kids! Only the most capable gamers can enter and win them. If you think that you are one of them then get sorted in one of the races with the Starcraft Race Quiz and let the world know which Starcraft race are you?

Since 1998, Starcraft has been offering some highly thrilling games that leave every player sweating. It’s not impossible at all but this real-time strategy game is a valuable source of fun and excitement. Starcraft games are masterpieces that have a connected story with unprecedented gameplay. The players need to be vigilant and alert if they are to win it. The ones who are a beginner to Starcraft games can become a pro by reading about the Starcraft classes below and then, of course, the Starcraft Race Test would be waiting to reveal what Starcraft race should you choose?

Starcraft Quiz
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The galaxy of the Milky Way isn’t that small (like we all think). In the 26th Century, the world has various inhabitants and all are trying to dominate the whole universe. You know how everyone wants to be the ruler! The three intergalactic factions Terran, Zerg, and the Protoss are always in competition. In between all this, the United Earth Directorate (UED) also called Terran steps in and thinks that colonization can help not only control the rebellious activities in Koprulu Sector but would benefit Earth to be the supreme power. However, all this planning would be hard to implement. The reaching threats are something that needs to be fought or else consider it a GAME OVER!

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We know that you are desperately looking answer to the question “Which Starcraft Race Should I Play?” No need to hassle because the Starcraft Race Trivia can really determine Which Starcraft Race Is The Best for you? All that you need to do is make some clicks.

Which Starcraft Race Should I Play
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The Terran class consists of humans. Earth being a part of the Milky Way has been through a lot in the past and now, the United Earth Directorate is the one that is trying to get free from all the space-bound chains and is working to raise mankind. They do not have any superpowers but their quick-healing power is their greatest ability and other than that, they depend on the splendid and state-of-the-art weapons they produce. So, don’t take them lightly.

The people of this class are courageous and determined. They never think about the path and its hardships, all their focus is on the goal and result. If things aren’t easily handled then they can also pick a slightly curved path (which can said to be the crook way!). Nevertheless, they are quite intelligent and innovative, always bringing up new ideas to solve the problems they face. However, there is definitely one thing that weakens most of them; the desire to become the supreme power always begets catastrophes for them. You try to shape new opportunities in your life with your faith and willpower and try to raise yourself from the conspiracies and negativities.

Terran - Starcraft


Protoss aren’t normal human beings but are bluish alien creatures considered the most intelligent beings in Starcraft. They are huge, brawny, and have special powers and hints of pride. Protoss believe themselves to be the first-born in the universe and so have that honor and somewhere in their mind, they want to have the ruling power over everyone (again!). Other than all this, they are very polished at producing weapons and magnificent armors to fight in the best way. Protoss hardly die because they are supplied with such specialized armors which keep them alive. Moreover, teleportation, psionics, and telepathy are their best-rated superpowers.

Humans who belong to the Protoss prefer to stick to their cultural roots and are more inclined towards their community and ethnicity. They are always in search of ways that can make their life perfect and for them perfection is everything. They are eager to live every moment of their life. Most of you are particularly cautious about what you eat, though you don’t go for healthy versions but you know that you are eating junk! You are friendly, likable, and a little proud of what you have achieved.

Protoss - Starcraft


Zerg are also known as “The Swarm.” They have this title because of their cruel ideology. They don’t care what other species feel or go through, their sole interest lies in the fact that the race of Zerg progresses as the best in the whole Milky Way. Zerg are powerful (no doubt) but when compared to Protoss and Terran then they are not a really good match and have the tendency of vulnerability. But, one thing that sets them apart is their speed of reproduction. Zerg multiply themselves very rapidly and their extra force becomes major trouble for opponents. Zerg wish to have one vital thing, the DNA of all species. With that, they would be able to add more special elements to their genes and become mightier than ever. For now, they have a speed of light and superintelligence.

Ones who are similar to Zerg are hungry for power, dominance, and rule. They might or might not have negative intentions but they desire to be the boss. Intelligence and hard work are their greatest weapons and help them to rise above all. But, you usually make mistakes in anger and then have to face the consequences which aren’t sweet. You hate when people try to control or manipulate and so you teach them lessons so they never repeat this again.

Zerg - Starcraft


The moment that you have been waiting for is finally here! The Best Starcraft Race Quiz is ready to claim which Starcraft Race are you most like with 99.99% accuracy. Go on before you become the last one to share your answer.