Terraria Quiz – Which Class & Character are you?

What Terraria Character & Class Are You Quiz

Terraria is all about bringing out innovative ideas and some geeky scientist or engineer hidden somewhere in your brain. The reason why this game has attracted so many people is that humans of every age can play it whether they are a school or high school kids or adults. You must be thinking how can this be possible? Well, Terraria is a game revolving around the genre of sandbox and action-adventure so in this case, every person can showcase the skills of formulating and critical thinking.

Not only the gameplay but the characters in Terraria are also insanely amazing! You must be wondering which Terraria character are you? Hey, you have the chance to find this out through our Terraria Personality Test. We have designed the most interesting 20 questions in our Terraria Trivia Quiz so all you get from our side is Fun, Fun, and only Fun!!!

Classes in Terraria game

Which Terraria Class Are You Quiz
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Do you know which Terraria class are you? No! Actually, the classes are categorized based on damage types so let’s check out the 4 classes in the game so that you figure the answer to your questions…


The summoning class has weapons that aren’t very helpful in defense as they can’t shield much damage, however, the attacking weapons are comparatively better. For instance, the whip is quite useful when you are willing to give damage to enemies.


Contrary to Summoning class, Melee has strong defensive weapons that absorb damage and so the players hardly get any harm but their attacking powers are quite ineffective.


Yes, magic can also be employed in combats but it is quite expensive since the players need to buy various elements like potions and other things to use weapons that persistently give damage to the rivals. The magic logic in the game is quite similar to Roblox Quiz.


These weapons are truly incredible as they are perfect for long-range shots and can facilely knockout multiple enemies in a few seconds but it isn’t easy to buy them since you need to contact the arms dealers (in the game) for these weapons.

Characters In Terraria Game

There is a total of 28 characters in the Terraria game which can be unlocked at different levels and stages, so it's quite different than Minecraft logics. Let’s get to know some of the most important characters in Terraria so that you can assess which Terraria character you most like?


Guide is the character that gives you a sort of training about how to proceed in the game. This training includes tips related to different levels and characters. He is quite knowledgeable, for instance, Guide would help you out in unlocking things.

He is considered the most important character in Terraria since Guide is the one who knows everything about the world of Terraria. If you wish to unlock him then create a new world!


The Merchant seems like an old guy with a long white beard and you can easily unlock him if you alone or your team have at least 50 silver coins in the wallet. The job of this character is to impart various items to players either they need tools, medicines, food supplies, etc.

Arms Dealer

You might think who would wish to be an Arms Dealer? Well, in Terraria, being this character can make you the wealthiest person since every player needs arms and ammunition for defense and attack. Therefore, any player that has a gun or any other weapon can unlock the character of arms dealer automatically.

On the other hand, he is brave and involved in some illegal businesses like selling illegal ammunition and weapon parts. Moreover, he gets furious whenever sees an enemy especially the Demolitionist.


Of course, in every game an element or character for healing the players is necessary and in Terraria, it’s Nurse. The character of Nurse has the ability to heal others whether they have detached body parts or serious bleeding wounds; Nurse turns on her magic and the characters become good as new! Any character who has a health score of or above 100 can unlock the character of Nurse.


Mechanic is the one who fixes and mends things and also sells items like wires, rods, and tools like wrench, hammer, pliers, etc. The Mechanic is most important since every player needs to build a place (house or building) for its characters so the tools and need of Mechanic is undeniable.

Bosses In Terraria Game

This is quite obvious that after reading about the characters and classes of Terraria, you are now curious about the bosses in Terraria then let’s jump in!

The Eater of Worlds

This is a giant size worm having multiple eyes and two horns at its head. The elements required to create it are 15 rotten chunks, vile powder, and Demon Alter. Each segment of this worm has its own life so if you want to kill it then cut its head off!

The Eye of Cthulhu

Summoning the Eye of Cthulhu is considered effortless as the players only require seven contact lenses and show them off on Demon Alter at night. This enemy is actually a huge eyeball seeking revenge from every player.

King Slime

Of course, who can forget about the king of all slimes i.e. King Slime. Physically it is a blue-colored slime wearing a golden crown over its head. If the health of this boss increases then its size also increases but it starts to shrink if doesn’t maintain proper health.


Skeletron is a boss which is an evil skull who guards the dungeons. If you wish to summon Skeletron that bring the guts to have a conversation with an old man standing at the dungeon's entrance.

Wall of Flesh

To be honest, the Wall of Flesh is the most hideous boss. It is only found in the Underworld and is summoned by throwing a voodoo doll in lava there.


Having many questions in mind like what Terraria character are you? Which Terraria boss are you? Then listen up! All these can only be answered by the Terraria Quiz…