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Valorant Knowledge Quiz

There is no doubt that Valorant has pitched off all the First-Person Shooter (FPS) games that were its competitors. Just like the game, our Valorant Trivia is unbeatable and more accurate than all other Valorant Quizzes available on the internet. So are you ready to dare your memory and check out how much do you know about Valorant?

Though the game arrived in 2020 but its fame is reaching around every part of the world. However, its creators, the Riot Games aren’t ready to make it available for gamers around the globe. But, we all have our own ways out and we have prepared the Best Valorant Quiz so that everyone around the globe. If you have any doubts about your memory then scroll down to revise the most important details about the Valorant game.


This quiz has the power to title you the “Most Amazing Player of Valorant.” But, this title would need you to score 100% result after the hardest 25 questions of the Valorant Test. Imagine when you would share your successful results of the quiz on social media, everybody would consider you their Valorant mentor! Aren’t you excited?

Valorant Quiz
Valorant - Riot Games


Since its release, Valorant has given a tough time to all-time famous games like CS: GO, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and others that involve shooting. The reason for this immense success is behind its interesting gameplay. Though the game does not involve much of a spread plotline, instead, there are a bunch of tasks that are given from time to time. You either become a part of the Attacking team or choose to be in the Defending team. You are assigned categories and depends on you what you (as an agent) are interested in doing. Each category has specific Agents and their abilities support the respective roles.


Don’t you go nuts when you have to decide which Valorant class you should select while playing? We have some secret information below about each class that might help you during the play.


Duelists are always eager to fight. They are over-protective and as soon as they sight an enemy then their aggression becomes uncontrollable. Plus, the agents who fall into the category of Duelists are very competent in combat. This category includes Jett, Phoenix, Neon, Raze, Reyna, and Yoru.


Controllers are eager for power but not with rage like Duelists. They are the ones who are great strategists and use their brains to implement their abilities in order to win over opponents though they are less in number. Astra, Brimstone, Omen, and Viper are all perfect when it comes to seeking powers in a controlling manner.


While one part of the team forwards to achieve success by defeating the enemies face on. The Initiators make the house safe by making the defense of the team strong. They make sure nobody is harmed and keep checks on the other members of the team so you can say that Breach, KAY/O, Skye, Sova, and Fade form the major support.


Sentinels are the defenders of the boundaries and have the capability to fight the attackers of the competitive team. Therefore it can be said that they are very powerful and their abilities are fearing for their enemies. Chamber, Cypher, Killjoy, and Sage carry out this task.


Do you know the most played modes of Valorant? There might be questions about it in the Valorant Knowledge Quiz (You can say thanks later!)


Levels are in front of the eyes of both teams (each with 5 players) while the timer ticks for 10 minutes. The team that finishes the levels first in time, wins.

Snowball Fight

It’s not obviously like a normal snowball fight! The teams are given the mission to kill 50 people. The first who achieves the mission wins.

Plant/Defuse Mode

Plant Defuse is a tough and challenging mode that is divided into Ranked and Unranked. In the Ranked match, players are split into 2 teams; one needs to defuse a bomb named “Spike” while others have to plant it. The results are dependent on 25 rounds. The one who wins the most round is the champion. In the Unranked mode, the results do not affect your official game ranking so you don’t have to worry about losing.


Here are the Agents in Valorant who are idols and favorites of almost all players.

How Well Do You Know Valorant
Valorant - Riot Games


Sova is a very useful agent in the game as she has the ability to reveal the maps and plans of enemies which leads win to you. She is an Initiator and so her job is vital when the team is flicking between victory and defeat. Her abilities can change the game in a few seconds.


Killjoy like her name is interested in fights. She is competent in taking down enemies of every size which is why it is difficult to decide where to place her. Trust us, she is deadly with her gun. Many might be sturdier than her but no one can compete with her resistance and abilities.


Jett is proudly known as the one-man army of Valorant. No doubt she is one of the best fighters in Valorant but keeps in mind that her multiple abilities aren’t easy to master which might cause trouble to beginners. Be sure before choosing her but we must say, Jett, is perfect for a single-player game.

Are you aware about what Valorant agent are you? If not then don't forget to take the Valorant Agent Quiz to find out!


It’s time to assess the gamer living inside your body with the Valorant Knowledge Quiz. Let’s see how well you perform. Are you a champ or just a dreamer who needs to work harder to be at the top spot?