Tribes Of Midgard Quiz – Which Tribes Of Midgard Class Is Perfect For You?

Which Tribes Of Midgard Class Should I Choose Quiz

The land of Midgard is in danger as the seed of Yggdrasil is unprotected! Do you know why? It’s because you haven’t found out which Tribes Of Midgard class are you to play the game. Hurry up and answer the updated Tribes Of Midgard Quiz before all the tribes get vanquished.

Tribes Of Midgard Class Quiz
Tribes Of Midgard - Norsfell


Whether you play alone (solo) or go for the multiplayer game, the Tribes Of Midgard game would be thrilling. Basically in the land of Midgard, there are tribes who have eyes over the seed of Yggdrasil which you own. As soon as you’ll begin the game, you’d feel that you are being watched. In the daytime, prepare yourself and get the weapons you need because as soon as it would get dark your enemies would attack you from all sides. You not only have to defeat them but absorb their souls as well. Only souls can keep the seed of Yggdrasil alive. If it dies, take it a game over!

The further you’d go, the more powerful the enemies would be and more in number. You want to know who would try to invade your village, it would be dead spirits (sort of zombies), monsters, and looters. You won’t be bare-hand as well because you would have a list of eight classes to choose from. In those classes, each one is better than the other with their mighty abilities and weapons. Tribes of Midgard allows you to venture creativity along with action and adventure in the game. But, most of the gamers get stuck on one thing, “What Tribes Of Midgard class to choose?” There’s only one accurate and trusted way, the Tribes Of Midgard Test so don’t miss this chance!!!

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Here’s a bonus! Before you enter the Tribes Of Midgard Class Quiz, have a look at the best classes in the game below.

Which Tribes Of Midgard Class Is Perfect For You
Tribes Of Midgard Classes - Norsfell

The Seer Class

Seer is a powerful class in the game that allows the players many benefits however, we would recommend that it shouldn’t be played by the ones who are beginners. The skills hidden in the Seer class are very capable yet tricky to master. On one hand, Seer allows the gamer to be a healer and can raise their bar of health and can aid with the health of other members as well. Moreover, the Seer character can employ weapons in fighting and not just one but many. But, you’ll have to make it master those. One of our favorite power in the Seer class is that this old man can manipulate elements and can grow seedlings to stun and shock enemies which is the best time to attack.

The Seer Class
The Seer Class - Tribes Of Midgard

The Warden Class

The Warden class is pretty impressive but not everyone has the guts to play like this one. If only you reach day 15, then you can enter the class. You must be thinking why is it so hard to achieve? Hmm, good question! The Warden class represents a female character with a smirk on her face. She is hardcore and can fight with four different weapons axes, swords, bows, and hammers. Once you get a hold of her then things become easier. In this class, you can even boost your health scale but unfortunately, can’t share it. As the name suggests, the class belongs to the ones who are born as protectors!

The Warden Class
The Warden Class - Tribes Of Midgard

The Guardian Class

The Guardian class is tough and strong. This Valhalla-type character seems dangerous even with his looks but let us define him more. He is made to live and guard for as long as he has lived. The best thing about this class is that you can live longer as the character absorbs damage more than others because he’s way mightier. While you’ll go through Fimbulwinter, the Guardian would seem like a blessing. His efficiency with axe and sword is worth watching because (no offense) it’s better than others. The shield that he carries portrays that he belongs to the tank class and can take up multiple opponents at a time.

The Guardian Class
The Guardian Class - Tribes Of Midgard

The Sentinel Class

The Sentinel class is usually compared to the Guardian class and there are many reasons. Both of them carry shields and are proficient with axes and swords. But, let us make it obvious that the Sentinel class can’t be played with the type of aggression and courage that we can observe in Guardian. This class can’t absorb much damage and play on defensive skills which turns out to be beneficial for gamers in many places. Most of all, it can make the enemies sleep in between the battles and as soon as they do, you can attack them with your weapon and shield. Isn’t it great!

The Sentinel Class
The Sentinel Class - Tribes Of Midgard

The Hunter Class

Throughout the game, you need to survive and for that, being in the Hunter class can be really useful. You can hunt easily, find resources, set up camp, have knowledge and traits of survival in worst circumstances, and can even set traps. However, many think that it is good for living longer in the game but not very impressive when you have beasts to deal with. Of course, the class focuses on survival rather than fighting but you can master bow and arrow in it.

The Hunter Class
The Hunter Class - Tribes Of Midgard


Look, the tribes are strengthened and so are the enemies hence you need to decide which class do you kin in the Tribes of Midgard. So take the Tribes of Midgard Kin Quiz and find out to which class do you belong!


No one can be as immaculate in telling you what Tribes Of Midgard class are you other than the Tribes Of Midgard Trivia because its result is 99.99% correct!