Super Mario Quiz – Which Mario Character Are You?

Super Mario Game Character Are You Quiz

Regardless of the age, every gamer is seeking an easy and fun way to check out their character in the Super Mario games. Why are you still searching when you have the Best Super Mario Quiz that can reveal which Super Mario character are you? No other quiz can be as accurate as this because our Ultimate Super Mario Test has been updated just now!


Do you know that it has been more than 30 years since Super Mario games are with us! When there were no mobiles and hardly one people had consoles, the Super Mario franchise produced arcade games that are still spectacular. There are almost 200 different kinds of Mario games produced up till now. Mario games are considered top-notch because of the bright colors involved, frequent updates, simple gameplay (that is for players of all ages), and interesting storyline. Not only has Mario raised itself as a brand but its games have made Nintendo Switch grow as a console company as well.

Super Mario Quiz
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Here you go! Enjoy the list below in which we have listed the “Most Awesome Super Mario Games Yet!” This list below can help you a lot when you’d have to think about what Super Mario game to choose?

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is an amazing game that helps you to tour the whole galaxy with its characters. It’s full of thrilling experiences because there are many things that you can try in order to undergo a wonderful journey throughout the galaxy.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey is a game that has many secrets about the universe. It would not only push you to battle various vicious enemies ready to hunt you down but also some eminent superpowers that can help you in winning against them.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

This one is the sequel to the previous Super Mario Galaxy game but has been quite stirring. Though some of the elements are similar but the strategies, graphics, hunt, and tasks, all differ from the previous one. It’s a sequel that every Mario fan would be happy to play as it gives a whole new experience.

Super Mario 3D World

This game really brought a big change for all Mario fans as it is the one that made 3D gaming available for all Mario gamers. The gamers could now feel that they were controlling the characters more appropriately plus the level-ups became more impulsive and the game feels more alive.


We are about to tell the world about the “Most Powerful Characters in Super Mario Games.” Are you up for this?

Which Mario Character Are You
Super Mario Characters - Nintendo


Mario is the most famous character and the face of the Mario games as well. In the land of Mushroom Kingdom, everyone trusts Mario more than anyone. He is said to be an Italian plumber who not only is perfect with his waterworks but he is ready to help in any task you want him to do. He is ready to fight all the villains who want to end the peace of Mushroom Kingdom though he isn’t the one who should do it. Mario has various abilities in the games but his athleticism, Pyrokinesis, Supernatural Survivability, Indomitable Will, and Weapon Proficiency are the most influential ones. He is simple and loveable because of his soft attitude.



Rosalina wears her iconic blue dress and silver crown but she isn’t a stated princess-like Peach. She is said to be an influential figure in the space and universe and rules various stars and planets. Though she is a capable queen but is in no way a couple for Mario like Peach. Rosalina is competent to Peach in many ways especially because of the powers she holds. Force Field Generation, Levitation, Teleportation, Holograms, Immortality, and Eternal Youth are only hints of her powers. Rosalina is more like a mother figure for all the characters and has adopted Lumas (a space creature) as her child. She is smart, intelligent, and passionate to bring the world peace and harmony.


Princess Peach

Princess Peach is a vital character in the story of the Mario games. She is named Peach because of her love for the fruit peach. However, there is nothing much that follows her name for the love of the fruit as Peach wears bright pink clothes and similar color accessories. Princess Peach has blue eyes and wears similar shade jewels and a special one on the chest of her clothes. This jewel enables her to do some interesting magic with which she can undo many spells that are usually used for a curse. Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom and so is significant and this is why villains usually take her and Mario and his friends have to save her.

Princess Peach
Princess Peach


Luigi is the twin brother of Mario but both are a little different from each other. Mario wears his statement red color while Luigi has his signature green color. However, Luigi is taller and slimmer than Mario which benefits the gamers in many ways (if they choose him). He is Master Combatant, Expert Vehicular Driver, while his superhuman speed, Electrokinetic, and strength are his plus points. Luigi maybe Mario’s brother and both are together most of the time but he is not very brave. He is especially scared of ghosts and monsters. If we ask you who do you kin in the Mario games then what’d be your answer? Relax, Super Mario Kin Quiz can do this for you and all you’d have to do is click some options.


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The stage is set and all the gamers of the world have eyes on you! Let’s see what the Fantastic Super Mario Trivia claims you as. Everyone wants to know which Super Mario character are you most like?