Video Game Personality Quiz: What type of Gamer are you?

Gamer Personality Test for Gamer Girls & Boys

Hello Apes! Don’t you claim that gaming is your life? All the gamers consider each other opponents and enemies in the games but we geeks belong to one united family and no one can change this fact! However, there are many types of gamers in the gaming world, and do you know in which category do you fit as a gamer? And what kind of gamer are you?

Are your answers NO? This doesn’t suit you as a gamer!!! Well, you do not need to worry at all because we have the Gamer Types Quiz designed just for you. So get ready to answer the What type of Gamer are you quiz and find out your true identity in the gaming industry.


Gamer Girl

There are many types of gamers and it is not necessary that every person (gamer girls or boys) who enjoys games would perfectly fit in one of them but many of your traits would adjust in them. So let’s find out the answer to your question what kind of gamer am I?

The Hardcore Gamer

To be honest, you might find these type of gamers a bit crazy when it comes to playing. For them, it doesn’t matter what has been going around, if they are hungry, thirsty, or they have any sort of important chores to execute, the only thing that matters to them is their game and their gamer personality takes over their human life. They are somewhere in between becoming the pro players of the games that they are crazy for.

You would find the latest gaming consoles and games in their library and the hardcore gamers would mostly talk about updates, features, and new arrivals in the gaming industry. This might annoy others but what can we do? This gamer type includes all those people who live to play.

The Natural Gamer

The natural gamers have been given this name because they play games when they are bored, exhausted from the day, or want some excitement in their life then they play games so to kill the time they turn into gamers. It depends on the players whether they are more interested in mobile games or video games on consoles.

This type of gamers play all types of games rather than the hardcore gamers who play more competitive and challenging games. This category of gamers contains most of the gamers who belong to various age groups whether children or adults.

The Online Gamers

You might be thinking that every gamer in this world is an online gamer but you are wrong! This type includes all those gamers who are experts and even earn as professional gamers. Many of the gaming tournaments that take place all over the world have these online gamers. Well, you also would observe some traits of hardcore gamers in them as well but they are already on the verge of being the pro players and they do not learn from others instead they are the gods and deity of the gaming world.

The Cheat Gamers

This is a truth in the gaming industry that there cheaters and hackers who are ready to go to every extent to win the games. No such thing as honesty and righteousness matters to them and the only thing that is essential is their victory as a gamer. Even the platform or consoles that they play is don't matter to them. By the way, you can have a look on our Game Consoles Quiz to find out which console is the best for you.

Although the rules and systems have been made strict than ever but our tech geniuses always find a way to cheat codes and hacks. Cheaters usually employ Game Genie and Game Shark to raise their level as gamers but what’s the point then? If you aren’t willing to make efforts to win then we believe that the cheat gamers shouldn’t play at all.

The Brainy Gamers

This category might sound funny but many people around the globe play games just to boost and refresh their minds. There are thousands of games available over the internet that help to increase the IQ level of its players such as the notorious Lumosity, Dakim, Clevermind, Brain Trainer, and etc. Researchers have found that games can elevate and develop creativity in gamers specifically, in young minds.

You would mostly notice the brainy gamers at some office, libraries, or the ones who are more concerned about their brain health and consider shooting and such games offensive believing that they are the reason for chaos and rise in anger of people.

Behind The Scene Gamers

Does this category sound odd? The behind the scene gamers are those that do not play the game instead, they love to watch others playing, didn’t get it? All the people who are not interested in playing the games whether video games or online games, but they like watching others playing just like we all watch movies on phones and TV.

The live streaming options of games at various platforms like Twitch and Youtube have given such people more life and they enjoy just by watching the gamers using their skills to win. Online game streamers earn million just by showing off the world their skills and games.

The Sensitive Gamers

By the sensitive gamers, we do not mean that they are psycho or something like that, it is just that these gamers put their heart and soul in the game; if they win they would jump and celebrate it as if they got a Lifetime Achievement Award and if they fail to win then they get hyper and some might get out of control as well resulting in breaking and crashing things around.

The emotions of these players aid them to win and put in all their efforts and their only lacking is that it is hard for them to digest their failures.


This Gamers Quiz would generate results by asking about your personality as a gamer such as which game type do you like? or what are your favorite game types? etc. Then what are looking at? Take the quiz before starting your next game.